The Legend writes:
In oot who is the person who gives you hints?

James writes:
*Sighs* If you are talking about the fairy who yells “Hey!” and “Listen!”, that is Navi, the fairy to which Link befriends throughout that same adventure.

Nick writes:
Hello James, do you know if any of the people at ZU or even you (even though you’re at ZU to) has ALL the Zelda games. I’m talkin’ about The Legend Of Zelda, Zelda II, A Link To The Past, Link’s Awakening, Ocarina Of Time, Majora’s Mask, the Oracle series, the four swords series (including The Minish Cap) and The Wind Waker? Because that would be cool! I mean, I have Collecter’s Edition, Zelda II Classic NES series, A Link To The Past Four Swords, Link’s Awakening DX, The Wind Waker, Four Swords Adventures and The Minish Cap… yeah. Or do you know anybody with all the originals. I mean like instead of someone having Zelda II Classic NES Series. You could have Zelda II for the NES. Kay, bye.

James writes:
Actually, there is a thread going on the forums about this same topic. But, I don’t know for certain the collection of many of the ZUer’s. I can tell you I have (starting chronologically) Link’s Awakening (GBC), Ocarina of Time (N64), Majora’s Mask (N64), Oracle Games (GBC), The Wind Waker (GCN), A Link to the Past/Four Swords (GBA), Four Sword Adventure (GCN), Collector’s Edition (GCN), Master Quest (GCN), and Legend of Zelda (GBA). I think you’re best on finding one with the entire collection would be TSA, but alas, I don’t know his collection either.

Steve Mac writes:
Hi im a hardcore zelda fan but there are 2 things about majoras mask that i just cant crack:
1) in great bay on the far right side, next to the access of the gerudos hide out. there is a cave high up, there are hookshot points but u still cant get in there. and there is a strange island adjacent. how do u get to these places and wats in em?
2) in the zora band building there is a zora that is obsessed wiv the lady zora in the band. wat do u give him?

James writes:
1) You need to defeat Gyorg to accomplish this task. Once you have, a boat will appear in Great Bay. Ride it over to that point, hookshot up, and you can play the Jumping Game. Simple to play.
2) You don’t give him anything. You have to play him something. I’ll let you accomplish this, with tips. In the drummer’s room, there is a hookshot point to get you to the top bunk. Up there is Mikau’s diary, to which you will find notes in. Remember those note, and go back to Evan’s (that’s the Zora who is obsessed with Lulu) room, play those notes as someone OTHER than Mikau, and you’re golden.

Auriya writes:
Hey James! On The Hylia, it said that Twilight Princess is over 100 hours of gameplay, not just the story but
the side-quests and stuff like that. Is it over 100 hours of gameplay or what?

James writes:
That is indeed the rumor. A lot of gaming sites have reported that the game will require 100 hours of gameplay, including side-quests. With all the delays, I would hope they made this game that long. Consider it true, until Nintendo says otherwise. That, and TSA usually knows what he is talking about.

Christovix writes:
Hey there
(note: All I want is oppinion, because I know you would know nothing aobut this)

1. After Twilight Princess and Phantom Hourglass what can we expect from the zelda series?

2. would you think that maybe a Four Swords game (like the minish cap) could end up on the Wii within a couple years? as much as the four swords
games are a departure from the good old zelda games, I think that it would still be really cool.

3. Theres rumors about the ever popular Final Fantasy VII being remade for PS3. do you think that this could happen for any of the zelda games? i
would enjoy a remake of the first two zeldas on NES, I never liked playing them because of the gameplay, so a remake would be fantastic. or a remake of Links Awakaning, because the graphics kinda bother me, and i hear its an awesome game.

4. Could there be a zelda game that is a sequel to The Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass , with Twilight princess graphics? Sailing around in a realistic world would be absolutely amazing.

5. Will there ever be a zelda movie? or SHOULD there ever be one? I cannot grasp the idea, how would you put several dungeons in a movie like that? how would you put what the true essence of what zelda is… into a movie? i can see a tv series(cartoon… and better than the old one), but not a movie.

6. now is it me… or whne you enter the moon in Majora’s Mask and the kids are playing around the single tree in the grass field… is that creepy or what!?

7. do you have any idea who made that … zelda game maker thing? tehres a site that has a program that allows you to make zelda games that are exactly like the orignal. and if you know the person.. or people… tell them to make one so I can make a game like A Link To The Past! Cuz I muchly dislike the first 2 zeldas.

8. and if possible… tell people to mass produce zelda sheet music. like orchestra stuff, so my band teacher can buy it and we can play it for band…. that would be rad actually. they could put a part in there for Ocarinas, then i could buy one of them and play it… sweet.

James writes:
The following question was numbered to make things easier.
1. Well, Nintendo has been quick to point out that Twilight Princess is the last Zelda of it’s kind, so hopefully we can expect great things in the near future. With Wii coming out the end of this year and Twilight Princess not initially being a Wii title, we will probably get a beefed up Wii Zelda game, instead of the Gamecube game with better graphics.
2. As much as I don’t like the idea of Zelda becoming a multiplayer franchise (well, being Marioized, as I call it), with the multiplayer feature on Phantom Hourglass, it seems possible, but not probable. Zelda is a better game when it is an adventure game. Link fighting evil while exploring the world of Hyrule makes Zelda what it is. Making into a multiplayer franchise would kill it. That is my opinion, anyway.
3. I have read rumors about FF7 being remade (which I wouldn’t mind playing). But, the outlook on that project doesn’t look good. I haven’t seen any confirmation on that. But to the Zelda question: Same with the multiplayer game, possible, but not probable. As much a 3D upgrade of the first two games would be awesome, I think Nintendo would be more eager to create more games than kill production on newer games. Luckily, they didn’t milk the cash cow too much with the older games, but once again, possible they might.
4. Well, seeing as though I don’t know how Phantom Hourglass ends, I can’t really answer that. If the Link in that game does not find a new Hyrule, then it is possible that Link might be in a trilogy. But, seeing as though most Links only have two adventures (Oh yes. I did just step into timeline territories, which I will now step away from, because I do not like discussing timelines), it doesn’t seem likely. Ask me again when the game comes out.
5. Did you ever think Super Mario would be a movie? Did you ever think Tomb Raider would be a movie? The idea of a Zelda movie is scary, because the fact that it might make or break the franchise. However, if they are willing to take the risk, create a decent story for the movie, and get decent actors to play the characters, I could see it happening. Now, the real debate: Do you make it live action, or something like a Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children?
6. Indeed, creepy. You don’t expect a wide open field inside the moon, of all places.
7. With the amount of fan games being created, I have no idea who made what. Sorry.
8. Actually, there is a thread in the General Zelda section of our forums that has a user making sheet music for any piece of Zelda music. And he seems to be pretty good at making them, as well.

Sam writes:
1. I was just wondering when the Nintendo Wii is coming out.
2. With Twilight Princess inching closer to its release, I was wondering which system you would enjoy and/or recommend playing the game on.
3. I also want to submit artwork, but I don’t know how. Could you give me some pointers?

James writes:
1. Later in the year 2006. No exact date has been released at this time. We will inform you when they do announce it, though.
2. Like I have been saying all along, your choice is really based on your income. If you can afford the Wii, get the Wii and the Wii version. If not, get the cube version (because even if you do not have a cube yet, you can still get one cheap). Both games are going to be the same story wise. The only real differences being better graphics and the Wiimote being the main controller.
3. Easy. Sign up at the forums. Once you do that, you will have access to the gallery on the main site, as well as being part of the biggest community on the web (cheap pop). Once at the gallery, you need choose the create/order my albums button at the top. Hit new, then replace New Album with what you want as the title of your album. Once done, click my gallery, then click your new album, then click upload file. Should be simple from there.

Kelly writes:
Well, there was an “argument” over OoT Link’s age on the forums and some people involved said it was confirmed he is 10 as a kid and 17 as an adult. I believe he’s that myself, but I don’t know for sure if it’s true that it was confirmed. I kept hearing it was, so I just went along with the ride and also said it was confirmed. But is this true?

James writes:
I’m pretty sure those are the ages of Link in that game, as most times in the series the “adult” version of Link is around 16-17, which is age of consent in most countries. Unfortunately, I can’t find any confirmation on that, other than other fan sites claiming that’s the age. So, stick with that as the ages. I did indeed read that thread and the amount of people who think it was 6-13 are crazy. Thirteen is NO WHERE NEAR adulthood. The only logical ones are 9-16 or 10-17. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be called “Adult Link”, it would be more like “Teenaged Link”, which NO WHERE do they ever call him that.

linksassylover writes:
As you probably know there have been reported GIRLFRIENDS for link. I was wondering in a newer game(mabey twilight prinncess whatever)he will really develop a love for one. I am new so dont crush my hopes and answer this.

James writes:
This is one topic I could care less for in the series. Link is in the game to save Hyrule, not fall in love. Sure, there are going to be love interests in the game, but they tend to get in the way. I think the romance portion of the series should be restricted for Fan Fiction, but that’s my opinion on the matter.

Link340 writes:
Me and another person have been arguing about majoras mask. He keeps saying that termina is a city parallel to hyrule, which is why people in termina looks just like the people in ocarina of time, but with different names though. I keep telling him that it can’t be a parallel city to hyrule, since link was traveling through lost woods when he came across termina. I can’t convince him that termina is a seperate city from hyrule. Is termina a city parallel to hyrule, or a completely different city?

James writes:
There is actually a discussion about this on the forums as well. When Majora’s Mask first came out, it was stated that Termina was a parallel world to Hyrule, where everyone had a double, but the moon was destined to crash on Termina. I also have the official guide to Majora’s Mask, and it also states that Termina is a parallel world. Whether you take the word world literary is your own opinion. You have to remember that, while Link was wandering through the Lost Woods of Ocarina of Time, he still entered a weird tree that sent him into Termina. If you’ve ever watched the Nightmare Before Christmas, then you know Jack Skellington did something similar to what Link did; he entered a tree into Christmas Town, which was a whole other world that celebrated Christmas instead of Halloween. By the way, cultural references rule.

Eeka Deeka writes:
My friend told me that the Link and Zelda in OOT are brother and sister, is this true?

James writes:
I believe that is Gannon Ban #15.

Alex Jackman writes:
I love zelda and i want to know if you can still buy the films (cartoons) because i want them and if you can tell me where from as well id like that loads, i think every thing zelda is good and da best.

James writes:
I believe most of the shows are floating around the internet on sites like You-tube and Google Video. However, I do not know of any one site that has them, nor do I know if you can buy them anywhere (ebay being the only logical source).

jokeyboy500 writes:
Are any of these rumors that you can get the triforce in OoT true? If so, which method is correct?

James writes:
Do you want the sarcastic method to getting the Triforce? I believe is a Gannon-Banned offense, #6 to be specific. You cannot get the Triforce in the version of Ocarina of Time we all own. It was in a screenshot of the beta version of the game, a version I believe no eyes has ever seen outside of Nintendo itself. So, keep trying to grab the Triforce, it’s not in the game, only in those wonderful cutscenes.

Master_of_Evil writes:
Hey James! I was wondering for a long time, is Twilight Princess going too be the last (GREAT!) Gamecube game or not! I dying too get your message! Master_of_Evil is out! 😉

James writes:
This too is a wonderful rumor floating around the net. People stating that Aonuma said that Twilight Princess would be the last Zelda of its kind, or something to that effect. People took it to mean that Zelda was ending, when he really meant (we believe) that it would be the last played like Ocarina of Time, with the three-button item screen. You can be successful with a certain method for a while, then you need to take different routes, hence the reason why Adventure of Link was created.

Jake Smith writes:
According to some overheard discussion, I have been led to believe that before the OoT game, the inhabitants of the Kokiri Forest were forced into combat during the Great War. This would also prove my theory that the Kokiri that died in the war took the forms of stalchildren ( the monsters that rise from the earth at night on Hyrule Field ) Is this correct ?

James writes:
Theories are just that, theories until proven right by its creator. Until you theorists can prove that a war took place before Ocarina of Time, you theory will stay that way. How much more do you want me to say?

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that whenever I try to check my privite messages, that the computor says that it can’t find the page, Is ZU swicthing servers again or what?

James writes:
We have already switched servers, we are just working out the bugs. You can post your problem here, but I believe we already are trying to fix that issue.