Electronic Gaming Monthly publishes a story that’ll make any Nintendo fanboy’s mouth water… The only question is whether or not it’s true.

The April issue of EGM came out recently, and inside there was a story to make Nintendo fans squeal and swoon. According to them, Square-Enix is releasing a Kingdom Hearts game with all of the Disney characters replaced with famous characters from the Nintendo team.

The game would be called “Mushroom Kingdom Hearts” and would include Mario as a prominent character. It would also feature a cast of “over 41 Nintendo characters” – a number that leaves open any possibilities and allows a Nintendo fan’s mind to run wild. Instead of the Final Fantasy and Disney characters that made the series famous, Wii owners would get to take part in quests with the likes of Link and Donkey Kong.

Here’s the official EGM article, slightly edited from an image hosted at Game ON Revolution.




Now, mind you, EGM is well known for its April Fools Day jokes, but people are also well known for assuming that everything they publish in their April issue is false. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door was first announced in the April issue of EGM, and everyone dismissed that as a really bad joke. Obviously, however, time proved that EGM was right and Mario fans everywhere had something to be happy about…

So, what do you guys think about this? Is it new game article real or just some sort of not-so-clever ruse?