Back again am I with some lovely Nintendo news.

Hey! Listen! The Zelda/Nintendo Report for April 22, 2007

Site News

The Start of the Bombers – Staff member Leminnes recently took it in his own hands to create the best of the best in the category of theorizing. In case you missed it, Leminnes recently announced the inaugural group of Bombers that will start posting articles on a regular basis. Also this week, the first article was indeed published for all to see. MDK posted an article about the Skull Kid and who he really is. You can check that article out here. – Link

Community News

While there is no real community news this week, I am always looking for news to report. If you have an interesting story to report, simply email me at James (at) Zeldauniverse (dot) net

Nintendo & Friends

Non-existent Third Party Online Support – I read a nice little piece at a blog called “bits, bytes, pixels & sprites that claims that Nintendo is essentially blocking third party developers from using the Wii to go online. This claim is based off an interview with SNK America President, Ben Herman, who claims this: “Nintendo is still not letting Wii third-party publishers include online capabilities in their games and it doesn’t look like they will during 2007.” Whether or not this is true, don’t be surprised if you get a third party game on the Wii and expect online play from it. – Link

Guitar Hero III Finally Confirmed – Last H!L! I reported that there was a rumor floating that Guitar Hero III may be coming to the Wii. Well, a Gamespot article recently more or less confirmed it’s coming to the Wii. All rockers may rejoice. Even better news is that, on the heels of a recent revealation of third party games getting no online support, the Wii version of Guitar Hero may have online play. I say “may” because the article I link to has the creator of the game state that they are working on online support, but he failed to mention if it was for all systems. Guitar Hero III is slated for a release later this year on many platforms, including the Wii and DS (which I don’t think will be as fun, but that’s me). This isn’t related to Guitar Hero, but it is related to Guitars on the Wii. There was interesting video to pop up on YouTube recently of a guy playing air guitar with the Wiimote. Check it out. – Link

Virginia Tech Shooting (A Medley) – This story is for those living under a rock the past week. It’s a story of Jack Thompson shocking us again (and by shocking I mean not-at-all shocking) by upsetting the gaming community yet again. However, Rush Limbaugh had something interesting to say as well. So, first, what did Jack Thompson do this time? He blamed the entire Virginia Tech Shooting on, you guessed it, video games. How did he manage to make this claim, you say? He managed to find his way onto Fox News as a “school shooting expert”. He then made his claim that whoever went shooting around the school must have learned the shooting techniques from a video game. I could make that same exact claim about eating hamburgers. I could say that anyone who has ever visited a McDonald’s and ate a Big Mac has played a video game. It doesn’t necessary mean it’s true, but I can claim it. I think Jack Thompson needs to get off his high horse and shut up. Seriously. If you want to read up on what he actually said and what Kotaku says is utter crap, you can click on This Link. The interesting thing that Rush Limbaugh had to say was in the defense of video games. Basically he said what all of us gamers have been saying since Jack Thompson started blaming them. I read this on Kotaku, but basically it stated that there are so many that play video games and so many that own guns that it’s really had to tell where they intersect. You can read the entire article at This Link. I have another interesting video for you to watch over here. It’s Chris Matthews trying to figure out Jack Thompson and his warped logic. (If you can’t tell, I was updating this as the week progressed) I think this the last article I have for the week. It’s MSNBC (the same company that runs Hardball) and they have an anti-Jack Thompson article up and running. Or at least, that’s what I read (Note: One of the links I provided does have some harsh language.)

Wii Warm-ups – I found this wonderful article off of Joystiq which linked me to Times Online in the UK. The article is yet another in the long line of the Wii being no more than a fancy console. It continues on the same path as many others, claiming that even if you do play Wii Sports, you won’t burn too many calories. However, if there is one bright side to the article (which I wouldn’t have posted it otherwise), it gives you some nifty warmup exercises you can use before playing the games. This limits the amount of times you suffer Wii Elbow while playing. These could also be used in conjuction with Guitar Hero, which we were informed is coming to the Wii anyway. – Link

The Humor in Video Games – I know over the years I have become well aware on how crappy MTV has become on playing Music. But, with that said, MTV News actually posted an article about Super Paper Mario. The article is an interview with the NOA Localization team (AKA The Treehouse people) about Super Paper Mario, which is mainly about the humor the game is dripping with. The article is a great read, especially when the Treehouse guys say that this game was meant to be funny, no other way around it. Check it out, it’s a good read. – Link

Steam Hacked! – Alright you Steam users, you best listen up. I have some news for you that you may want to pay attention to. According to some reports online, Steam may have been hacked “hardcore”. A user named MaddoxX (not to be confused with the other Maddox of internet fame) claimed on an anti-Steam forum that he hacked Steam so bad that he obtained many credit cards of cafe owners and users. He also claimed that he would release the spreadsheet containing all the credit cards he has. So, if you use Steam or have used Steam in the fast, pay attention to you credit card statement carefully for a while. However, 1Up claims that this whole issue might just be one big episode of Internet Punk’d. They claim that while this person was able to “hack” his way into a cafe server, he may never have touched Valve itself. – Link

Consoles Rated – If you are looking to take down memory lane, have I got a nice little video for you. GameTrailers released a video on Thursday counting down the top 10 Video Game consoles ever. While two of the three top spots were Nintendo based, someone else grabbed Number 1. However, it is nice to see that neither XBox consoles were even mentioned, which makes me smile somewhat. Check out the link to watch the video. (It’s labeled as Top Ten Consoles and it should be the newest one.) – Link

Get Your Worm On – I have always been a fan of the Worms games, even though I haven’t played one in ages. However, that all just might change. You see, Worms is really a game that is better played when you are playing others and killing their group of Worms. Well, THQ has done one better. They are releasing Worm Open Warfare 2 on the PSP and DS with online support. This means you can sit on your DS, in your own bed, and kill someone’s worms who could be living in Ireland. Ireland because I’m Irish and no other reason. No release date has been set, though, so you’ll have to wait to kill some worms. – Link

This is my Dream House – I have now found my dream house, given that I win the lottery sometime soon. Kotaku showed a couple of picture of a house with a NES roof, a lightgun staircase, and a Duck Hunt lawn. The inside of the house is even better, it’s filled with random Nintendo characters. You must check this out, it is truly awesome. – Link

Intraweb Moment/Article of the Week

I love when it not that far into the week, I find my intraweb moment. This week I found two very unique hacked videos from Guitar Hero II on the PS2. They don’t just have one hacked Mario song in the game, but they have two hacked Mario songs in the game. The former being from Super Mario Bros. 2 and the latter being just the classic Mario theme. Enjoy. Oh, and don’t ask me how to do this. I have no idea, but really want to find out myself (hint, hint, wink, wink)

But it would seem that I once again found two for you to enjoy. I found lovely video actually when surfing through Penny Arcade. It’s a mash of the Matrix, Metroid, and Halo. So, if you are a fan of any of those three, you should enjoy this video.

One last thing. If you feel I am sending out too much Nintendo News, let me know. I try to fill this thing up, but it’s too much, I need to know. Comments should do fine.