Hugh writes:
I thought the village that link grew up in in tp was called toaru not ordon and what is the differnce between darknuts and iron knuckles.

James writes:
Toaru Village was the name of the village, while the game was in development. When it was finally released, the village was now known as Ordon Village. The difference between those enemies is one thing. The Darknut uses a giant sword and the Iron Knuckle uses a giant axe. Other than that, they are essentially the same enemy.

GuruGuruGuy writes:
Hey, you timeline theory is a little rusty. You think you could update it?

James writes:
We were working on updating it, but snags came up. We don’t know who to get to write a timeline, since everything recently has changed everything about the timeline. Most believed the timeline was linear and now it seems to be split. Who has the right timeline? Who can write a good timeline. I believe we are still trying to find someone to write it.

Nate the Grate writes:
Remember, in oot (in the spirit temple), Nabooru asks Link to get the gauntlets and she would do something special for him? well i just played it again and realized that after you beat the spirit temple, in the chamber of sages, she says “if i knew you would become such a handsome man, i would have kept my promise from before.” i think her promise was to marry him, i know this is an old topic, but what do you think?

James writes:
Do you mean this quote? “If only I knew you would become such a handsome man…I should have kept the promise I made back then…” Now, you have to think of this. When Nabooru first meets Link, he is a kid of age 10-12. I would believe that Nabooru is older than he, so why would her promise be to marry him? More than likely the something was something she could help Link with either somewhere in the Gerudo Fortress or in the Spirit Temple.

Mario66 writes:
Hello, long time site goer, first time sender. Well, I was just wondering if you would start a, for lack of a better name, Cutting Room Floor section to Twilight Princess, and other games in the series. I mean, jsut looking at some of the screen shots & traliers of TP(that’ll be my main example for a bit), shows things like a lost (mini)boss(that spider chasing link through a tunnel), a weird selshaded enemy, carrying cats through a forest, and a magic meter are all not in the final product. You know, that kind of stuff, all in one section.And people could submit ideas as to why it was cut, other stuff not
already in teh section, and stuff of the sort. Or would this thing be better left to other sites?

James writes:
I believe that if we were to do this for Twilight Princess, we would probably have to find all the stuff for all the other games in the past. There is a lot of stuff we could find for OoT, MM, tWW, and Twilight Princess. A lot of images surfaced in the past for those games as well. If you can find someone who would be willing to find all the beta stuff for the games, we would be willing to post the beta stuff on the site.

Jimmy writes:
I’m playing Oracle of Ages right now, and I was wondering, in your opinion, which one of the three animal freinds is the best. Thanks!

James writes:
Well, Jimmy, I would have to say that I am partial to Ricky the Kangaroo. Since you are able to attack and jump high platforms. I really don’t have anything else that I could say.

Joe Poe writes:
Awesome site. There are a few mistakes with your histories/bios, though which can be pointed out with actual game quotes, such as the rito being decended of the Zora, and the Zoras and Zolas being the same race (see the Oracles games) and the amount of time between Ocarina and Windwaker HAS to be thousands of years, as there have definitly been at least 4 Links (although some might argue up to 8 so far). Between their lives, their stories became legend before another is even born. I don’t like to pick away at stuff, but I could help you tweek your timeline theory because it’s got holes.

James writes:
As I see your statement, you are saying that everything we have said can’t be fact. The Rito/Zora thing has a very good reasoning behind it. How else could a Rito be able to be the next sage of the Earth Temple (which was saged by a Zora) if they weren’t a descendant of a Zora? The same could be said about the Korok’s being the descendants of the Kokiri. Similar reasoning used. As for Wind Waker/Ocarina timeline, why would it have to be thousands of years? I am pretty sure that a flood could occur in a few hundreds of years. As for the timeline, as stated above, we do know that timeline needs tweaking. I think I need to talk to staff again about how to fix that up.

Gororn Senator writes:
I was wondering, why haven,t you included the Yetis in the races of Hyrule section. It is a clerical error or is there a zeldauniverse higher up with some sort of vendetta against them. If its an error then please fix it, I weep for my furry unrecognized brethren! If it is a vendetta then you have a story to tell, did one of you and the Yetis swear eternal hatred for each other? In case of vendetta, please still add them.

James writes:
I don’t like the Yeti’s. Bigfoot doesn’t exist, so why should they? Or, my answer should be that it is a simple mistake on our part and it will be fixed ASAP.

Nintendo2.0 writes:
In Twilight Princess, (I don’t know if someone already asked this in previous submissions) why didn’t they include the magic meter as well as the other cool items, such as Din’s Fire and Fire/Ice Arrows, in this Zelda game? What’s your opinion on this? Personally, I guess that they didn’t have enough time to include them.

James writes:
Now, I differ from your opinion. Since prior videos showed a magic meter in the game, which was later taken out, they probably were planning on including stuff like that. Now, why they changed their mind, I cannot say. There are many possibilities to why they took it out. First, it could be due to the fact that they traded it for the Wolf form. They might have figured out that they didn’t need magical items to make a point in the game. I don’t know. We may never know why it was taken out.