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Rating- 4 out of 5 Hearts

Back a few years ago, Zelda Universe was the only site on the web to receive what might be one of the most amusing video game comics out there- “Hyrularity”. Drawn by MissKari and written by Eric “Veedeo”, it was a comedy strip based off the Zelda series, which had Link on an ‘epic quest’ for milk. Along with his Rito-pal Lindy, Link traveled to find the dairy product, all the while meeting new, goofy characters and getting himself into crazy, but hilarious situations. The story’s separated into six chapters, each of which only contain around five to six pages. Regardless of the short-length, Hyrularity’s a gem among fan-comics.The art style’s very cartoon-like, and that fits for a comedy-driven plot. What’s even better is that visuals are obviously inspired from the art of the Wind Waker, which, at the time the comic was being made, was the new Zelda game on the block and was growing in popularity. It was a very good choice, because the result is an art-style that fits the story perfectly. Wind Waker, with its cartoonish cel-shaded graphics, felt less serious than other titles like Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, so its imagery is simply ideal for Hyrularity, which was made for gags.And the gags are pretty good. The comic knows its audience; Zelda fans, and video game enthusiasts. Because of this, someone with little to no knowledge of the series probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much, but those that have played the games over the years, and know the basics of the video game world will definitely get a chuckle out of the jokes. Anyone who’s been on the web often or has followed Nintendo will understand the meaning of the stubborn fanboys that make fun of Link for looking like a kid, and not like Adult Link, or when an annoying Fairy nearly drives Link insane.

ImageOne of the best parts of the humor are the cameos that are thrown into the story. For example, there’s an image that has Link drawn like Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, and a Nintendo executive eventually comes in to try and censor a battle scene with the ESRB Mature rating logo. Like the rest of the comedy for the story, these cameos come from the Zelda series and the rest of gaming world. Luckily, they don’t go beyond anything a normal Nintendo fan wouldn’t know about, so most readers will understand the gag that’s based around them.Hyrularity was a big hit with the site, and it still remains to be read by new visitors every day. The number of views for each chapter is in the thousands, which is pretty amazing, considering that it was produced over three years ago. Back then, when it was new and fresh, Hyrularity had its own set of avatars that could be used by any registered member on the message board. They mostly consisted of pictures of the characters, and at that, mostly head shots of Link. A lot of users put them up as their icon, truly showing just how much the Zelda Universe members appreciated the comic.

ImageSadly, the story was never finished, as MissKari and Veedeo apparently did not have the time to continue it. It’s rather unfortunate, too, because of just how well it was received from the fans that visited the site. And that shouldn’t be surprising, as this is a comic that shows that its creators put a lot of effort into it. The art is very colorful and well-drawn, and the writing for it is very funny, especially for whom it’s trying to appeal to. This certainly wasn’t a slapdash job, not in the least.Making people laugh isn’t as easy as everyone thinks. At least, creating solid comedy isn’t as easy as everyone thinks. And yet, Hyrularity comes out as a comic with a lot of variety in its humor, thus making a story that should be enjoyed by any Zelda fan. It’s one of the few fan-creations out there that really has amazing quality.