Gametrailers.con releases a new Zelda video, filled with Twilght Princess Easter eggs and fun tricks that you can try…

Hey, all! It’s andi again, rushing to bring you the latest in Zelda news.

Everybody knows that there are a ton of Easter eggs and other hidden secrets programmed into Twilight Princess, and some are easier to find than others. If you’re still on the hunt or if you just want to see what kinds of secrets there are out there, check out the newest Zelda video that’s just been put up at – “The Secrets of Twilight Princess”.

You can figure out who Fyer’s favorite Mario character is, learn how to use Midna to rob the purses of the fine people of Castle Town, and even discover just how smart Epona can be! There’s quite a large number of tricks in the video, so there are a few old ones and a few newer ones. Be sure to check it out!

Thanks for the scoop, sea!