I know, I know. It’s been a while since I answered your questions, but you know… stuff happens. I found out that I do indeed have a life. But, you know, with the lack of stuff on ZU nowadays, I figured it will be nice to come back and help out a little bit. Even though I work five days a week, going back to school for three days, interning at a local paper for 2-3 days a week, and finding time for my girlfriend.

But you know. I will find some time to help out here. I am hoping to get some more PH content out. This way Jason doesn’t freak out with the less content and the more effort. So, you will be seeing me a lot more in days to come.

So enjoy this mailbag. It’s just the start. I’ll be back.

Keaton writes:

So, whenever you updated the Phantom Hourglass page with the characters/enemies/bosses/items/etc, I have a pretty nice enemy FAQ with bosses… You can use it.

Also, how come in the midi sections, some songs aren’t from the CD (TP, I believe), but some are (WW)?

James writes:

Thanks for the offer, but I plan on writing up the Boss page/FAQ soon. It is on my list of things to do. Trust me. No, really…

That’s because I believe in the MIDI section, there are some fan made songs, therefore you wouldn’t hear them on the CD’s.

Chain writes:

Wasn’t there some rumor a long, long, icredibly loonng time ago that there would be some sort of upgrade for the wii rhat would allow it to play DVDs.(you know, movies). the ps2 and ps3 can both do that, and i’m jelous.

James writes:

When the Wii was first coming out, it was announced that it wouldn’t have DVD playback. But, everyone insisted that in the near future, there would be an add-on that would allow it. However, nothing (I haven’t heard anyway) has been confirmed from Nintendo about a DVD Player on the Wii. We will keep you posted if they do announce it though.

kokiri tunic writes:

I have a queston,about a year ago I forget who but someone on ZU said there was a Wii zelda in the prossess.I wasnt on the web site from about May-July.Did I miss somthing was it like a joke or somthing cause no has talked about it since like last november.ok thanks.

James writes:

If this is what you are talking about, someone posted last April Fool’s Day that Nintendo would take a different direction with Zelda and make it futuristic. It was a lie, since it was April 1.

If that’s not it, there have been several sites out there that claim that Nintendo is working on the next Wii Zelda, but they haven’t said anything about it yet. We’ll keep you posted on that as well.

zoovet11073 writes:

You probably know this but there has been a lot of buzz about a possible new Zelda game that’s coming out. Will you guys be anouncing anything soon or are you trying to stay silent about the matter?

James writes:

I apologize for the rest of the mailbag when I say this: Most of these emails are from around November. So sorry.

Anyway, we will post anything about a new Zelda if we see it. Hopefully.

The Ganondorf writes:

I would like to join the staff team as a content manager. My Zelda Universe name is ”The Ganondorf”, and my real name is Austin Marden. I have been a mod from another form so I have alot of expirence. I am also great with working with people and I always do my job and get it done. I am usually on from 10:00 Am to 9 or 10:00 Pm. I have been a member of Zelda Universe for about nine days but I have alot of expirence. I am on alot and my current posting is ”295 (32.63 posts per day)”. I can tell new people or people that made a mistake why the content is to be locked, moved, deleted. or all three. If you
have any other job openeings and I do not get the job I will check to see if I want to do it or if i am going to not like it. Speeking of which if you give me this job on ZU I will like it. I will not dislike the job infact I will enjoy it every day. Please think about giving me this job I will not let you or any of the other staff members down. Thank you for your time,

James writes:

We’ll call you. Don’t call us. That’s all I have to say. 🙂

marie writes:
James writes:

That I couldn’t tell you. Not because I don’t know it, but that would be up to Jason to let known to public if he chooses.

TanukiMario writes:

Okay, so in Phantom Hourglass, what’s up with the Ocean King being a whale in his true form?? Of all things, a whale..? Is there a connection to the Wind Fish who was also a giant whale from Link’s Awakening?

James writes:

It could be a connection, but it could also just be because a Whale is a pretty important creature in the ocean. I have nothing.

WolfLink3293 writes:

Hi! Yea. That’s right. I’m asking again. What’s the story on Tetra? Did you beat PH? I hope I’m not annoying you or anything. Oh! And Korkiri Mage, just to let you know, I’m just checking. (if anyone is lost about what I’m saying, please refer to last times mailbag and posts from the article of the mailbag update on October 31st.)

James writes:

With the amount of life I have, I haven’t had a chance to beat PH. However, I am like one room away from Bellum. I really hope you have already defeated the game btw. I don’t have anymore back story on Tetra, also.

Alex writes:

I’m am looking for the name of the guy who draw the ocarina of time and majora’s mask characters?

James writes:

If you are looking for the person who does the official art, I don’t know it off the top of my head. It might be in that thing you got with the game called a manual. Check that out.

If you are looking for any one on the net who does, I don’t know that either.

link_master22 writes:

For all the fans that didnt know the legend of zelda ocarina of time is stll on top! I’ve heard that galaxy has an overall rating of 97.4% while ocarina has a rating of 97.6%


James writes:

Yea yea yea. I make the poll and what happens? Mario loses like the next day. Rub it in why don’t you.

Salvador Leandro writes:

Ummmmm…….I was wondering, will you guys will be making an other Zelda game? If yes, what will it be called? If no, why not?

James writes:

If I were making the Zelda games, I would be really happier because I would be a) working at Nintendo and b) swimming in a pool of money. I don’t know if another game is being made, nor what it is called. I do know that Nintendo is hyping Super Smash until it’s release in March (stupid delays).

Hylian Princess writes:

I think you should have an “Ask *somebody*” section on your website. Like Ask Zelda or Ask Link or something. Because those are really cool and the replies are funny to read and (occasionally) helpful (when people ask real questions anyways.)

Please consider adding this if you get some time to do it with all the other site work you have to do!

James writes:

Yea, but that would require someone who has a great sense of humor and can write in the style of those two and has enough imagination to do such a task. Mailbags are much easier in my estimation.

Rayzel writes:

I love to play Zelda games and I love to hear what all the interesting characters have to say.I learn so much things and I love to explore all the many different islands in The Legend Of Zelda Game.If there are any interesting stories you know that have to do with Zelda can you send them to me?Thank you very much,

James writes:

I’ll get right on that…

Dark Ganon! writes:

How does PH relate to FSA?

James writes:

Except for the fact that both games have Force Gems, I haven’t seen that much of a similiarity. I could be wrong.

starbound writes:

Hey, I’ve just been wondering, wouldn’t it be so awesome if they made a sequel to Ocarina of Time? Like, this time there’s billions of Gannon’s minions after Link and Zelda and she gives him the Ocarina so he can control the minions and then she goes and helps him and they cause all sorts of mass destruction against evil! I would buy something like that! What do you think?

James writes:

Not really. The game ending the way it did really didn’t ask for a sequel. Hence, the reason Majora’s Mask was made in an alternate dimension and not in Hyrule.

Light Ganon 112m writes:

Did you here SHIEK is a playable character in Brawl! She is Zelda’s down special.

James writes:

I did. Isn’t that like, OMG, awesome and junk…

Ok, I need to go cleanse myself now. I’ll see you all later.