Sunday again. But not too much for H!L! this week.

Small little report. Mostly just mailbag answers. Enjoy, nonetheless.

Hey! Listen! The Gaming Report for June 17, 2007

Community News

New Layout For You – I don’t mean at ZU, but at launched a brand new layout, that deviates from their usual green style (or so I read). They went to blue this time, which isn’t a bad thing, since ZU pulled it off a while back. You can check out their site and the new layout at the link. – Link

Fan Game Update – Zelda Dimension has shown off a nice little screenshot of the fan game they are working on. Looks like it will be a great game to play and more than likely I’ll try it out. Check it out at their site. – Link (click the only image you see on the site)

If you have community news, send it at James (at) Zeldauniverse (dot) net

Gaming News

Video Mosiacs FTW – In a nice show of art and gaming, a Dutch artist decided to create a mosiac of gaming lore. The mosiac includes such classics as Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Pac-Man, an RPG that I cannot name at this time, and other nice pieces of work. You can check the pictures at the link. – Link

Intraweb Moment/Article of the Week

Best video ever. Apparently, those wonderful people in Japan know how to have a game show. Human Tetris is what the game appears to be, but the actual show name is not known. Check it out, it’s really funny.


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Tyler Simensen writes:

I took a test online about The Legend of Zelda and it asked qwestions about personal stuff like, “What was Ganon’s last name?” After knowing there’s more to the story by first and last names I started wondering if even Link had a last name. I my hypothises resonable?

James writes:

You would be reasonable to think that all the characters in the Zelda games have a last name. However, after reading around the net, this statement makes the best sense: Link is named as such because he is a “Link” to the player who is playing the game. Therefore, a last name is really not necessary.

It’s also useless to know that Zelda has a last name in the Ocarina saga, and that’s Hyrule. That is based on the fact that the king is Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule.

mon da hoops writes:

I would just like to ask if you knew anything at all about the next zelda game. Also what do you think should be in the game.

James writes:

There is nothing known about a new Wii Zelda game except that there is a rumor that it was started way before Twilight Princess was released. As to what should be in it, I have no idea. It seems like that from what I’ve read online, it should deviate from everything Zelda is, which might be a blessing and a curse.

CShawnS writes:

this isnt so much a zelda question. but i’l doing it anyways.

When did ZU first go online? I just realized that I have no idea. I was looking at the list of the games at the top of the page, and realized

the list may have been half the size when ZU first started!

James writes:

Someone should read the Site History we have on display. But, to answer your question, the site as you really know it launched on February 21, 2001. Lars, the original creator of this site, launched his personal Zelda site a year prior. The most recent games that were being discussed on it’s launch were the Oracle games, which were released in May 2001 (in the USA). The game that really made Zelda Universe known was probably The Wind Waker, which at the time was a big deal and caused this site to go into overload. If you want, take a trip down memory lane and visit the past of the universe. Go on, I know you want to.

Also, for some diehard Zelda fans keeping track, February 21, 1986 was when Zelda was originally released. I don’t know whether Lars was trying to be funny when he launched on that date, but ZU and Zelda share the same birthday. You should have known that, since we had a nice little 20 and 5 Celebration in 2006.

sean writes:

I have to say that was not very impressed with TP and these are the reasons as to why:

the bosses were short lived.


once you’ve beat the game…thats it!

you can’t climb on basically anything..or backflip onto things (which you can do TONS of times in majora’s mask, like the reception counter at the mayors place!)

some items you get are only needed like 5 times (gale boomerang, dominion rod and ball and chain)!

thats all I can do to make TP look like crap (which it is)!

My favourate zelda game is Majora’s mask, cause you can do all the dungeons again and again and V.S the bosses till your hearts content.

Its also good you get to wear cool stuff like the Garo’s mask (gotta love those eyes!).

And there is tons of glitches and its fun to discover glitches.

P.S whats your fave zelda game? (you probably mentioned this but I could not be bothered to look for it!)

Do not hate me for disliking TP, I am NOT a bad person!

James writes:

The bosses were short, but most of them were fun to beat. Some looked immense, but most were just easy. You also say that once you finish TP, that’s it. There are still sidequests in the game for you to complete, that’s why they were put into the game to begin with. That’s like saying once you beat OoT, that’s it. My fave is TP at the moment, because of the reasons I stated.