In a world long gone by, a blog existed solely where prominent community members would write about Zelda. And then, something terrible happened that resembled a hard drive failure, and the site was lost to the abyss. But now, it returns – and ZU’s taking part.

I’ll fill in some of the finer details. At this point, pretty much every Zelda webmaster in existence has joined together to form a league we call The Stone Watchers. The Stone Watchers are us crazy elites running around planning uber-awesome collaborative projects together. In essence, every Zelda site got together and said, at once, “Let’s all work together and have fun!” And so the organization known as The Stone Watchers was born.

It was a recent discussion within Stone Watchers to revive the Zelda Blog – and we all happily voted the idea into existence. The Zelda Blog that many of you knew in days long past is now revived as a result of the efforts of fourteen Zelda site webmasters, and that’s not even all of Stone Watchers! 😉

Nevertheless, you can expect that I’ll be contributing to this blog, writing up some pieces of my own, and enjoying what the other contributing members have to say. This is a huge event for the Zelda community and a great opportunity for some good Zelda discussion to happen.

I must thank, of course, The Master Link for sharing with us his WordPress template for the Zelda Blog. And a huge thanks to Chance, webmaster of, for graciously hosting the site and offering to run the technical side in its entirety. Applaud for them, please.


  • Ganandorf

    This is great 🙂 I love the games. There was something weird in twilight princess though… i've done everything in the game but i just noticed it. As your leaving ordon village, you come into a clearing that on the map looks like a circle right before the narrow path to ordon springs. If you look to your right, you'll see a wooden door covered in vines on the wall. go up to it and look through, it goes into a tunnel, and there is a greenish light at the end. i tried everything to break the door, but it wouldnt budge. weird huh?

    • max

      twilight princess rules

  • Ganandorf

    Btw gudluck getting this blog started!

  • Mike

    Ill say this, im a huggeee zelda fan. I grew up on ocrina of time and completely fell inlove with it. I enjoy amlost everything that has been put out in the series but.. im not to happy with some of the stuff im seeing. Twilight princess was a good game but definetly no where near OT. And these games coming out on the ds? Spirit tracker… this stuffs soo kiddie.. not interested

  • Melissa

    I definitely like Twilight Princess a lot, but like Mike, I grew up on OT. I never played the first games too much, and never made it past the second day in Majora's Mask (thanks to my short attention span), but I still love the puzzle-solving qualities of the games. I didn't care much for Wind Waker, and I refuse to try any of the new DS games, but I still can't tear myself from the Zelda legacy.

  • FeaxiaGevaddy

    Many of folks talk about this subject but you said some true words.

  • Pantsman

    Is something wrong? All I see at that link you posted is the old message saying that the site was being shut down due to server failure.

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  • I can't wait till the Skyward Sword comes out in 2011 !!!

  • Est

    I love zelda and the music of OoT is just incredible! I just made a video of Saria's song metal version, I hope you like it the link is

  • 22pepperjack

    like many other people i grew up on ocarina of time (best game ever). im so excited to see the 3DS remake! also the other reason i love OT so much is at the age of three it was the first game i ever beat and ive been a fan of the zelda series. even though phantom hourglass and spirit tracks werent as fun as the others i still played it through to the end. ZELDA RULES!!!!!!

  • jennie

    Hi! Check out this amazing zelda cover

  • hey im hopeing the new zelda has helping Ai that help you fight im allsoe hopeing for the new cross bow in it but mabe thats gest me. 🙂 ps i hope thay make a new game like a link to the past with a conter attached and blocking added and new power ups the i love mario games to!

  • Patrick

    -The Legend of Zelda –

    I have been saturated with its lore and wonderful gameplay since I was a child. I have played and beaten every Zelda game ( yes, even Zelda 2 !!) ; however, I fear Zelda will never be what it has been in the past. Skyward sword seems to lack an element that Twilight Princess lacked as well that also led to its failure as a game. While some people may have liked Twilight Princess, it is undoubtedly not on the same scale as Ocarina of Time, the titan of Zelda games. So what is it that Ocarina had? Charm, heart, and most of all : MUSIC. I am not certain if the creators realize the importance the music had in their games. I still hum Song of Storms and Gerudo Valley all the time and it has been how many years? Please bring Koji Kondo back – he was a great agent in the success of your wonderful franchise.

  • john

    Hey I’ve been having an argument with my mate about what’s better,Mario or Zelda.My mate is sing songs about how Zelda sucks.I don’t know what to do.

    • TheZeldaAddict

      Hey my mate said you can get OoT on wii from the wii shop. But I don’t have any wii points.How do you get them?
      BTW I finished Twilight princess.Great game:)

      • Patrick

        Two Ways:

        Purchase them in a store (difficult way)
        Purchase them directly from the wii using a credit/debit card.

        Just click "add points" and choose your option and go through the process. There is no break for getting more points.

        Then once you've purchased a minimum of 10 wii points, select Virtual Console, select by System, select N64, and purchase OoT.

        Enjoy –

    • Patrick

      Some people like Mario, others like Zelda ; most like both. They are new hugely successful franchises Nintendo has had from nearly the beginning. However, in your current case of hazing, simply ignore your "mate" with the understanding that he or she is a vast minority in the gaming realm.

      Good luck.

      • hot spot

        hey do u want a zeldia game here u go

        • Trolldad

          Dude downloading games for free is illegal and Spirit Tracks is still on shelves everywhere,
          plus what does that even have to do with the first comment?
          He said he wanted OoT and you gave him ST

    • iron knuckle crusher

      you should show him how cool zelda games are

  • hot spot
  • TheZeldaAddict

    Thanks I'v been playing OoT and it is a great game. The ds versions suck so bad.They are an insult to Zelda. You should get Twililight Princesit is a fking good game. My other mate and I played it and both give it 10/10!!!! I want to post some zelda songs But I don't know how!!!!!

  • TheZeldaAddict

    You know what I think is just sad. Making a Zelda movie. They TALK!!!!!! wtf!!!

  • iron knuckle crusher

    thats a terrable idea

  • TheZeldaAddict

    At least someone agrees with me. My mate says it's awesome.WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adrianna

    This is so awesome! I want to get one of these stickers for my laptop:
    I can't decide…

    • TheZeldaAddict

      The Hyrule Crest probably the white one

  • TheZeldaAddict

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  • TheZeldaAddict

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  • thelegendofzeldasword

    On my replica site we had a Zelda-based contest a while ago. We had some sick pictures come in, including a girl who got a back tattoo – I think for the contest. Talk about devotion!

    We had some crazy artwork, too. Maybe I should see if those artists will do some decals / stickers?

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