In an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, famed creatored of The Legend of Zelda franchise, IGN learned that the Zelda teams are hard at work on upcoming Zelda titles.  A Wii and DS team are currently working hard on the next iterations of Zelda, and more surprisingly, Miyamoto had this to say about how the series may change:

“I don’t necessarily think it will change that drastically [referring to first-person controls], but I think that Zelda is a franchise that does need some big new unique ideas,” he said. “And so the team right now is very focused on trying to find those ideas…

…The Zelda team in particular always works on Zelda titles. The core members of the Zelda team have for a very long time now been focused on Zelda games, and continue to focus on Zelda games, so they are hard at work and working away,” Miyamoto said. “And then, of course, we have the DS Zelda team as well, so even there we’re having some switching of people in and out where the DS team is mixing in with the Wii team and working on the Wii version.”

Despite a lackluster showing and no new Zelda media, this new information should get speculation going amongst the fans.

Source: IGN

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