Veracity writes:
My question is relatively simple: do you think that the team behind Zelda will utilize the Wii’s power to create a larger, more expansive world (as seen in Ocarina of Time) –possibly to generate a feeling of vastness– or do you think the development team will attempt a more full, stylized world (as seen in Twilight Princess) to portray a world that is more rich with detail? Also, which do you want them to do?

James writes:
Your question isn’t relatively simple, I can’t tell which they would go for. Besides, I can’t see where you see a difference in both Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, because I didn’t. The only difference I really saw was a bigger Hyrule Field, and dungeons that were a little bit bigger. Other than that, they played pretty much the same. I would like to see a game that was Twilight Princess again. I don’t understand why some people complained about Twilight Princess. It was the perfect blend of difficulty and fun mixed together. The story could’ve been tweaked a little bit, but it was an overall good game. So, if I were to answer your question personally, I would choose another Twilight Princess like game.

juanzip writes:
i was just wandering on your opinion whether it would be way too foolhardy to make a zelda like story/book (not fanfiction cause it wouldn’t be zelda), for example putting in some of the key elements of oot with the time traveling or mm with the masks. though i really dont know your experiance with writing, what would you think basically of bringing zelda into the littery world, the feel of zelda but not zelda if you get my point.

James writes:
I love to write, so I think it would be a good idea if you find the right person to write it. Funny you mention this, because my idea for the forums ZuNoWriMo (Zelda Novel Writing Month for those who don’t know) concerns a part of the time between Link pulling the Master Sword as a child and awakening as a young adult. Unlike most Fan Fictions, I have to use canon, so I don’t mess up the overall outcome of the actual game. I am also kinda surprised no one had written a Zelda novel yet.

lilo writes:
Hi, I sent in a timeline theory last week regarding the placement of characters due to their evolutions. Your response was: “So if you could also take the koroks for instance, they shouldn’t appear in any game that is placed in the same time line as TP.” That sentence doesn’t place well with me. Just because a new race is introduced in the timeline doesn’t mean that it must be a different timeline. Look at our history. We are supposedly descended from Apes, which is in the same timeline. Evolution in Zelda is the same way. Another way races can appear in different games is the split timeline. If the Rito’s appear in one timeline, they may have never evolved in the other (since the Great Flood only appears in one timeline).

I don’t get why you didn’t except that sentence? I was saying the same thing as what you just stated about the Rito. What I ment was that the Koroks should only appeare in the Zelda titles that take place in The timeline of OOT, MM, TWW, PH after TWW. Because, I belive they were Kokiri forced to evolve due to the Great Flood, meaning they shouldn’t be in the same timeline as TP because they evolved only in the OOT, MM, TWW timeline and TP doesn’t take place in that timeline then they should only appeare in the games that take place in the same timeline as OOT, MM, TWW. Does that make more sense?

James writes:
Gah, I really need to learn to read these things more because writing. Anyway, now it does make more sense. Sorry for that.

Frank D’Angelo writes:
Hello! 🙂


I was wondering if you could write an article about this video on your front page! It’s actually quite an accomplishment, and hours of work-time were involved.

The video (all ten parts, that is, plus the trailer and credits) amounts to over one hundred songs played on the piano… All from The Legend of Zelda – Majora’s Mask’s OST! Never before has a video like this been produced, and with the right publicity, this video could go down in history. So far, this video is located on a number of different websites, all giving it positive comments and ratings. Believe me – this video deserves all the help it can get!

James writes:
Funny, because I did find your videos before you sent me this email and was going to post it, but either forgot or was just too lazy. Both being good excuses. So, it is now posted for everyone to enjoy.

LinkedBlade writes:
I, as a Zelda fan, have completed every Zelda ever released [except for a certain three], and one thing there really angers me is that people want to fight over something that will never have an affect on anyone’s lives.

The time line theory mostly, and utterly, is all gibberish, I’m not saying I support one or the other, I’m saying I don’t support any of them. The Zelda series has been a lot of fun, and probably always will be.

To put it plain and simple, Nintendo, Miyamoto, and Aunoma, made a series for people to entertain themselves. I do believe that a few games might be related, but i do no believe in a time line.

I mean the only things people see are relations of ideas, names, character models, and references. All the evidence is circumstantial, and there is no way to prove any connection, except through beliefs. For all we know, there could be at most fourteen different universes, in which each game takes place.

Even if there was a time line, how would that benefit us as a Zelda fan?

James writes:
Timeline debates give Zelda fans something to discuss about with the series. Like most pieces of fiction, fans like to be able to relate them to anything, but in this case, relate them to all the other games in the series. It also makes us wonder if these people put something in a certain game for a reason (like Koroks in tWW or anything OoT related in TP). You don’t have to believe in a timeline to enjoy the games. Discussing the timeline is just something a lot of people like to discuss about the games.

Black Omnimon writes:
All of the recent games (MM, TP, TWW and PH)are directly connected to OoT; it is obvious that Aunoma wanted this games to be connected, and the developers do seem to have forgotten of the ALttP-LA-LoZ-AoL arc.

This lefts the timeline like this:


In a way in wich if you try to connect with the older games everything becomes blurry, and heavy speculation, outdated developer quotes, along with overthinked but unimportant lines within the games are needed if you want to make a connection. The only games that could hope to achieve some connection are the Four Swords series (TMC-FS-FSA) just because of how well are put together.

So I think that the classic Timeline (ALTTP-LA-LoZ-AoL), the modern Timeline (OoT-TWW-PH, MM-TP) and the Four Swords Timeline (TMC-FS-FSA) should not be tried to put together, because it just doesn’t works.

James writes:
They shouldn’t be put together, but they are related somehow. Otherwise, they wouldn’t all be called “The Legend of Zelda” and certain elements in the games wouldn’t be linked. Your “Modern Timeline” is the timeline (maybe even the FS one) I have been telling people in the only certain timeline in the bunch. Who knows what they are planning though.

Hylian Pikeman writes:
Why has part six of the favorite supporting character poll remained on the right side of the screen for like half a year? Is anything ever going to be done about it?

James writes:
Part six was up there for a while because Lem was working on that specific poll but suddenly vanished. He is know at another Zelda site, so I think that poll is officially dead. So, as a result of this email, I changed it. Hopefully, I can find enough questions to keep the poll updated enough that it doesn’t become stale.

Daniel Frongillo writes:
Hey, just a friendly heads up for you! All of the directions in the Golden Insect Guide are, in fact, backwards. East is to the right when North is up, and West is to the left. You may want to go over the guide at some point!

James writes:
I really hate to be sarcastic… wait, no I don’t. All I am going to answer this question with is what the guide itself even states:

“Remember – this guide, like most ones on Zelda Universe, is written for the Wii version of the game. If you’re using this for a Gamecube version, keep in mind that it is mirrored relative to the Wii version. Therefore, whenever this guide says to head east you need to head west; if left, head right, etc.”

Dillon Legrande Spilsbury writes:
You guys should make ZU kinda like myspace. You can search for other users and add them to your friends list. you can send messages to your friends. You know stuff like that. At least make a friend list. 8 )

James writes:
My comrade Scott will elaborate why we are already “kinda like” Myspace:

  • “Search for users”: Members list.
  • “Send messages to your friends”: PM
  • “Stuff like that”: A message board (commonly refered to as a “forum”)
  • “Friends list”: Buddy List
  • I also will allow anyone to comment on the news page for this mailbag on why we shouldn’t be “kinda like” Myspace. Thank you and good night.