Cshawns writes:
Hey there

umm, im just making a comment/question regarding Squiggy’s timeline theory.

wouldnt it be more beleiveable that there is another game.. or rather, not a GAME but merely a story after TP and before WW? (nintendo didnt say it was right before WW), the legend says there was no hero to stop ganon (from wind waker). and of course you cant have a zelda game witout link being the hero. In my oppinion TP is the last game before WW, but not the last story. theres just a story after TP adn before WW that tells of everythign that happened there, the dissapearance of the zoras, the flood, and such.

squiggy thought that the time line might break in 2 again, like what the split timeline theorists (including myself) believe happened at the end of OOT. fairly unlikely.. i think..

i think its fairly obvious that TP comes after OOT adn is before WW. and that there is another story atfer TP and before WW.

i used SO many abbreviations in this… abbreviation is a long word for what it means eh?

James writes:
That’s what most of the community believes, since most believe in a single timeline. However, that’s the beauty of timelines. There are so many possibilites until the real one is finally released.

Dank? writes:
Awesome site btw!
I’ve had a few questions playing on my mind for a while now about the Forrest Haven in WW and was wondering what your thoughts are? Forgive me if I have repeated something another person has asked before but here goes.

Firstly, am I a complete moron or is there possibly a glich in the Forrest Haven’s design? That being the deku tree 2 (Deku sprout in OOT). How is it possible for it to be above the Great Sea and growing in the remains of the Deku tree 1 (Original Deku tree from OOT) when it clearly sprouted on the ground, infront of Deku Tree 1 in OOT? I found this odd because when consider the fact that the only islands on the Great Sea are those of the highest peaks in Hyrule it must be impossible for this to occur. Maybe I have this all wrong, am I missing something?

I was also wondering what your thoughts were on the Koroks? Who do you believe they are and why do so many people insist they are not infact the Kokiri themselves? My theory on this subject is that when the Great Flood occured in Hyrule the Kokiri Children were forced to leave the safety of thier forrest and were thus turned into Koroks. Another back up to that theory is the spirit of the wind Sage Fado, he’s a Kokiri and when the Wind temple is cleared Makar, a Korok becomes the new Sage, this being only possible if they are from the same blood line. So they must be decendents of the Kokiri, how the Kokiri have decendents is a completely differnat story and doesn’t seem possible but I won’t go into that.

Anyways I have babbled on for far too long, thanks for your time. =)

James writes:
Firstly, there are two explanations to your first query. The first being that it is indeed the same Deku Tree we saw sprout at the end of Ocarina, but it was moved to higher ground when the Flood occurred. Therefore, the text that you read is indeed correct (the one where he starts talking to you in Hylian, then realizes that you don’t know that language). The second being that it is another Deku Tree that knows a different hero than that of Ocarina, but that hero also knew Hylian as well. I wonder how many emails I am going to get saying that I’m wrong and there is are more explanations on this.

Secondly, the Koroks. Not much is indeed known of what they are, or where they come from, but your idea seems to be the general idea. The Koroks are either decendants of the Kokiri, or the Kokiri themselves mutated. Either works.

Sid writes:
Do you ever notice that pretty much the Zelda series goes like, make 1 Link, put him in 2 games then make another Link and put him in another 2 games and so on. Example: LoZ and AoL, ALttP and LA, Oot and MM, OoS and OoA, FS and FSA, TWW and PH. Plus somebody posted on ZU about TP having a sequel in the works. Spoilers: in the end of TMC they said that Link’s adventures were not over or something like that. That could mean a sequel or that FS Link is TMC Link which I highly doubt. What’s your opinion?

James writes:
That is indeed the pattern that seems to be happening, and you’re not the first to notice it. Also, it is believed that the TMC-FS-FSA Link is the same Link, but no doubt the same storyline (since they all share the common enemy of Vaati).

Jordon writes:
Sorry for going back on this subject but the last post i wasent very spacific. The giant spider im talking about in the trailer shows the front of link while your running down a tunnal of sorts and really huge spider behind you like its a mini boss. I know the spiders your talking about and i would be a idot if i missed those.

James writes:
Oh, this trailer. That spider was indeed not in the game at all. Well, from what I saw anyway. It also seems that a lot of things from that trailer was changed (including, but no limited to, the room where the Babboon Mini-Boss takes place). It was probably scrapped during development in favor of something else. Sorry about that.

Nate the Grate writes:
The Tingle RPG is not going to be considered an official Zelda game and is not going to be on the site, right? The game shouldn’t have any connection with Zelda, like the cd-i games.

(This is what i think)

James writes:
If you want to get technical, a few years back, we did have the CD-i games on the site. In fact, if you want to get more technical, the pages still do exist on our server, they just aren’t linked to. You can consider Tingle RPG a spin-off of the series, including everyone’s (not) favorite

Cshawns writes:
So.. i was thinking aobut the little things that change they way different things are percieved. and i got to thinking..I love the Moblins and Bokoblins etc. in WW and TP. but… what if they were in OoT? how do you think that would have changed the game? Same with darknuts, they’re so intense in TP, but they’re b**** to kill. what if Oot had them as well? it would have been a very different game, or so i beleive. its amazing the difference that enemies can make.

James writes:
Well, you apparently missed the Moblins that were in Ocarina of Time. I suggest going back to the Sacred Forest Meadow in the future and saying hi for me. However, the other enemies you listed were not. However, Iron Knuckles are similar to Darknuts, so in essence you did face one (three actually) in Ocarina of Time. I don’t think the games would have changed though, with the addition of those enemies.

Phillip writes:
Hi. I was dowloading wallpapers in the media section. But when I got to the wallpapers below Site Exclusive, some of the Twilight Princess and TWW wallpapers would load. I tried to refresh several times, but they still wouldn’t load. I wonder what the problem is xD

James writes:
That was due to the server move we had a while back when Yusuf bought the site. I believe andi is working on fixing the section up as I type this. The section should be up and running in no time.

Zachary writes:
I was reading the item list (in ALttP) and noticed that one item was left out. The red boomerang. I just thought I would be of help.

James writes:
Thanks for the help, didn’t notice it. I will try to get to it ASAP, if I can find and image somewhere…

Well, it seems I found my Wall of Shame question of the week.

Linksta writes:

James writes:
Alright, alright, calm down. First, you need to go to the Hidden Village and find the hole that is hidden in the back of the village. You need to fall down that hole, find the Great Fairy inside and she will give you the Triforce of Courage that will give you your Magic Meter. And if you believe that, I can also tell you where to find the Triforce in Ocarina of Time, as well as the Tetraforce.