Nintendo has finally released a new gem of a channel that has been semi-hyped for months. Best part, it’s free – as usual.

Imagine if you will, a channel that you buy Nintendo games, as well as download new special Wii games – not just past games – onto your Wii. Go and download the new Nintendo Channel and this is what you’ll get. If you have internet access, it will redirect you to the Internet channel to place an order for the game you’ve just looked up on your Wii. Or, it can take you to the Wii Shop Channel where you can download new Wii Ware games – the new games that you download right onto your Wii instead of buying them from a store. As well, you can buy many expansions for these Wii Ware games from the Wii Ware section in the Shop Channel. And if you can’t find a game you’re looking for, you can send in a request via the Nintendo Channel for them to post it for buying, as well as its information.

A lot of people have been complaining about lack of DS-Wii interactivity. Well they’ve taken a huge leap with this new channel, where you can beam game demos and programs to your DS. No more having to do so at local video game retailers like EB Games.

So get onto your Wii and get this channel now. You’ll be glad you did.