ray writes:
do you have any knowledge on the next zelda game for the wii. Some people have said that it is based around majoras mask just like tp was based around oot

James writes:
I have no knowledge about the Wii except all the rumors that you probably have heard as well. The last I heard, they had already started working on the next Wii Zelda long before Twilight Princess was even released. If that were true, some news should start popping up within the next year or so. But, I wouldn’t hold you breath for information at the new E3 this year.

Red Triforce writes:
This is probably an obvious answer and its embarassing as a zelda fan that I don’t know this but what exactly are these “Imprisoning Wars” I keep hearing about? I think they are the wars mentioned in OoT, the ones that Link’s mom was fleeing from, but I’m not sure. And why were they called the Imprisoning wars? What were they fought for?

James writes:
This is still a heated topic among theorists in the Zelda community. Some claim that the Imprisoning War was the war fought before the start of A Link to the Past. While others follow your theory, that it was War before Ocarina of Time. Even others think it was Ocarina of Time. However, the common theory is that what the Imprisoning War was. It was a war that was fought over the Triforce, it’s rightful owner, and the sealing of the Triforce from evil. Those who claim that Ocarina of Time was the Imprisoning War claim so because Ganon was being the thing Imprisoned. Now, I know I am going to get a hailstorm about this answer, but I actually did do some research on this this time. Most sites claim that OoT was the Imprisoning War. However, there are still some out there that believe otherwise. So, don’t hurt me because of it.

A. Small writes:
Everybody (including Nintendo) say that all of the future Links are descended from the Hero of Time, Link I, right? I have found a major flaw in this theory. Wind Waker’s Link is said to not be related to the Hero of Time at all. This can be proven, as if one reads the translated Ancient Hylian text after beating the game once that the King of Red Lions, Jabun and the Great Deku Tree speak, they all say that that Link has no connections to the Hero of Time (save his courage). To further this theory, I think that instead of being descended from the Hero of Time, all Links are reincarnations of the same Hero throughout Hyrule’s history. This can be supported by Ganon’s statement in The Wind Waker. He says that Link is surely the Hero of Time reborn. What do you think? Does it make sense? Or did I miss something important?

James writes:
Alright, kiddies, here are the quotes for those playing along:
“*Jabun (talking to KORL): If you have sought me out… it must mean you have found the Hero of Time, does it not? *King of Red Lions (talking to Jabun)*: The one I have brought with me has no connection to the legendary one. And yet I sense great promise in the courage that this one possesses.”
“King of Red Lions (talking to Link before the Tower of the Gods): Only one who is able to overcome the trials that await here will be acknowledged by the gods to be a true hero. Only then will that hero be permitted to wield the power to destroy the great evil.”
“King of Red Lions (talking to Link before going to take on Ganon): Oh! What is this? There, on your hand- the Triforce piece now dwells within you! It is the Triforce of Courage- proof that you are indeed the true hero. You have controlled the wind and crossed the seas, and here, near the end of your quest, the power of the gods has been bestowed upon you… Surely from this moment on, you shall be known as the Hero of Winds… Link! Hero of Winds!”
“Ganon: Yes, surely you are the Hero of Time, reborn…”
“Faron (talking to Link): The green tunic that is your garb once belonged to the ancient hero chosen by the gods… His power is yours. His is the true power that slept within you. Your name is Link. You are the hero chosen by the gods. Brave Link…”
Got that? The first four being from The Wind Waker, and the last from Twilight Princess. This is another one of those theories that is hard to decipher with in-game text. While all the text I did quote can go both ways on this, the majority of it states that Link is an incarnation of the original hero. The question than stems to who the original exactly is. I tend to follow the theory that OoT-MM-TP-tWW-PH saga is one big entanglement (which most do). I’ve begun to believe that more and more as the games progressed. I also believe that the other games are not tied it, so this would make the Hero of Time the original Hero (which of course is obvious). Now, if you reread that text again, the obvious fact would be that the Triforce of Courage is the “reincarnation” factor of all the Links. So, my theory is that once the Hero of Time departed and died, the gods watched for Ganondorfs return, which was bound to happen. Once it happened, the gods chose TP Link to become the next hero. That is supported by TP itself and the fact that nowhere in the backstory does it show how Link actually was able to obtain the ToC off the bat. This then makes me think that the Nintendo juggernauts should have thought of this more. Instead of the Hero of Time actually hiding the Triforce for Wind Waker Link to find, TP Link actually hid the Triforce once he was able to harness it. Therefore, the next time the hero was found, it was not due to the gods, who were busy flooding Hyrule, but Daphnes. Once he found out Ganon was back, he set out to find the new hero. It wasn’t hard to determine, as Link tried to take him on himself because of his Courage to save his sister himself. Therefore, Link in tWW became the new incarnation of the hero due to that. Now, this is exactly what you said, but it is something I have always believed ever since tWW came out. TP just added more to the theory. So, that enough of an answer for you?

aquaman505 writes:
Do you think that the Game Boy is dead? I truly liked the Zeldas on it (Particularly TMC), and I think that Nintendo might abandon it soon. Why? Why put a good handheld line that has survived for over ten years away? I really like the Game Boy Micro, and it is definitely well-designed, but why throw that away in favor of a higher-end handheld?

James writes:
The Game Boy idea will never truly die. While the DS is not exactly named a “Game Boy”, it still uses the same premise of the Game Boy. It’s a handheld, battery powered, and plays somewhat smaller games (by small I mean in terms of length) than it’s console counterparts. Also, the Game Boy Advance still has games being released for it, so I don’t think the Game Boy, nor it’s legacy, will ever truly be dead.

ZenZodiac writes:
When you acquire the final skill the skeleton mentions something. I cant remember exactly what that basically states that he was Link of Ocarina of Time. If any of you have noticed this, have you noticed any evidence that proves this false?

James writes:
What, you mean this one: “Although I accepted life as the hero, I could not convey the lessons of that life to those who came after. At last, I have eased my regrets.” How about the fact that the guides call him the Hero’s Spirit? Those two pieces are the only evidence that the skeleton is the Hero of Time. However, that really isn’t much evidence, so it could go both ways. The more interesting point of that conversation, I think, is the last line he utters before leaving: “Go and do not falter, my child!” Ponder that one for a while.

Devan writes:
who is your favorite characte mr zelda guy

James writes:
Hmm… That’s a hard one. I really don’t have a “favorite”, but if I had to choose, I would have to pick Shiek. Throughout the entire game of Ocarina, it was a true mystery to what Shiek’s true agenda was, who he was, and why he was so intent on helping Link. Something about mystery excites me, I guess.