There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes right now at ZU, as you all know. We’re working as hard as we can, as fast as we can, to launch this revamp. As of right now, the layout is almost fully coded, and we’re moving all of the rewritten Zelda stuff to the new site. We’re also gathering up tons of new, high-res images.

But, of course, I can’t leave you hanging – I said end of May, and I’m glad I didn’t specify a date. Unfortunately, we’re not a team of supermen, so the rush to get it out by end of may didn’t work out so great. We’re coding and formatting stuff and finding images as fast as humanly possible. It won’t be long, but I’m no longer even going to say anything for fear of jinxing this great progress. 😉

Nevertheless, I’m sure you all want to know a wee bit more about what’s to come. So, let’s delve a bit deeper into ZU’s new design… what’s that over there? It looks like a little glimmering silver object. Perhaps the very tip of ZU’s new logo?


Wow! It is! What could the full version look like? …hmm…

But I digress. ZU’s new layout would not be complete if we didn’t rethink the way news worked. I, personally, have always hated having an image next to the first paragraph of my news. The image changes depending on the type of news, but we over here have to do that manually, and it’s not very pretty the way it is. So we built it into the headline of the new news system. Next to every headline you’ll see an image that tells you what category the news is in, like so:


Feelin’ it yet? I sure am. It’s like I just reported on how Nintendo let me play the next Zelda game early! (Pssst, Nintendo, I’m available to do so Monday-Sunday at all hours, including wee hours of the night.)

But who gives a crap about that? While the almighty category image does serve an important purpose, the new front page is designed to be more efficient and get more news to you – whether it be Zelda news, Nintendo news, or some random offbeat news that has nothing to do with Zelda at all. We’re squishing as much as possible into the new news system – meaning you will be able to minimize newsposts as you see fit with this handly little button in the top right corner of every news item:


Yeah, it’s awesome. I know! If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be showing it to you. Duh. Nevertheless, consider this maximize button, which turns into a minimize button when the post is expanded (also duh), your new puppy or something. Whatever it is that you love most dearly, this button is it. Love it. Make it your own. Minimize newsposts.

The new ZU is set to show four “expanded” newsposts, and then a bunch of minimized ones following it. The four expanded newsposts will be the latest news, and will consist of a large headline and an intro paragraph. Minimized newsposts are old news and can be expanded, but when minimized they contain only the title in a compact bar.

Amid all this dreary stone, though, I wish there was some life. Guess there won’t be anything…
…except maybe some pretty flowers.