We’ve all been hard at work behind the scenes here at ZU, revamping all the content on the site and making sure the new layout is spectacular across the board. The last two writers have also joined the force – Hastina Fleegin Lish and Rew, as they are known on our forums. They’ve been producing some awesome stuff. But there’s more to be seen…

So, please welcome Hastina Fleegin Lish and Rew to the ZU staff! I’ll add them to the staff page when I feel less lazy. It took me like a week to make this newspost anyway! I should, however, mention that Kitsune has dropped out of staff due to excessive “real life” syndrome, which means we have one more slot open for another writer. Scott ‘n I will peruse the applications once again and pick the final writer to join the force. And, of course, you can still send in applications anytime you want.

The layout has been progressing at light speed, and let me tell you – I expected something amazing, but I never expected it to be as good as it actually is. I’m blown away. I just got an updated version last night, along with the first concept art of ZU’s new *logo* (yes, LOGO!), and I’m literally frozen in awe of this design. It’s nearing its completion, and it’s getting so hard not to leak it. I’m probably the worst guy to trust with information that shouldn’t be leaked.

Aw, forget it. I’m leaking a bit of it. So, here is the official sneak peak of ZU’s new layout:

I hope that makes you as excited as it makes me! We’re getting really close to this relaunch… I’m expecting it to happen sometime in mid-May if we keep going at this rate. That’s a rough, VERY rough estimate, so take it as just that and not as a promise. But things are looking great right now. Also, if anybody can actually piece together the ENTIRE layout from the 15x15px image above, you can become ZU’s new official graphic designer. 😛