Once in a blue moon something interesting will happen related to Zelda. With E3-hype rising to levels only found at Backstreet Boys concerts in the 1990s, we might have completely missed this quite interesting gem that was discovered by our Webmaster, Jason.

Someone who had way too much time on their hands has taken it upon themselves to redo several shots of Ocarina of Time, often regarded as one of the finest, if not the finest, Zelda game in existence. Now, I know that some people might criticize what has been done to the masterpiece, but upon viewing it myself, I really can’t find any. The individuals responsible for this went back, touched up the detail on Ocarina of Timescreenshots into truly beautiful high-res shots and, as if that weren’t enough, completely redid them in the cel-shade style remembered in The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, and, to a certain extent, The Minish Cap. Each picture looks really, really good, and I strongly advise all of you go to the link below and check out the shots right now. All textures should be held to this standard.


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  • ZFG

    A few years too late…

  • MegaLinkX

    The High Res looks GREAT, but the cel-shading looks like someone made Zelda with Flash.

    So the hi-res is AWESOME, and the cel-shading not so much.

  • ℓєяσ¥

    "Service Temporarily Unavailable

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later."

    Meh, will be up again pretty soon.

  • If you read the “?” mark, it says it is just a plugin to project64, a emulator of N64 games on your computer. It increases texture quality, where the N64 hardware couldn’t bring it up.

    • Flagrama

      Actually Derek, the plugin can enhance the original texture quality, but just as well, it can let you make your own textures to use in place of the original ones, which is what is being done here. Dijipi and Federelli made their texture packs by hand, they are not just some enhancements that you tweak a few settings and it looks so drastically different.

  • Nictel

    After ZU apparently overloaded the servers, it started running after a while.

    And I have to say that it looks good. They probably put a lot of effort in to it but even hi-res textures can’t remove the blockiness of the original graphics engine. So that’s not their fault, perhaps they should have done TP. But that may be a bit too hard, as to emulate it and so.

    The cell shading looks a bit off, when compared to WW. Parts of it look good, parts of it look like they were done in paint.

    Whatever the look of the new Zelda will be, lets hope it’s even better than the textures here.
    A well done on the people who made it.

  • ℓєяσ¥

    The high res is awesome!!!!! OMG!

  • Baker1000

    I can’t actually see these screens, the site just won’t load. Any chance you could point me in the direction of where else I can see them?

  • SageOfMusic

    That is so awesome! I love the high resolution. I think they should make a remake of the game in high-res…that would be neat, even though the original is always cool! : )

  • zantdarksage

    how about you press F5 lol.

  • Dragginwings

    The hi-res. looks great! I’ve seen the cel-shading before though.

  • Akira

    The cel-shaded version doesn’t look much like cel-shading to me. But then, I don’t think you can properly put cel-shading into a game that wasn’t made for it.

    The High-res stuff looks pretty cool, though. Except the Temple of Time, I think they forgot something.

  • Breana

    I’m more into the realistic style, but this is just fan creativity so it’s cool, however:

    “Service Temporarily Unavailable

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.”

    I can’t view it.

  • Wow, the high-res versions look awesome! Some of the cel-shade version look good, some not.

    Oh how I wish Nintendo would make a remake of OoT.

  • jngeorge

    The Hi-Res would look so much better if the characters were modified, too. But still, you gotta give these people props, it looks amazing.

    The cel-shading looked better in the first shot, and the shot of the Temple of Time, otherwise it kinda looked like crap.

  • rockstar68

    woopty frickin doo

  • rockstar 68

    i wish they would make a zelda oot for ds with a specil costume that looks like mario

  • hello

    zelda is a loser