Here is story behind this “article”:

In July, I asked these questions to three of the top Timeline Theorists on ZU, in hopes that I could create an article based on what they wrote and allow people to understand what their deal was. I initially asked silver arrow, Lionharted, and Master of ALttP, since LOZ Historian was on hiatus. I wrote and article (after much procrastination) and submitted for approval from the three I asked.

Then LOZ Historian came back and messed everything up. He asked for the questions to answer, to which I supplied, hoping to get a little more for the article. What he sent back was too overwhelming for me to comprehend, let alone try to break apart and fit into my article. Therefore, I scrapped the idea and formulated a new approach.

I decided the best approach would to be just post the questions I asked them, along with the exact answers they gave me. This way, I don’t have the hassle of trying to extract the best parts of their words and you get the full benefit of what they were trying to say.

So, without further ado, here are the Q&A sessions I had with these people.

When did you start playing Zelda?

silver arrow: At age two with LOZ for the NES.
Lionharted: At the release of Ocarina of Time, since, until that point, I hadn’t had a Gameboy or Nintendo console.
Master of ALttP: When I was three or four. I had a SNES, and one of the first games I had for it was A Link to the Past. Although I wasn’t as good at it as I am now, I still loved the game. It had such a magical world in it for me to explore, with knights and monsters all over it. There was so much mystery to this world that I wanted to explore it all, and to this day I am still finding more to explore.
LOZ Historian: My first Zelda game believe it or not was LA. At the time I did not know what Zelda was when I received the first handheld Gameboy model that came with LA. I was about five or six when I started playing Zelda. ALttP was the second Zelda game I ever played. The back-story of ALttP intrigued me with curiosity. In fact the whole atmosphere of ALttP is what the game became so epic for not only it’s game play, but it’s storyline. The game was flourishing with history and myths of the divine Triforce and the ancient race of the Hylian that once flourished in the rich land of Hyrule.

It was not until OoT came around when I was curious and concerned about future chronology of the series.

What made you decide to start debating the Timeline so much?

silver arrow: I wanted to know the timeline. I found out there was no official one and decided to make it my job to make the best one.
Lionharted: Pure boredom. The summer does wonderful things.

No, in all seriousness, I saw a lot of crazy theories, and I wanted to see if it was actually possible to come up with something that makes sense. In a lot of ways, it was, but, in a lot of ways, the workings of the series will always be a mystery to me.
Master of ALttP: I became fascinated by the history of Hyrule back when I could read the manual for ALttP. It spoke of a realm hidden from sight, where the sky shone gold and not blue. I read of a mystical force, which made of mortal dreams come true. I read of knights and wise men and wars, all of which fascinated me. It was like reading an ancient document. Later, when I got Ocarina of Time (about a year or two after it came out, I was always out of things back then) and finally reached the end, Ganondorf spoke of exterminating the descendents of the Sages, Zelda, and Link. I remembered the “ancient documents” that I had read, and they too spoke of sages and heroes. I realized that these games were connected, OoT and ALttP, and as the years passed I wanted to find the order in which these legends occur.
LOZ Historian: Heh. “You” would like to know… lol. It all dawned on me that I was fed up with Zelda not having any chronology. Such a popular franchise of games that have no order makes the game seem less “epic” in a since. Many people that don’t care about storyline in the Zelda Series would argue that game play only matters and/or chronology lessens the originality and flexibility of each game’s new atmosphere as it comes out. I strongly frown on that opinion because they are not true Zelda fans if they don’t somewhat appreciate all aspects of the game itself. Whether it is not appealing to there eye or not does not make it less of a better game then the next released title. Their no need to bash timeline threads and theories if you have no intrest in the field. I say to those shallow people, “If the shoe don’t fit, don’t where it.” Aside from the fact of making the Zelda saga more epic with chronology, I find my passion in debating the timeline to actually discover the true timeline, like many others desperately do. The only problem is, is that everyone does not view history in the concept of inductive reasoning. I try to enforce the ideas to others that to make a good solid timeline you must observe these most important things:

1. Any in-game textual references that appeal towards hinting connection towards other LoZ’s is what I call reliable hard core facts.

2. The placement and state of the Triforce in that particular ending of a LoZ . If one game has the Triforce in a state of it being whole, then the other LoZ’s that shows the Triforce as a whole at the ending is the game that comes chronologically after it in some cases.

3. Any important items that appear in one game and continue to show up in a uniformly in a certain sum of games usually present evidence of certain LoZ’s coming before or after another LoZ, backed up with other evidence that does not contradict each other. Swords are a big help and shield crests even more so.

4. Observe the history of Hyrule from looking at the BIG picture. Study the nature and being of people throughout different ages in which LoZ’s occur. You will see that as each LoZ’s precedes the race of the original Hylian of Hyrule turns out to be spoken of in past tense in ALttP. “Clue to ages of Hyrule where different natives inhabited the land throughout history.” Also observe important places and see if they hint existence in other LoZ’s through texts and Map references. Although I highly do not take geology as a good way to proving a timeline unless it has been proven by many other methods of approach.

* Most importantly don’t observe minuscule things that don’t appear to be that important or it becomes terrible assumption after assumption in the long run. The timeline will never be discovered if you have to involve every “realistic” perspective on the overall matter. Nintendo is constantly trying to make Zelda more realistic in a personal perspective but it is never as precise as others take it to be. This always confuses people in debates and leads other adrift from what they were originally trying to make a point on.

Also don’t always trust what Nintendo officials say. What Myamoto has said about Zelda’s chronology is irrelevant to Zelda today. With more and more LoZ’s coming out under the supervision of Anouma, the series will end up connecting overall. Anouma has claimed that he cares deeply for the storyline and has an official timeline underway as each LoZ progresses in the future. Otherwise, why would he be frequently making LoZ’s that fill in gaps between two LoZ’s and making sequels (PH) after LoZ’s that are grouped in a definite timeline like this: OoT – (MM) – TP – WW.

The last rule (displayed like this: *) is something that Split Timeline Theorist do all the time. They claim mathematical theorems of time travel that work the same way universally once traveled through. Their outlook on the whole perspective is “un-realistic” in the since that it’s too realistic in terms of preciseness. First off it is very confusing because you get so rapped up in trying to make since of things that were never intended to be explained in the game itself because it IS just a game. If there is one thing I remember correctly, is that time traveling methods differ universally once traveled through in comparison among OoT, MM, and OoA. So how can they claim what happens during time traveling when first off, there is no proven way it works, and second, when there is no same consistent method of its use in LoZ’s that involve timeline traveling. That is what I am always dieing to here a Split Timeline Theorist tell me. Rather a self-proclaim rocket-scientist, that knows the works of math above the comprehension of regular man, tell me how there theory is just.

So with there too literal look upon things, I find it that it is too mechanical for the Zelda Saga to take a stands for. Many of them argue that it gives the saga more flexibility and opportunity to branch off with different games, not relating all together. Whether they find it easier to place LoZ’s in places they don’t see it fitting to the eye, or just find it easier and more organized, they are wrong . When I look at a Split Timeline, I look at it as an easy way out for them to not go into depths I and others do to prove plausible points that all the LoZ’s co exist in the same and only one universe. If Nintendo took that official outlook on chronology of the overall timeline they would end up having there hands full in the future, eventually having one big mess than what they have now trying to fix the timeline today.

This is why I hate the Split Timeline theory. It blinds the easier/feasible, more understandable inductive reasoning on the whole layout of the storyline chronology. I also feel it will demise my dreams of the game becoming less epic in the since that LoZ will not refer to past famous Heroes in their storylines from an age long ago and so forth. Plus not adding more realistic myth and lore for the storyline producers to put in LoZ’s referring to other off end legends that give insight to older LoZ titles of the past.

The Linear Timeline however, how time works in the real world, is a more easily understood concept that History CAN be tracked within each of the LoZ’s to make chronicle order WITH stability towards it and little assumption IF you use my methods of inductive reasoning. In fact, here is one of my famous lines for all you theorist out there that have heard me say this too many times: “Your facts must always outweigh your assumptions.” lol.

Hopefully people will now understand my personal reasons and technical reasons for striving to enforce the Linear Timeline and my hateful resentment towards the principals the Split Timeline Theorist uphold.

My mission here is for the ZU site to adopt my timeline theory as their official one to put on the site. Until it’s acceptance is at majority level. I hope to propose an article myself with other expert theorist on the site to strengthen our cause. It seems now and days Master of ALttP, LionHarted, silver arrow, HeroOfTime5 and ZeldaGamer21 have enforced my will since I have been gone. I could not be more appreciative than I am now.

What sources do you use to prove your theories (besides the games)?

silver arrow: Manuals and logic.
Lionharted: Mostly the games, and the game manuals. I don’t like developer quotes, summaries, and so on, since they’re subject to change. True “canon” doesn’t change.
Master of ALttP: Lozzie, you know this! I’ll usually think outside the box, and even once on the box itself! Things such as developer statements aren’t worth a Rupee to me, so I don’t go by them at all. Developers will often change their minds on how they see their work. Now, unless they do have some valid points, then I’ll go by them. However, besides in-game text, I’ll go by the state of the Triforce, such as whether or not it’s whole and where the pieces are. I’ll also refer to the artwork, or art styles, of the games. They are far more useful than many may think, which is why I’ve been mocked for using them. By using the similar art styles of certain games, I can place them together so that the appearance of our heroes in green will be logical, and you won’t have ALttP-style going to TWW-style, and then into TP-style. It’s all very logical, and people need to learn to accept this. I’ll also take a look at the relics of Hyrule, or as you all call them, items. These are the mystical trinkets inside chests all over Hyrule that I was fascinated by when I was younger, and as we look at the games, they will have very similar items. These would be our Canes, Rods, and Pegasus Boots. Since technology advances over time, these similar tools must be grouped together to show that steady progression.
LOZ Historian: The sources I use our mainly derived from in-game textual references I get from Zelda Legends. I cannot say I use anything else but I do trust Anouma in directing the official timeline close to what I have in mind. I will have a thread explaining my reasoning once I catch up on other things before I directly show my face in the ZU forums again.

I will say that I do not look at Wikepedia as a good Zelda resource for researching correct info about Zelda history. Some of its resources do not match up with anything officially stated in the games or even referred in the game.

Sorry I do not use other resources in my theories. Comparing unrelated topics pertaining “believed” relevance to a Zelda theory is irrelevant and is too literal for LoZ usually. I believe anything else not pertaining to Zelda in its true blue form is minuscule facts that do not prove or disprove anything the person is trying to make a point in.

Do you really think the men in charge actually have a “true timeline”?

silver arrow: No. I believe they are making a timeline involving the OOT story and do not include the others. (but it’s fun to try to include them)
Lionharted: I think that the men in charge are trying to create a timeline with all future games–those from OoT onward. I’m not sure how they tie the older games into the series.
Master of ALttP: Absolutely not! I mean, I do practically worship Miyamoto for creating Hyrule and Aonuma for his intricate dungeons in Majora’s Mask, but I don’t think they have an exact idea of the placement of the games. In that controversial interview between a magazine (I think it was one…), Miyamoto, and Aonuma, Miyamoto said the timeline was even confusing to them. So, I don’t think they have an exact idea of how the games go, but they’re filling in the gaps very nicely! I really can’t wait for Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass, because who knows what they’ll explain for us!
LOZ Historian: Of course! They are working on one. Why do you people think Anouma has taken the role of producing the Zelda games? He’s making sure that the timeline starts to unfold correctly so the series has guideline references to refer to past LoZ’s! Why else would he state that TP was after OoT and then claim Zelda DS, (called at that time before named PH) a FS related LoZ. Thus later state it was a sequel to WW. The game developers our not only giving clues to unraveling the timeline in the overall saga by stating past LoZ in them but by involving game play factors shown in other past LoZ. For example. Look at how Link will have to collect Force Gems to complete a dugeon in PH. Where else has such important artifacts played significant roles other than the FS titled LoZ’s! And what about the Crystal switches, huh! See what I mean? They where used in the AlttP title and FS titles.

There is a definite timeline order that goes like this for shure:

OoT – (MM) – TP – WW – PH

Then you have the other little series believed in these common orders:


ALttP – (LA) – OoS/OoA – (LA) – LoZ – AoL
Note: I officially believe Nintendo had LA an intended sequel to ALttP…

Many people believe that the FS titles do not apply to the overall timeline or that it comes all before OoT or intertwines within the definite Timeline stated above. They are wrong. I believe that putting them in either place disrupts the timeline and I don’t feel wrong in putting it after PH based on what I said earlier. The same for ALttP, LA, OoS/OoA, LoZ , AoL. I feel that Anouma took control of supervising the whole creation of FSA in order to make a plausible connection to ALttP, just like he may do with PH to the TMC back story. I have no doubts in my reasoning nor do my fellow expert theorist that have made theorems to back it up as well with in-game reference facts.

I sincerely believe that the timeline is going to be made in a linear track and Anouma will indeed be the one to complete such a much needed aspect towards the series overall. I will have a thread on such observations later when I have time to explain them more clearly.

What is the worst argument you had with someone over the timeline?

silver arrow: Worst as in deepest, or stupid? The deepest were my past arguments with LOZ H, while the stupidest are against people who don’t listen to proof.
Lionharted: Whether or not Ocarina details the events of the “Seal War” myth in the manual to A Link to the Past.
Master of ALttP: Well, here on ZU, it was between me, LionHarted, and about three guys who supported me. It was on the placement of the Imprisoning War, which I had a hunch couldn’t be Ocarina of Time. Of course, I did some research, got a translation, and did more research, and I started debating. However, LionHarted had far too many parallels between OoT and the Seal War (the Japanese name of the Imprisoning War) so he eventually persuaded me to side with him. However, call me crazy, but I think there may in fact be two Wars of Sealing, as I call them. One being OoT, and the other between FSA and ALttP.

Now, if you’re talking about the worst one ever, well… Quite recently, we’ve had someone from the GameFAQs board come to ZU and he started criticizing our timeline ideas, calling us primitive or something of the sort. So, I went over there to do some debating. Heh, you may not believe me on this one, but everybody over at GameFAQs believes in a dual timeline that splits at the end events of OoT. So, it’s basically just me and LexLionHart (LionHarted’s GameFAQs name) trying to dig ourselves out of the hole that we (okay, I) dug ourselves. Hopefully, this hole won’t end up being our grave.
LOZ Historian: Ha, ha, ha… Many of times in the old rookie days of theorizing, silver arrow and vacumgod were always at my throat and defeated me when my beliefs were quite different back then. In fact I have to thank vacumgod for some of the insight I took in after having two major attempted set up theory threads to back up my two different timelines in the past. I was devastated after my second major defeat that all my timeline supportive threads had not enough backbone to be overall accepted by other theorist at ZU. It was not until then that I changed my methods and started working with fellow friends in a joint effort to help spread support of a timeline. How ironic that two of my fierce competitors of the past have become my friends and allies!

But yes I have had some gruesome debates… In more radical times I had attempted to disprove the Split Timeline Theory altogether three times! And then it was always lord of shadow there to stare me down and test me. In each and every one of those threads I came to a stalemate with him. I never quite understood why he fought for a theory he even admitted he did not care about supporting then. I probably could never defeat him because I involved too much literal technicalities to disprove it. Which is now a big no go on my methods of expert theorizing today. I now know how to defeat that theory and that is to convert Split Timeline Theorist to Linear Timeline theorist by satisfying there over thought views on things by admitting the timeline splits but comes back into a joint paradox loop in the midst of time travel. And little mathematics are involved let alone minuscule matters to disprove the true duel timeline theory. I believe it was silver arrow and my Paradox Loop Timeline Theory we originally created, yes.

Speaking of that blasted theory, the most infamous, ruthless Split Timeline Theorist I can think of crossing is Wielder of the Sword. Absolutely a fierce competitor indeed. I never, and I mean NEVER came across a more radical hardcore Split Timeline Theorist holding strong here at ZU, ever! (Maybe he should join those guys over at Game FAQ’s with his buddies. lol.) I have to say he almost nearly tired me out and/or defeated me on default because I got tired of fighting him alone along time ago. (Thanks guys for never helping me. Yes, “YOU” dummies, the other great theorist out there that support my timeline.) That was an ugly crossing.

I believe I got in a hard-core fight with some other two guys that kept claiming there was no timeline at all, period. I remember that thread as if it were yesterday. I hate it when someone denounces such things. Their just plain ignorant and don’t really care about these matters that people like me appreciate. Quite frankly, I think they were wanting to here people rant with rage on the subject. Well congratulations. You may have made me look like an @ss but I’m still standing tall with three ZU awards. I big laugh on you, whoever “you two” idiots were…

What part of the timeline are you, and many, absolutely certain of being the most truthful?

silver arrow:OOT-MM-TP-TWW-PH
These orders are without a doubt true. It’s connecting them that is the problem.
Lionharted: Besides the Ocarina-Wind Waker bloc, most of us are fairly certain that Four Swords Adventures comes not long before A Link to the Past.
Master of ALttP: Well, we actually know more of the timeline than many may think. In my research of the Triforce and other aspects of the games, I found that we know the exact placement of many games in relation to a few others. It was only a simple matter of putting these clusters in the right order, which the folks over at GameFAQs see as wrong because of their split in the timeline. But, as for the are I know to be the most truthful, it’d be the very beginning. This goes OoT, MM, TP, TWW, and PH. We know all that is fact, pretty much just because of how the games all relate to each other.
LOZ Historian: This is a question I already answered because I was getting excited earlier. This is the definite area of the timeline accepted by many others that make a timeline theory:

OoT – (MM) – TP – WW – PH

But I am so sure of my timeline that silver arrow and myself thought out is VERY solid. Look at Lion Harted’s and Master of ALttP’s numerous threads in the effort to support our common timeline belief with “steel” framework. I mean seriously! I know I briefly went through them all up to date but they have done a good job defending it. In fact The Paradox Loop part in my timeline was actually over thought and explained on to literal terms that weren’t necessary to back up by Lion Harted I thought when I read some of his agreements. However it’s basically how I envisioned writing some of my work if it was not for my busy summer I would have, but oh well.

Well what the hell am I too do? Jump up and down and say “Yay! The timeline is discovered!” No because that makes me look to prideful and big headed. In fact for all those that called me a timeline bigot or assumed I was some conceded jerk that thinks he’s write all the time, I am not. I have learned a lot form others and have implied change in my own methods of theorizing up to what I have become here at ZU now. Actually here’s a hint of humility I have for reader’s digest for you cocky people that bad talked me in the community here at ZU in the past. I work with a team of theorist that you will see work in a team joint effort undera code named group. In fact we are all passionate in working together to prove our timeline here. And take no more credit than under our own name. Sure I was the originator of the idea but I would not be mentioning it now or I would be considered being part of some colt here on ZU. So watch out! When I get back on my feet here at ZU I will be affiliated with my fellow theorists once were organized and ready to defend our site from Zelda Legends, Game FAQ and other site’s that oppose our popular beliefs.

What timeline do you currently preach?

silver arrow: The one in my sig (I made the timeline, LOZ H made the loop, which he did an excelent job thinking out)
Lionharted: A single-timeline theory, that says that all games follow the same path, starting with Ocarina. This includes Majora’s Mask.
Master of ALttP: Single linear timeline. I don’t see it possible that time could just split off in two because of small paradoxes that Nintendo failed to explain at the end of Ocarina of Time. I’m sure this will all be explained in Twilight Princess very well.
LOZ Historian:

What Timeline. The same timeline that has been advertised in my signature forever! Sheesh! It was until people ended up wanting to post that theory, that silver arrow and myself made, in their signatures like us. We started getting more and more support as we debated our points over and over again proving our timeline to be superior in others timeline threads. Some converted to our beliefs and some decided to give up, or be stubborn and not debate, or just rant on.

I claim that this is silver arrow and my timeline in both forms:

The original Linear Layout for Linear Timeline Theorist to follow:


And the Paradox Loop Timeline Theory made by me to debate against Split Timeline Theorist!:

………………../ OoT
……………..OoT…..TP–WW–PH–TMC–FS–FSA–(Seal War)–ALttP–LA–OoS/OoA–LoZ–AoL

The Paradox Loop Timeline Theory will be dubbed not under my creation but by the group of expert theorist, who I feel our the best, under our code name. In our team joint effort we hope to continue our theories to support our timeline from different angles until the site’s Webmaster chooses our timeline as the site’s official timeline.

Our timeline is but a highly updated version of the site’s current one and I extremely anticipate a way to have our timeline be the site’s newly updated one for the site. Only I see it worthy of such a height if it is supported by the majority of ZU theorist that have studied Master of ALttP, Lion Harted, and my work.

So, Lozzie… how about getting me an audience in the future and here us out when were good and ready?If you could change one thing about the games that would make the timeline easier to comprehend, what would it be and why?

silver arrow: Ganon would have been fully ressurected in the oracles and not destroyed. This would close the gap between the oracles and LOZ.
Lionharted: I would make the story arcs more distinct. For example, I would place the Four Swords saga in its own “timeline,” so-to-speak, to avoid confusion among gamers. But I’m not exactly in charge of that, am I?
Master of ALttP: There’d be giant text at the end of Ocarina of Time that states the timeline does not split, and A Link to the Past would say that Ocarina of Time is not the Seal War. Then I’d throw something into The Minish Cap that would contradict GameFAQs’ placement of it before Ocarina of Time. That’d solve all our problems. I’ve got everything else explained rather well.
LOZ Historian: I would never change the games themselves. However, if I could whack Miyamoto up side the head so he could care about the storyline and timeline of the Zelda series as much as Anouma expresses, that’s a different story! Lol! But no, seriously now. Nintendo needs to be is more neat and organized with the Zelda series. They should not have Capcom (Flagship) or any other producers make Zelda games unless they are highly supervised by Anouma and under his supervision. And what I mean by being more neat with the Zelda storylines is that all’s the story writers’ need to do is quote things relating directly to past LoZ’s. Giving name’s to Hyrule’s legendary heroes is a good idea and a game can give reference to them to hint what age we are playing in in Hyrule’s calendar. Very simple stuff like that would greatly help. But that’s the damn mystery of it all is what make’s this worth fighting for in my eyes.

What “trump cards” can you play at any time to prove a timeline theory wrong?

silver arrow: Simple things like the triforce’s location and whether Ganon should be alive or not. Most experienced theorists have similar timelines however and these things do not exist.
Lionharted: Proof?
Master of ALttP: Well, it really depends on the theory you’re debating against. Many “trump cards” are just simple little facts and quotes that are very easy to overlook. One of my personal favorites is the quote at the end of A Link to the Past, which states, “And the Master Sword sleeps again… Forever!” This means that no game having the Master Sword involved in the actual plot can take place after ALttP. However, because the Master Sword is just a bonus in Oracles and isn’t inherent to the plot in any way, the Oracle games can take place afterwards.
LOZ Historian: Well let’s see… That’s a long list now that I think about it but if you look back at my key points you should look at in Hyrule’s History before making a Zelda timeline I think you may get the idea of how I judge other people’s work.

But here is the main “trump cards” to prove a timeline theory wrong:

1.If you have little support behind the reasoning of your timeline, it’s not strong and the debate on it will result in les than 10 – 15 posts with me.

2.If you insist that ALttP comes before WW and after OoT you’re completely in the dark and you’ll make Master of ALttP roll in his grave when he dies. ALttP does not come right after OoT. I have had numerous extensive threads in the past to prove that it was before WW, but realized it was absolutely not so after researching more. That was before I had my head on straight.

3.I hate it when people put TMC before OoT and claim the Light Force is a part of the Triforce. OoT make a perfectly clear reference that the Triforce laid undisturbed in the Sacred Realm since creation. It was not until Ganondorf came along and obtained it for the first time and the Triforce was in the world of Hyrule. And further more the back-story of TMC refers to a foreboding evil that swept the lands but refers to no known cause of that particular evil in the world. Ganon is always the suspect, but according to the recent interviews about PH, it was stated that in PH, Ganon would not appear in this title but his influence above in the Great Sea world, left over an evil essences… which explains the unknown cause of evil threatening Hyrule during the TMC back story. I know that Anouma’s statement very well about how (TMC) FS was the oldest LoZ, but he may have men’t in the new Hyrule at the time he had his timeline plan drawn out possibly.

4.Proof that ALttP comes after WW and gives reference of Ancient Hyrule. ALttP makes reference in the game about how their was a specific age called “The Age of the Hylians” Mentioned by the old woman at Sharshala’s house. She specifically speaks of how these Hylians created magical artifacts, the Master Sword, one of them. This is indeed the same sword of Evil’s bane and it appears in possibly the same Hyrule, but reborn. ALttP also refers to race of Hylians in past tense and have long gone and died out. Rather it seems they are nothing more than myth and legend while spoken of briefly in ALttP, giving proof that they disappeared in large numbers long ago. During the Great Flood I presume. (Yet a look upon Hyrule’s Age’s and history of it’s people…)

5.Saying that the LoZ is the first LoZ is wrong. You are an idiot for saying that if you cross me. It was the first LoZ,, but it coming before OoT is just dumb and is a noob mistake. I hardly see such stupidity any more though but old fan boys out there seize to amaze me sometimes.

6.If you believe the Oracle LoZ’s are connected to OoT closely you are wrong. The Triforce was controlled and concealed under care of the Royal Family then and the only time in Hyrule’s History where the Triforce ever got in the Castle in the first place was after ALttP when Link brought the Triforce back to Hyrule with him. And also the mentioning of the King of Hyrule using the Triforce to govern the land in the back-story of the LoZ and AoL proves to come after ALttP when there was a King governing Hyrule. Those games come closely knitted together based on the strict placement and state of the Triforce in Royal Family’s care.

7.And my personal and most favorite weapon I love to use on those dog gone Split Timeline Theorist… The Paradox Loop Timeline Theory!!!