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  • Erin

    I think that Twilight princess is a great game. The graphics are life-like and the game is long enough to be at it for a while. Parts are tricky, but it’s always fun. It’s a little different than all of the other games, and it’s exciting. Link meets new friends, and has new adventures, with some of the same characters and places. It’s an all-around awesome game!

  • You will never know my name mua hahahahahaha!

    I love this game! My favorite character is Midna. I think she is funny!!! And I like to draw her too. How far has anyone gotten in their game? I’ve gotten to Gerudo desert and I’m stuck on it.

  • Giancarlo Caro

    Guys the legend og zelda twilight princess is the best game ever its like if you were in the game it look like real life and its really but really hard im in the zoras dungeon let me tell you guys its the best game ive ever played

  • Kristoffer

    i dont agree, i have bought every zelda game and am using component cabel and hd tv and all that stuff but… twilight doesnt fell perfect, when the graphic is better then the storie it kind of gets lame… and i need to say that you guys may think the map is big but no way, its big but the places you can go on is not even half of the map, nintendo are only folling you all…

  • Link + Awesome Game = Twilight Princess! It is the BEST game EVER! Although I do think that the Poes are SUPER creepy. But I’m a noob. My brother beat the whole game ( Not counting Poes) and I didn’t even get the Master Sword! Well like I said ROCK ON!

    Paper!! Paper Please!!!


      I have paper but even if you don’t need it any more MAJORA’S MASK IS AWESOME, BUT NOT AS GOOD AS TWILIGHT PRINCESS!!! Oh and getting the master sword is EASY!! 😛

  • Kiandra

    I’ve finished this game twice all ready and I absolutely love it still. I finally managed to find all of the Golden Bugs and all of the Poes and I absolutely shocked myself when I got through the Cave of Ordeals with ten of my hearts remaining (after using only one potion). The story is good, the graphics are amazing and the characters are so real and unique. This is an excellent game and by far the best Zelda game that I have ever played!

  • Ashley

    I absolutely adore this game!!! This is my 3rd time playing it, but the 1st time on the Wii. It is a whole different experience on the Wii!!! The graphics are beautifully detailed, the temples/dungeons are fun and challenging, the MUSIC is just beautiful, the minigames are a lot of fun (I hate/hated collecting those stupid poes, haha!), and the characters are amazing as always!!! I have enjoyed playing all of the other Zelda games in the past, but this one is specifically made for the Wii and that makes it way more fun. Fishing and sword-slashing are so far more interactive than using a regular GC controller. I am getting ready to go to Snowpeak. I can't wait to see how the Ball and Chain and the Dominion Rod will work with the Wii Controller!!!

  • zeldalass

    the only game tp couldn't beat was ocarina of time

  • Shannon

    The only thing left out was magic!!!!!

  • i don't know why some people do not like TP that much. It is great! OoT still wins, but it was a great edition to the Zelda franchise. My only hope is that this new Zelda for Wii is even better!

  • lol

    lololololololol, roflcopter

  • jake

    wind waker was a big step in the right direction. twilight princess was i giant step backwards. it had no originality, it pulled aspects from previous games, whereas wind waker came up with a fresh story that kept ganon and zelda but put in some twists. the music in twilight princess was also a disappointment to me.

  • Lord_Santa

    as much as I'm curious about the Wii version, I find it very, very disappointing that none of the reviews covered the GameCube version (which I'm currently playing)

    and you could've mentioned that the game is *mirrored* in the Wii version (and thus Link is right-handed)

  • wolf link 58

    twilight princess is great but wind waker is just a tiny bit better i'm getting ready to do the palace of twilight i am beating it 100% the city in the sky was hard because you could fall off in almost every room i fell off at least 10 times

  • i didnt like tp

    Twilight Princess is a game that I will never consider to be "the best game since OoT." In fact, I would go as far as to say it is the weakest in the 3-D series. It seemed to me like Nintendo was just trying to recreate OoT to please fans. And obviously, it worked with most people. Ganon was back AGAIN. Hyrule is in trouble AGAIN. Time to save the princess AGAIN. It was just same old same old. Sure there was the Twilight Realm and wolf Link, but that seemed very similar to the Dark World in ALttP. I found nothing original or unique about it. I first got into the Legend of Zelda series with Wind Waker. After beating it, I was dying for more so I picked up OoT, and even 12 years after its release, I was amazed. Then after hearing how great TP was I finally got a Wii and tried it out. What a disappointment it was. People made it seem so great and it wasn't. I believe OoT was a revolutionary and classic title, that will always be thought of as the best. I haven't played Majora's Mask yet. I believe WW was a huge step in the right direction, it proved you could have a great Zelda game with the master sword, Zelda and Ganon, without recreating OoT. I believe TP was a game that took aspects from previous Zelda games and had nothing unique original about it. The realistic graphics and familiar world of Hyrule sold it to fans of the n64 classic and people new to the series. This is just my opinion, you don't have to agree with it.

    • DawsonTheMinish

      no way tp was wayyyy better than the 1st & 2nd…well, adventure of link is the worst zelda game in the franchise so far but tp is NOT a weak title.

      • darthlink777

        you forget: the worst game in the series was one of those God-forsaken CD-i games

    • 777frog

      i agree with you! and Majoras mask is awsome! it sounds like your into originality MM is original and creative you'll like it

    • With all due respect, I disagree. Twilight Princess may seem like a redo of OoT, but it had several things the latter didn't. For example: a Temple of Time Dungeon–finally! I was so disappointed that we didn't see a dungeon made out of it originally. I wanted to see what Nintendo would have done with Time in their first 3D Zelda title.

      Another thing: Character development. Two characters in TP stand out to me most. First one, Colin. You notice in the beginning he's always being picked on because he's different. But when King Bulbin raids Kakariko Village (after they were rescued from him), Colin pushes the terrified Beth out of the way so that he would get abducted lieu her. You know what happens after this.

      And the second, then I'll have to stop: Midna. She once ruled the Twili tribe until the power-lusting Zant transformed her into an imp and cast her from the Twilight Princess. But she remained in the Faron Woods, which lay covered in the shadowy shroud, seeking help. This is when Link appears, and she rescues him, then bids he does whatever she asks. And as time goes on, she turns out to be softer, even apologizes to Link for using him. She all along only wanted to save her people from Zant.

  • Nin10Gamer

    Twilight Princess is one of the weakest Zelda titles I have ever played. All the depth, non-linearity, and innovation vanished once this game came out. It did all that was expected, but didn't exceed by any means. More of the same, less of the great.

    • 777frog

      thank you!!!!! i agree

  • DawsonTheMinish

    Twilight princess was the 2nd zelda game i beat, with great graphics & storyline but lacked in gameplay. a link to the past rules!

  • Matthewaalkes

    After TP I felt glad that I played it. After I played MM, I never wanted to play that game again.

  • Zelda Rocks234

    This Zelda game is upsetting beacause im not allowed to play it

    • Ripple

      same here.. my bro doesn't like it, he says he doesn't like the TP link and that he's nothing like he was in OoT…

  • Innernavi

    I did like the game play, the problem was links story! he's the hero of time! not some farm boy! I know in TP he's some kinda son of the hero of time or something but still! couldn't they have made it OoT link! it's so upsetting…

  • link3254

    i personally enjoyed the twilight princess. the only thing that really leaves me disappointed was the totally lack of sound or "feelings" (like the rumble) when u finally stab Ganon. I mean, i like performing the ending blow on the small trolls you see arond before, and when is more important for you in the story to -feel- that you are killing the big villain, what they do ? a silent scene ??? a pathetic -aaaargh- ??? i want to feel in my wiimote the rumble of all the time spent for that time, i was expecting a looooong rumble, a sound of destroying armour (like the darknut ones) i know he is a ghost inside, but the armor is stil an armor, so that silent scene leave me so unsatisfied !!!! it steal from me the taste of beginning the game again . i hate it when it happens, like you see a very very nice movie , and the end it sucks. u feel the need to throw the disc in the street. also the credits were beautiful, so, stupid silent scene !!! woa.