In a world long gone by, a blog existed solely where prominent community members would write about Zelda. And then, something terrible happened that resembled a hard drive failure, and the site was lost to the abyss. But now, it returns – and ZU’s taking part.

I’ll fill in some of the finer details. At this point, pretty much every Zelda webmaster in existence has joined together to form a league we call The Stone Watchers. The Stone Watchers are us crazy elites running around planning uber-awesome collaborative projects together. In essence, every Zelda site got together and said, at once, “Let’s all work together and have fun!” And so the organization known as The Stone Watchers was born.

It was a recent discussion within Stone Watchers to revive the Zelda Blog – and we all happily voted the idea into existence. The Zelda Blog that many of you knew in days long past is now revived as a result of the efforts of fourteen Zelda site webmasters, and that’s not even all of Stone Watchers! 😉

Nevertheless, you can expect that I’ll be contributing to this blog, writing up some pieces of my own, and enjoying what the other contributing members have to say. This is a huge event for the Zelda community and a great opportunity for some good Zelda discussion to happen.

I must thank, of course, The Master Link for sharing with us his WordPress template for the Zelda Blog. And a huge thanks to Chance, webmaster of, for graciously hosting the site and offering to run the technical side in its entirety. Applaud for them, please.