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Happy Tax Day everyone! I hope all of you who have an income didn’t forget to send in those taxes today. Otherwise, Uncle Sam is going to find you and possibly take your Wii. You don’t want that do you? Well, to take your mind of that, here’s a nice edition of Hey! Listen!.

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HEY! LISTEN! The Zelda/Nintendo Report for April 15, 2007.

Community News

I’ll Take My Zelda With Anime, Please – The Missing Link over at the Zelda Blog posted a recent update in his blog about his recent trip to Sakura-Con 2007. While there, he was able to witness first hand the wonders of Cosplaying, bid on Zelda items in a silent auction, and meet up with the two masterminds of Penny Arcade. If you want, you can check out his post in the link provided. It is an interesting read, as well as containing a nice picture of a Skull Kid costume. – Link

Dampe Isn’t Dead – A few weeks ago many Zelda sites and forums posted a message saying that the creator of the fan game OoT2D had died in a fatal car crash. We at ZU even posted this point. However, it surfaced days after his “death” post that he was indeed alive and well. It seems that Richard Denton, aka Dampe, decided to fake his death so that people would stop bugging him about the game. Many sources around the net point out that he was even “receiving phone calls” about the game and his parents were getting upset over the fact. The link I provide is one of many stories I read, but I must warn that it does contain harsh language, so read at your own risk. – Link

ZREO Dead Again – Unfortunately for the Zelda community, ZREO (The Zelda Reorchestrated Project) had to once again shut down operations for an unknown reason. The site is still operational, however, there is a big farewell post on the main page. For those who didn’t know, ZREO was a group of Zelda fans who were remixing songs from the Zelda series onto MIDIs, like you see on VGMusic.com. They were trying to make it feel like an orchestrated band, given the songs already created. You can visit the site and catch all the work they had done before the doors shut in the link provided. However, as I continued to read more into this story, I found there is more. Apparently, the people over at HTLOZ, the people who initially hosted ZREO, a collection of video game music community members accused FireGS, the originator of ZREO, of plagarism. The claims on him brought forth a massive banstorm on the HTLOZ forums and resulted in the demodding of FireGS. All of this is specluation. Everyone is trying to get the stories straight and we’ll keep you posted. – Link

Once again, if you find something around the Zelda Community that I don’t mention (and it’s of some importance), feel free to email me at James (at) zeldauniverse dot net. I check that email at least every other day, so you’re email will be read if you do send it. Please, don’t be shy about it.

Nintendo & Friends

Upcoming Games – The list according to EB Games and the Nintendo Master Game Lists for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS:

Legend of the Dragon (Wii; May 1, 2007)

Spiderman 3, Shrek 3, and Pirates of the Caribbean 3 will all be on the Wii when their respective movies are released as well.

Pokemon Pearl and Diamond (April 22, 2007)

Touch the Dead (DS; Rated M; May 2007)

Marvel Trading Card Game (DS; May 2007)

Announced/Rumored Games – Rumor: 1UP pointed out something interesting about the RedOctane site regarding the Guitar Hero franchise. They found that in response to whether Guitar Hero 2 would see some play on other systems, they responded with “Guitar Hero 3 for the Playstation 2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii are currently scheduled for release in the United States in Fall of 2007.” So, Wii fans might be seeing Guitar Hero on the Wii later this year.

Zelda Miis – Awkin sent me this bit of news to pass along. Apparently over at Nintendo, they are offering some Mii tutorials for certain game characters or people in Nintendo. The first two were Link and Zelda. The link I provide starts with Link, but unfortunately, the Zelda link wasn’t working. You can keep trying in the near future to create Zelda, but here it is nonetheless. Thanks for the tip, Awkin! – Link

Twilight Bugged – It seems that Nintendo finally is taking a step in the right direction. The major issue many found with Twilight Princess was that there was one major bug in the game that caused many headaches trying to figure what to do next. I am talking about the Sky Cannon glitch with Shad. If you save in the initial room where you find the Sky Cannon and then restart in that room, you can’t move the Sky Cannon. The reason being is that Midna doesn’t want to acknowledge that Shad has left the room and won’t let you change forms. The link I have provided has noted that Nintendo will take all discs and send you a replacement with a fixed version of the game. Nifty. – Link

Twilight Models in Funny Poses – There seems to be this funny fad on the net right now that involves the character models of Twilight Princess. A few sites around the internet (I linked to Joystiq, but many other sites cited it) have a few images of Link, Midna, Ilia, and others from the games in poses you never saw in the game. And of course, you will find certain shipping occurs in some of the photos (shipping, for those who don’t know (the 1% of you who don’t) is when fans link two characters together that necessary isn’t part of canon. Like Link and Midna). You can view the fun photos at the link provided. – Link

LittleBigPlanet Was Wii Bound? – One of the biggest stories to come out of GDC this past March was the PS3 title of LittleBigPlanet. The mostly unknown title, which amazed audiences and critics alike, was something that Reggie over at Nintendo wanted to bring to the Wii. Next-Gen reports that Mr. Fils-Aime wanted the title to be a Wii exclusive, but Phil Harrison beat him to it. “Frankly, Nintendo wanted to do some business with those folks, but to give Phil some credit, he got there first. That product, I think, is quite intriguing. I’m not sure how well it will do on the Sony platform, quite frankly, but I think that the product they showed was outstanding.” You can read the rest of the article on the link provided. From what I see about this game so far, it might have been a lot more intriguing to play it on the Wii. – Link

Bedazzle This! – Kotaku posted a few images the other day of a few interesting DS Lites the Nintendo World Store in NYC. This may just be one of the many reasons why you should visit NYC and the Nintendo World Store. They are DS Lites covered in sparkly crystal beads. However, you may only want to look and not touch, because they run around the same as that nasty PS3. But, if you still have your PS3 money left to blow, I suggest one of them. – Link

Oops, We Picked the Wrong System – I think we also could have seen this coming. There was a nice article on Bloomberg (which I found linked to from the Hylia) about third party developers making the mistake of picking the PS3 over the Wii. This is one of the many reasons why you haven’t seen many “good” games come out for the Wii since it’s launch. This trend may change by the end of the year. Many companies are finally releasing that more people are buying the Wii instead of the PS3 and the XBox 360, that they are beginning to “freak out” if you want to put it simply. Electronic Arts noticed this first and that’s why you see 6 Wii titles already from them, which that number may grow to 12 before year’s end. Also on the bandwagon is Activision, which is planning for an 11 game total by year’s end. Another reason why the Wii would be the best choice for developers is due to the cheap production costs. An average XBox 360 or PS3 game takes $20 million to $30 million to make compared to the $2 million to $5 million price tag on a Wii game. You can read the entire article over at Bloomberg. – Link

Get Ready to Exercise – Seriously, kids, who needs fresh air and real exercise when you have a Wii! According to Joystiq, a recent interview with a Greek Nintendo Distributor CEO revealed that Wii Music, as well as a Wii Health Pack are slated for a late 2007 release. Wii Music is more than likely the game you saw Shiggy rocking at E3, while Health Pack seems to be an exercising game similar to Wii Sports. While Joystiq says the interview might not be as reliable as the Big N themselves, I still imagine this is the road they are taking. So, put away the exercise bike and whip out the Wii, baby. – Link

Wii Browser Available… Again – If you were living under a rock on Thursday, then you missed the fact that Nintendo launched the full version of the Wii Browser. Nintendo was listening to you when they went back to fix it, so now the full version fixed many issues you had with the trial. The full version has a better scrolling system built in, easier to use favorites, as well as a better zoom system. Also, Nintendo built in two search engines for you to use right off the bat. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, do it. Of course, you could also use your computer, which gives you the internet, too. – Link

You Know You Want It – This is partially old and new news. Back in July of ’06, it was announced that an Animal Crossing movie would be released. At the same time, in a promotion with the trailer, a site called National Console Support released not one, not two, but three Animal Crossing sets. The third just being released most recently. You can check out all three sets at the links provided, however, set 1 at the time I write this is sold out. Not too shabby, really.

Intraweb Moments/Articles of the Week

I guess I shall reintroduce an idea I made up a long time ago in the chatroom that never really stuck. If I find something around the net that makes me laugh or is just plain amusing, I shall post it here. I will try to pick something safe for everyone, but if I do find something otherwise I will post so. It will also be something of pop culture, not necessarily video gaming. I guess the first thing I would point out was a interesting little article 1UP posted on Easter Sunday. The story of how Easter came to be is infamous, so what better way to celebrate than to write an article about characters that just won’t stay dead. It was a funny read, especially the Bowser one and, of course, Ganondorf.

There was one more thing I found that interested me as well. Over at Destructoid, they posted a video of a very hard version of the Original Super Mario Bros. In it, you just start in the underworld on one block. You must make your way from block to block without falling or you die. MUHAHAHAHA. So evil, yet so funny and brillant. Check it out. (You are warned though, that that post has some foul language).

That’s all I have for this week. I shall return next week with more. If you have any issues with this or anything I do, please comment so. I will do my best to please everyone. You can also send me some news at my email James (at) zeldauniverse (dot) net.