An individual on the popular website Facebook is creating a group that he hopes will do the series justice. UPDATE: Apparently we were provided the link to the wrong Facebook page – we’ve corrected our post.

His name is Adam, and he has a dream; to make the greatest Zelda group Facebook has ever seen. However, he has stated that as it currently stands, it lacks a lot of what he envisions it should be.

“I’m looking for some support… whether it’s spreading the word on the fan page, or help in gathering news, images, music and so forth.”

His goal is to reach 100,000 members. It has only about 440 members, so it naturally stands ready to gain many more.

If you are a user of Facebook and would like to join the cause, you can find this group here.

UPDATE: We have changed the link to the facebook group, which was reported as an inaccurate link by the group’s creator. According to him, the creator of the other, larger Zelda group

“…has been around for a while but the user doesn’t do anything comprehensive, update with information, properly cite images to their sources, whether Official art, or fan art done by people.”

The true group looks much more complete and comprehensive – although it is smaller, and undoubetly needs more people to join. So c’mon and join up!