The Mailbag for July 16, 2008 is contained within:

Godot writes

Hey, with all the talk of the possibility of a new Zelda game for the Wii, how come nobody’s mentioned the idea of making one for Wiiware? If Wiiware can handle a game as awesome as Lostwinds, then I’m sure it can handle the awesomeness that is Zelda. I guess it would have to be shorter than most other Zelda games, though. Maybe they could make it a sequel to Twilight Princess, since every Zelda game seems to have a sequel. What do you think?

James writes

I thought I remember hearing that a Zelda game would take advantage of the Wiiware system to add new Dungeons and other features to the game. But, I don’t know if there was any truth to it. I don’t think you would see a sequel to Twilight Princess on Wiiware, as Nintendo wants to capitalize on the sales on a full size game. You may see some small sidequest or dungeon based on Zelda, but not a full blown game.

Luisa writes

I’ve been wondering. ZU alreay have a section with Zelda comics, then why not a section with the mangas? I personally prefer the mangas. And if you had the time you could also “clean up” the pages and put some nice text bubbles. Not some sloppy yellowish pages I’ve seen in some sites. What do you think?

James writes

Most of the time you get the mangas on websites, you are more than likely seeing a quick scan of the pages, hence the yellowing. If we find or people send in links to some of the mangas, we will be happy to post them.

zfan121 writes

1. LAAAAGGG! I’m tired of it, my internet is only 3gb man. What I’m saying is that this site even though the new layout is nice (a little overdone personally but still cool.) it’s just not too friendly to everyone’s computer. So you coding guys ought to get to work on making the site friendly for everyone’s computer, NOT just yours up at the front office! >_> Hmm it’s still loading! 😆 jk but still it did take a while. like five minutes.

2.I have a question…crosover games? You know like sonic+metroid or something. Do you guys think (if done right) that this kind of game would work?

3.I know you guys have heard this before. But don’t you think it’s early for another crappy IGN prank? I’m talking about “deluge” a lot of people although being excited about some fresh zelda action, are having second thoughts including me. What I’m saying is what do you guys think? Is this real or FAKE? Ether way it sounds like a pretty fun game. 😆 The glow in the dark horse sounds a bit much though, even if it seems possible for the zelda universe.

James writes

1. Your internet is only 3gb? If that is 3gb/sec, then what are you complaining about? We did mention when we launched that this site will not be 56k friendly, but we assumed that most people are not on dialup anymore. There really isn’t much we can do coding wise to make it easier to load, but we’ll look into it.

2. My answer is Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.

3. It would be too soon for the IGN prank, as April is a LONG ways away. Just because you think it’s fake, doesn’t mean it is. It is now just a rumor, and until it is said true, we will continue to see it as such.

ChainofTermina writes

This isn’t really a question, I just haven’t really done it yet so I wanted to compliment you guys on the great new site. it’s awsome. My Dad had to upgrade our internet service so I could get it in full detail. Thats not a complaint! It just shows how awsome your site really is! good going and thanks.

James writes

Like I answered above, we assumed that most people have gone away from dialup, which is why we did it. But thank you for the compliment, much appreciated.

Indy Jones writes

Guys, I was wondering about the new Zelda Podcast. What will it mainly be about? News on Project Deluge? Easter Eggs you guys found for older games? Reviews? I am just wondering what the main purpose will be other than discussing ideas for new Zelda games.

James writes

I don’t know, you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out what they are going to talk about next.

John writes

Hi. Just a quick question, do you think a Zelda-based FPS is feasible? I don’t mean anything like that Crossbow Training… thing. I’m thinking more like the Hidden Village in Twilight Princess. Thanks.

James writes

I think a game like the Crossbow Training was a perfect size “FPS” type of game. Zelda is more of an adventure game than a FPS, and as a longtime fan, I think it should stay that way.

Luke writes

where did the twilight princess music downloads go? i downloaded a couple tracks for something to listen to while I work on papers (nothin better then temple music to keep you focused). I downloaded them while the site was in its old format. Now I cant find the individual track download links and the link to download all of the songs in a .zip file gives me a different site. Could you let me know where you put the individual track download links please? Thank you.

James writes

I’ll let Jason know of this concern.

Hov writes

The talks about a possible new Zelda game has had me thinking about the time line a bit. Could the reason that no hero of time showed up before the events of TWW be that the hero of time was in the parallel universe, living out the events of MM or TP? This makes sense and fills in part of the story.

James writes

Not Twilight Princess, because that Link is another Link. That is one of the debates on why it happened, but like I have always said, the Timeline is not my strong suit. Check our forums for those who actually know what they are talking about.

godfather1664 writes

The word/phrase E3 keeps coming up, and I’m new. could you please tell me what this term means. thank you so much for your help.

P.S. I truly love this website. I’m like addicted to it!!!

James writes

The Electronic Entertainment Expo. It is essentially a really large gaming convention in July (previously was May) where all the big time gaming companies showcase their new products. It is usually when all the big announcements for new games that have been rumored are finally confirmed. In years past, it was where everyone went to try out the new products and games, but in recent years it is has died down to just press and gaming companies. We were hoping to hear about a new Zelda game or two to be announced, but none doing.

Alex M. writes

I was going over another run of A Link to the Past the other day, and I was pretty close to the end. I got to the (kindof hard) battle with Ganon, And after the last silver arrow pierced through, I realized he wasn’t in possession of the triforce. If Ganon can be that difficult to defeat, then where is it that he obtains this magic? I realize that he already has considerable magic power, but my question is more than that. Where does He draw this power? And if he is so powerful even without it that only silver arrows can defeat him, why does he need the triforce? Why is it that he must use this object to take over a land when he clearly alredy has the power to do so?

James writes

I don’t know exactly where he draws his power from, but he is very powerful at doing so. Getting the Triforce is essential to what Ganondorf wants, it is the object of his eye. The reason he needs it in ALTTP is to get out of the Dark World and into the Light and use the power of it to take over. Remember, the Triforce grants the wish of the person who has control of it. If it touched by one of good nature, it grants the wish automatically. If touched by a person of evil intent, it scatters and needs to be restored in order for the wish to come. Ganon is powerful, but those on the good side are a little more powerful. That’s why you are rescuing the seven maidens, because they are the descendants of those who sent Ganon away in the first place. Without there power, Ganon becomes stronger and his goals become almost done. Why the silver arrow is a mystery to me, mainly because they are mostly only used in the first few games. I think originally it might have been based on the myths of werewolves and the silver bullet that kills them. Ganon is a same type of beast, one that transforms due to a curse. In recent games, it has been a golden arrow, mainly because gold is seen as a light force, which takes away the dark power of him. That’s all I have to say.