While the Japanese manga of A Link to the Past has been around for a while, a two-part Manga of Ocarina of Time has surfaced from the VIZKIDS website. While it is up to the gamer to decide whether or not the events are canon, it appears to be of high quality.

The reading level of both books is of all ages, it is read from right to left as could be expected, and the prices of each book are $7.99 US or $9.50 CAN. There is no indication that you can purchase these books from their site, but you can pre-order the first book and the second book from Amazon for the same price.

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  • Vawn08

    ….uh, Son of Mido. These have been out and around for quite some time…

    first of all,I’ve had the entire scans of both books on my computer for over a year now (and can attest to their quality, if not their adherence to the OoT cannon), but also know for a fact they were released in 1998 and have been fairly well circulated (or at least, I thought so) in the Zelda community. (I can’t figure out the whole pre-order thing either, because of the above).

    Don’t get me wrong, these are awesome, and are certainly worthy of an article, but technically this announcement is about 10 years overdue….unless their a new version of them, somehow having the same covers and 2-volume-seperation of the old ones

  • Ferilink

    Yeah, heard about it. Though I have all the scanlations (iocarina, majoras, four swords, etc..) and have had them for over 1-2 years, i think it’s neat that they’re finally releasing them officially in english. Just recently vizkids put up the homepage for the manga. But eyah they’ve been there since 1998.

  • PrincessTetra

    Duh!-to all of you who commented.
    They have been out for years but not officially in English. I’m excited to learn the news so thank you Son of Mido!

  • zfan121

    it’s only a short jump from manga to anime folks…. -_-;;;

  • Ferilink

    We’re aware of that, princesstetra, but the SCANLATIONS (AKA, the japanese scans translated to english by fans) have been there for a while, online, on several zelda sites. The news of the manga being officially translated has been there a while as well (not since 1998, but the news leaked some months ago)only now vizkids has put the official homepage up and son of mido chose (opportunately) to announce it just now when official confirmation was given. Maybe the first commenter did mean the overall release of the mangas in 1998, but i meant the time that passed since these news were known and that english versions of the manga had been circulting around the web for a while, only a big good company finally got the rights to make it official and not a fan-translation.

    Excuse my immaturity, but I think I’ll give you your ‘duh’ back 😛

    And I frankly don’t think they’ll do an anime (anytime soon anyway)… if Nintendo ever considered it, they would’ve done it a while ago when the mangas were released (from 1998 and today) and considering ocarina’s great success…though, i would love for them to do a Zelda anime x3 I mean, they did a sonic one, a kirby one, a pokemon one… and dunno, i think that if done well a zelda anime would be really cool x3

  • Vawn08

    Haha. I had actually forgotten that the ones I have are fan-translated. Yeah…this makes a bit more sense now.

  • ChainofTermina

    I would love to see a Zelda anime too, but Ferilink, you just made me relize something. All the anime modelded after videogames were, well, kiddy. Pokemon, Sonic X, Kirby Right back At’cha, if any of you watch any of them you’d know that they have a fair amount of action yes, but they’re also pretty corny. And I don’t want that to happen to Zelda, and you know it probably would, especially with this recent “more casual Zelda” anouncment thay gave out. I want a Zelda anime to a more dark genre like DBZ or Inuyasha(I know I probably spelled that wrong) and I don’t Think Miamoto would approve of that. so, just be careful what you wish for.

    • Triforce of the Gods

      Well to be fair to their original creators, 4Kids censors the shit out of the animes. If you watch the original Japanese ones with English subtitles they cuss and are slightly more mature. Not to the extent of DBZ and Inuyasha, but still better than 4Kids dubs.

      The only complaint I have is the fact that these are marketed towards little kids and therefore be censored as bad as the animes I was just talking about.

    • Ferilink

      Now that, i won’t disagree with… the series were kinda kiddy (I never watched past one episode of sonic x so i casn’t really comment on that one) but I was geussing that since Zelda has a less kiddy environment, maybe that’d be passed on to the anime as well (was there one)since well, Kirby has a pretty family-friendly design adn environment… Maybe like Inuyasha, something more mature would be the best, like you said, i imagine an environment similar to Record of Lodoss War.

      If they ever did one, i’d love for 4kids never to get their hands on it x-x

      ZeldaStrife: Barnes and noble already has the book listed, so Im guessing they’ll have it in stores too 🙂

    • The pokemon anime actually came first in japan. The games were modeled after the TV shows and thats when they brought in the guy who originally created pokemon from insects and such into the gaming part. Its all in a old pokemon guide I have that’s for red, blue, and yellow. It also shows like some sneek peeks of gold, and silver but just showing marill who was then known as pikablue only just a myth and togepi. They also had a listing of every japanese episode out and showed which ones were banned from america for incidents like the christmas one and another for causing over 100 japanese kids having to go to the hospital. The episode had to do with porygon. The color changing is the cause. Then it included the trading card game in the back and pokemon snap finally. You won’t really find the book anymore since it wasn’t a ordinary guide. It didn’t focus solely on the games. Also Sonic X wasn’t the first sonic anime there were ones before it. A Inuyasha type Zelda would be awesome though. That would be for hardcore gamers since Inuyasha does cuss and there is a true love thing there. Also with Miyoko that would be considered somewhat sexually explicit with what he does to girls everytimes he meets them.

  • ZeldaStrife

    ::squeals in delight:: This is made of epic and win and awesome. been waiting for YEARS for these babies to reach American shores!

    They’ll be released in stores, right? i don’t like ordering via the Internet so much….

  • I gave son of mido the info a long time ago but he never actually got around to posting it. Its been about a year since I sent the email myself. Wonder why he took so long. I found the info while just surfing a random website that wasn’t well known. I had to do some japanese translations too.