For those of you who remember the announcement for the Gamestop Brawl tourney in the US, EB Games had one in Canada, and yours truly attended on April 12th.


The show-up wasn’t as great as expected, but many of the attendees displayed great talent. While we were still waiting for more contestants to arrive, practice matches were going on between the hopefuls. After each person recorded their name and which slot they wanted to be in, they were free to join the training. While we were allowed to choose our characters, we had to use the sideways Wii remote with a jacket.

Once a reasonable amount of time passed, the Nintendo Staff there decided to get it underway. Since there were so few contestants, most of them automatically proceeded to the next round; a lucky break. As the first matches took place, some dreams were shattered, and some boasters were put in their place. However, for the most part people were humble over their losses. In the spirit of gaming, handshakes and congratulations were given.

The final match was between myself, Daniel Pennycook and Trent McNeely. I took the role of Ike, Daniel was Samus and Trent was Link. At ten stock apiece, it was definitely going to be a long fight. I continuously blundered my way off the edge – I had forgotten how hard his recovery move was while there was a Wii jacket on the remote. Daniel played Samus quite well, but sealed his fate when he used a final smash. Unable to transform Zero Suit Samus back to her regular suit, he and I were slaughtered by Trent, who is a demon with Link. All in all though, it was a close match, and each player was fantastic.

All three of us were awarded tourney T-shirts for making it to the final round. Trent will be moving on into the Semi-finals on the 26th of April, as will be all Canadian qualifying winners of the tournament. If he makes it to the finals, he will be competing with the regional champions in Toronto. The final prize of the tournament is a trip for two to Nintendo World, NYC and $500 cash.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. New friends were made, and new things were learned. I would like to give a thank you to the Nintendo Staff there, and a good luck to Trent, as well as to all remaining contestants. While this may be the only Nintendo-hosted Brawl tournament, I do not doubt many more Brawl tourneys are to come. Hopefully each one will be as great an experience as this one.