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Kameron writes:

I saw a kick-@$$ pic of Adult Wind Waker Link on here that looked EXACTKY like the child Wind Waner Link, just older. i wonder where it is?

James writes:

I really should go Strong Bad on your email and rip it to shreds. Anyway, I have not heard of such a picture. Anyone out there care to help me out?

Godfather1664 writes:

I accidentally subscribed to to many threads how do I unsuscribe, because the link in the email message doesn’t work. and also how do I block/delete one of my threads?

James writes:

Go to the forums and click User CP. On the left, there is an option that says “List Subscriptions”. Click that, and it will list all your subscribed threads. If you want to make it so it doesn’t happen in the future, stay in User CP, then click Edit Options. Scroll until you see “Default Thread Subscriptions Mode”. Open the menu and choose “Do not subscribe”. There you go.

Nictel writes:

Hi, Well first of all good job on the site overhaul. It’s been a long wait but surely worth it!
Now for my question, this has been discussed in the shady parts of the forum (Zelda Section) and I just wondered what you think about it.
Would you mind playing a female Link?

And with “supposed first person” new Zelda do you think the new game will be closer to Oblvion? Or will it keep it’s own style?

Well that was it for my questions, keep on the good work!

James writes:

Thank you for the compliments.

Now to my answer: I don’t think Link should be female. That’s the nature of the story that Link is always male. If there was a game where Zelda was the main character, I wouldn’t mind playing it at all. Just as long as they don’t go the Super Princess Peach road with it (which I doubt they would). I haven’t played Oblivion yet, so I wouldn’t know. I think they would make their own style for the game.

Josh writes:

I’m just wondering if you’re gonna be starting the Interactive Story up again. Yes, no, maybe so?

James writes:

I am working on it, give me some time.


I think we have alike minds. About 2 hours before you guys posted the 2 Zelda’s comfirmed by Miyamoto post, I thought about the same idea and made a thread about it. I found it so funny when I noticed this! No big, I know you didn’t copy it. I found it interesting though!=)
My main question is when do you think the first of these games will come out. Thanks!

James writes:

It really isn’t hard for your ideas to end up on the site. We scour the net for anything to post, so if you find it as we find it, it happens.

If they had started it when Twilight Princess came out, then you will see one (more than likely the Wii one) near Christmas next year, with the announcement later this year or at E3 next year. But that’s hypotheticals. If not, maybe a year and a half, two years tops.

Midna♥ writes:

I found a program that makes video games and was thinking of making a new Zelda game. I decided to do this to celebrate project deluge. Any suggestions for a storyline? :mastahsword:

James writes:

I wouldn’t be the person to ask. Go to the forums and ask around there, you might get some good ideas.

The Joker writes:

This is really not a question. I just don’t know how to submit news anymore. I wanted to point out to you that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is back on top at I know that Super Mario Galaxy took it over a while back and more recently Grand Theft Auto IV, but OoT lives on as it outlasted the newcomers.

James writes:

It’s funny. When I posted that last year, a lot of people yelled at me and said it wouldn’t last. They were right, I knew it.

Luke writes (4:33pm Monday):

Why did you cover up the link to be able to get to the second page of music?
the page that has twilight princess and some link to the past is now inaccessable. could you please fix that? thanks

Kaidsy writes (4:31pm Monday):

you cut off the link to be able to get to the rest of the music.
I was able to get there before but now the link is covered by the copyright 2001-2008 bar at the bottam of the screen

James writes:

That was creepy, the way you BOTH sent it at the same time. I sent the message along to Jason to see what we can do. Thanks.