In an effort to end the news drought, I came across an interesting article.

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new PSP on the block. As the author of the article put it, it’s a new “slightly thinner and slightly more silver” PSP, and is selling like hotcakes in Japan.

Basically, he talks about how, although the DS has some pretty awesome games (He mentions Zelda twice), the PSP looks like it might have a chance to catch up with the DS. If you’re too lazy to read the article, I’ll sum up each point for you. Mind you, I don’t claim any credit for this article or information taken from it… Don’t sue please.

1. A million new PSPs sold in Japan in roughly 2 months. Them Japanese love their shiny new PSPs.

2. Sales figures for PSPs are going up, while they’re going down for the DS Lite. In other words, while Nintendo is still ahead of the game, Sony is progressively selling more PSPs, and less DSs are getting sold.

3. PSP has more good games to play. This is relative, because how can any one person say “this is a good game”… unless it really is a bad game (i.e. Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses?). For this reason, he points out that PSP has 9 more games that got ranked more than 80/100 than the DS, although the DS has a few games scoring higher than any of PSPs games (Zelda being one of them).

4. The PSP has better PS3 integration compared to the DS and Wii. For this point, I have to admit, he’s right. Although trading pokemon from the DS to the Wii was… fascinating… Nintendo doesn’t look like it’s going to boom this area any time soon.

5. The PSP has better media capabilities. Although we all admit the PSP-only movies were a bomb, you can put in a memory stick and watch moveis from there, among other things.

6. The PSP has better addons. Rather self explanatory. Camera, GPS, and TV tuner to name a few.

7. PSP actually sold as well as the PS2. I can’t argue facts, so I’ll admit it’s a decent point.

8. Sony’s planning a PSP phone. While I’m not sure why you’d want to get a phone that can do PSP things rather than a PSP, everyone and their mother likes getting phones, so it’s a good point.

So there you have it. The guy admits this isn’t the doom for the DS, it’s just a bright hope for the PSP, and I agree (viva la DS). Do you think the PSP will perhaps catch up to the DS? I guess that’s for the consumer to say.

Oh, and here’s the article. It’s a good read if you still want to read it. You can find it here.

8 Reasons the PSP might overtake the DS 11/29/2007 Son of Mido