Mythos writes:

Do you have a favorite Zelda type of question?

I’m currenty replaying WW to eat up the few days between now and when PH releases and I’ve been noticing things mostly little useless details but I have one thing that I’d like your thoughts on. When you receve the Hero’s Sword from Orca he says that the “blade is infused with the desire to good and cast down evil” or something to that effect does that mean that the Hero’s Sword is actually magically enchanted? Or do you think he just speaks of the sword’s heoretical soul and what it represents? Or is it something else all together?

James writes:

Favorite type of Zelda question? Hmm… If you are referring to mailbag questions, usually anything that is trivia based; something I can answer right off the top of my head. I don’t know…Well, he is a sword guru. He is probably just being metaphorical.

Tumarilink writes:

I’ve been working on a zelda fan game and i wanted to know: Would you folks want a remake of OoT or a prequel? Both of these will be sidescroller, let me say.

James writes:

Prequel. No offense, but trying to remake Zelda as a fan game wouldn’t do the game justice.

Lewis writes:

My point is about the Oracles games. Sure, they might be the least remembered Zelda games ever, but why hasn’t Nintendo made more references to them?

Apart from fleeting points I hear on some sites, they might as well not exist.

Sure, they might only have been portable games, but they had some of the best items (switch hook, roc’s cape) and supporting characters (Maple, Ralph) in the entire series!

I really hope more people get to know about those great games, and that Nintendo uses some elements of them (Labrynna, etc.) for the Wii.


James writes:

The Game Boy franchise seems to really have a mind of its own. Mainly, because Nintendo seems to like to commission them off to Capcom to produce. Therefore, Link’s Awakening, the Oracles, and The Minish Cap to an extent are all forgotten. People like to play the 3D games more than the handhelds.

However, I do agree with you. The Oracles had some awesome items and wonderful lands. I also would like to point out that the odds of any of them being in later games would probably be slim to none.

Keenu writes:

I just read about a rumor that sonic the hedgehog will be in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. What do you think of this?

James writes:

Still just a rumor. It has yet to be confirmed nor denied (officially). There have been reports that Sonic won’t make an appearance, only to be followed up with that Nintendo is in talks with Sega about it. Visit the Smash Site daily to see if they say anything or just wait for the game.

Josh writes:

How many times have you played PH…or have you ever played it…if you have how are the graphics.Are they better then TMC because for a GA game i thought that TMC was good.Please answer i would really like to no.

James writes:

Unfortunately, us folks at ZU have not yet been blessed with a copy of PH. We had to wait with the rest of you guys. However, we have seen the videos and it still looks like it will be a great game. I should be getting my copy soon enough, so I’ll let you know soon enough.

HelmarocKing writes:

I was wondering, I have been wanting to get Zelda music on my cell phone, and I desided to check out your Zelda tones link. However, once I got to the submission part, it looked like it was from a diffrent site, and when I read the fine print, it said I was agreeing to sign up for a monthly fee thing. Is there any way I can get the music without having to sign up for something like that? I don’t mind buying them, but once I have them, I don’t want to pay any more. Thanks 🙂

James writes:

I don’t know of sites where that can happen. Nor do I know sites where you can legally download tunes. Someone can let me know though. It would be helpful.

Zack writes:

1. why did you make twilit princes before Phantom hourglass:)? Zelda Rocks

2. can you send me the cartoon episodes?

James writes:

1. If you are referring to our game list on the main site, it is because TP was released before PH. That was a silly question.

2. Not legally I can’t. Nor will I do it illegally; that’s just unethical.

clayton writes:

i am the zelda master if anyone chalenges me let them speak. just stick your chalenge in the zelda mailbag and will keep on quizzing each other

James writes:

This is all I have to say about this: Riiiiiiiiiight…