While the news of Zelda becoming casual from the mouth of Shigeru Miyamoto caused uproar, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata had some uplifting news concerning the Wii, E3 and a little about upcoming Zelda and Mario titles.

In an interview found on BBC News, Iwata starts by talking a bit on how they came up with the idea behind the Wii;

“We started thinking about people who weren’t playing games and asked ourselves why they were not interested. And why had some people stopped playing despite playing in their youth?

The solution was not a rush towards a high definition games platform targeted at the hard core gamer but remembering the simple pleasures of playing with family and friends.”

Iwata goes on to talk about the technical challenges of the Wii, the post-Wii future, and a little about E3 and Zelda/Mario;

“At this E3 we had to focus on software for the mass audience and software that will be sold in this year or next.

This one of the rare opportunities to reach out to mass audiences around the world.

In order for us to create a new Super Mario game or Legend of Zelda game that can cater to the strong demands of core gamers around the world it takes two to three years.”

It would seem that Iwata and Nintendo are reassuring the core-gamer crowd. While many of the hardcore gamers are hesitant to bank on these promises, only time will reveal what the Big N is up to.

  • Twilight64

    Hope Iwata’s right. At E3, I was shocked because for the first time in my life, I was disappointed with Nintendo. Still, I’m willing to cut them some slack since I know that they never disappoint.

  • It is good to hear that Nintendo hasn't totally forgotten about us, core gamers. Like vawn08 said, I'm sticking to Zelda regardless of what they do to it. But I do hope that they won't do that to the series. I'm looking forward for information of the future Zelda game.

  • vawn08

    ^^^”Never” disappoint is possibly a bit strong, but “are very likely not to” disappoint would work fine….I’m definitely a core Ninty gamer, and will stick to Zelda regardless of what they do to it – simply because without the Zelda series, I would have dried up into a shriveled old…something – but the lack of seriousness on there part is at least frustrating, if not outright disappointing.

    However, I’m really glad to hear the ETA from his mouth this time, especially since technically we’re approaching the 2-year point since TP now! so not to much longer!

  • Twilight Wolf

    Let’s see if this is another empty promise.

  • The Maverickk

    It’s not as if Zelda games are going to disappear.

    People are in such a huge rant about there being no Zelda game at this E3.
    Yet it wasn’t even a year ago that there was a Zelda game at E3, even if it was for the DS and not the Wii.

    Then only 2 years ago Twilight Princess was there. So I mean by next year people will really want the next Zelda game even more. Just means people need to learn patience.