In what can only be described as the comeback of the century (in theory), the folks who long ago attempted to complete the four 3D console Zelda games (OoT, MM, TWW, and TP) and failed will be at it again on August 1st. However, this time around they’re looking for more than just victory over the Zelda menace; they’re after the great big prize of charity donations. Last time they raised over a thousand dollars for Child’s Play, a charity organization run by the folks over at Penny Arcade. Their goal now is to raise $2000 (yes, two thousand dollars) for charity. Just for playing some video games.

Charity is great, but the real question is… can they finish the games? Or will Team 448 and their clever name be shunned to the depths of Zelda loserdom? We’ll catch up with them on August 1st and find out if they can live up to their name, as well as do what we can to help them reach their charitable goal.

Visit, their official site, for more live-ish updates on the subject. I’ll be back with more on the day of their crazy adventure, unless something indelibly interesting happens to them beforehand (which would be cool).