I know I say this every time, but there is TOO much going on behind the scenes that the amount of manhours the ZU staff is putting into the revamp cannot be understated. And so, we can all relax now and take an hour and a half break – with the release of the third ZU Podcast. I say ZU Podcast and not ZCast because we’re doing the unthinkable: Changing the name of the podcast from ZCast to ZUCast. Hit the jump for both ZU’s and the ‘cast’s new logo – and also to get your hands on the new podcast.

So, before I cover the podcast, let’s cover the current situation with the revamp: Scott’s been gone for two weeks, meaning the only progress the new ZU has seen is the formatting of all the new pages, and the addition of some nifty new features. Now, none of that is bad – in fact, it means that the entire site is pretty much ready except for the coding – but it does mean we’re set back those two weeks for Scott’s absense. My guess is that Scott’s currently on summer break, so I’m willing to completely forgive him 😉

But you know what? I’ve been staring at this new shiny site for so long that I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve forgotten that you ‘normal’ folk have yet to experience the glory that is the new ZU. Last week I released a smidget of ZU’s new logo – the very tip. Let’s have a look at that again…

Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. I think it’s time you guys saw the rest. So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Ladies and gentlemen, I unveil for you all today, the ZU’s brand new and permanent logo. many of you speculated that it was the tip of a silver triforce. Others suggested that it was the tip of the Hylian Shield, given our current “logo”. But I attest that the logo is neither – it is a shield, but it’s not the Hylian Shield.

It’s the Zelda Universe shield. We’ve got our own shield, guys. And yes, that is an engraving in Hylian along the bottom. And yes, it does say something – free cookies to anyone who can read it. 😉

The new logo hangs at the center of the top of the new layout. Clicking it at any time, on any page on ZU, will take you straight back to the home page where you can read all our news and updates.

Since everything’s getting revamped for the revamp (hence its name), I figured, “Why not the podcast?” The current podcast logo is entirely based on ZU’s current logo – which is why we named it ZCast and not ZUCast. It was initially meant to be called ZUCast, and thanks to the new ZU logo, I was able to remake the podcast logo and change its name to what it was originally meant to be.

So, please allow me to re-introduce ZU’s community podcast: ZUCast!

Now, I think you’ve read and seen enough to deserve another treat: The third podcast, covering May and June 2008, is out today. Right now, in fact. So I’d get your kiester down to the Podcast section of ZU and download the latest one. Perhaps subscribe to it via iTunes by clicking the new podcast logo.

I hope this makes you all even MORE excited for the revamp, because we’re close. Really close. Basically, just waiting for Scott to get back! :B

Go to the podcast section now – get the new ZUCast!