It has been quite some time since Zelda Universe’s donation drive. But because of your efforts, we – specifically I – have something to show to you. I am happy to announce that the graphical portion of ZU’s new layout is complete, and that I am thoroughly blown out of chair looking at it. I must be hallucinating – no site could ever look this good.

But why should I hog all of the beauty of this new layout? So, that is why I am here – to share in the wealth. To let you, the common people of the Universe, who generously made this layout a possibility, see what is to come. I promised you the most incredible diamond you’d ever see. But, alas, it seems our diamond is made out of stone.

I cannot unveil the entire layout before the launch – but I’d like to share a few tidbits to help you get a feel for the new layout. You have to start somewhere, right?

So, let’s start somewhere. What does a button look like? When you’re designing a layout, surely one of the most crucial elements is the simple menu button. It creates an interactive experience with a website unparalleled by other more modern technologies. The button is our ancient master. And ZU’s new layout has two kinds of buttons: Normal buttons, and menu buttons.

A normal button looks like this:


Yes, that’s a search button. There will be a search bar on ZU, eliminating the need for a silly page about searching. You will be able to search ZU’s entire database from whatever page you’re on. However, that style of button will be defining the rest of the button experience outside of the two sidebar menus on the left and right of the layout.

But, we do have two sidebars on the left and right of the layout, and they do have their own unique button style. This is what a menu button looks like:


Are you starting to get a feel for the new ZU? It’s coming together now, isn’t it?

But that’s not all there is. As glorious as the buttons are, I can share with you two more items today. This next elementary item is a requirement for all sites where polls abound. I speak of the checkbox – what would we do without it? How would we select whether or not Ganon pwns Link? The answer: We wouldn’t. We owe our undying gratitude, therefore, to Zelda Universe’s brand new checkbox:


The layout should be clear in your mind now, but if it is not yet, then I do have… one more thing.

Starting today, Zelda Universe’s official second sneak preview of Zelda Universe’s new layout will be made publicly available. And you can get it, right now, below this sentence. Just look. See the glory. And hopefully you’re just as excited as I am about Zelda Universe’s revamp.


Amongst your cheers, I have one further announcement. Scott has begun coding the new layout, and our top-secret test site that everybody knew about has now been locked away while Scott develops the code. In addition, most all of ZU’s content has been entirely rewritten. We’re on schedule, people. With any hope, we will launch between the middle and the end of May. There will be so much new material to see. Everything’s brand new, and we’re gathering new high-resolution images right now and preparing them for when Scott has finished coding the layout. If we launch before June, I’d consider it the most amazing feat of people staying on schedule for a major project… ever.