Another one of those “The Wii made me feel good” story. This one being the best of them so far.

For those who have been through the ordeal of cancer, either having it or knowing someone who had it, you know the feeling. That person has to deal with a lot and so much therapy, it renders them weak. Well, this feel good story should give you a lift.

A fifty-year-old woman from California had Breast Cancer and dealt with the chemotherapy. It left her weak and almost bedridden. It wasn’t until her daughter introduced the Wii and it’s wonderful motion control that she got the strength again. She played the tennis and bowling and ended getting out and joining a bowling league. She was named Most Improved Player of the league.

It’s another one of those good stories of gaming that Jack Thompson doesn’t want you to hear.

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Another Feel Good Wii Story 6/18/2007 James