Penny Arcade’s reactions to Vladimir Cole’s “Zelda Falls Flat” article on Joystiq.

Penny Arcade’s Mike (Gabe) Krahulik has posted a reaction to Vladimir Cole’s “Zelda Falls Flat” blog post on Joystiq.

Gabe actually takes an interesting approach to the subject, actually agreeing with Cole on the bad graphics. But in all, he says the graphics mean absolutely nothing to how immersive the game is.

As Gabe says, “Here’s everything you need to know about Twilight Princess:

-Playing Zelda with the Wii controller is super fun. -The game play is a blast. -The story is great. -You’ll never even think about the graphics while you’re playing it.”

That is about all you need to know. And with Gamespy’s recent review, we know that the next Zelda game is going to be fantastic. Just one small man’s dislike of the graphics in not going the ruin the game for any of us.

Source: Penny Arcade

PA Reaction to Joystiq’s “Zelda-Hating” 11/13/2006