Here we have ZU’s version of the Roundtable transcript. I say “ZU’s version” because I went through and “prettified” it all myself, rather than posting a chatlog, and leaving it be. For the sake of simplicity, All the participants, and their websites are listed first, and then from there, it is only shown by their name. There’s a handy Table of Contents on this for easier viewing.

Here’s the list of participants, in order of appearance, less the friendly neighborhood Question Asker Guy:

  • TSA (The Silent Assassin) – The Hylia
  • Dabombster – Exploding Deku Nut
  • F3 – HTLOZ II
  • GoddessRinoa – Zelda Infinite
  • Jack – Desert Colossus
  • JC – Phoenix Saga Zelda
  • Scott – Zelda Universe Network
  • Lord of Shadow – Zelda Legends
  • Link of Hyrule – Legend of
  • Lysia – Legends and Adventure
  • MNgoldenEagle – Zelda’s Secret Ocarina
  • Nathan – Zelda Domain
  • The Real Link – Nintendo Universe
  • Archaic Sage – Rauru’s Return
  • Captain Cornflake – VG Resource Center
  • TS – Z64 Station
  • IceSycle – Ice’s Zelda Central
  • Link – Zelda Cavern
  • Kifika – Exploding Deku Nut
  • Chat Moderator: Okay… Thanks for coming, we are going to get this thing underway. According to my random nickname script, Dabombster will be the first to speak about the subject. I must reiterate that we do not know anything new about twilight princess. The views spoken here are the views of the webmasters of various sites and not necessarily the views of each community, and all that technical mumbo-jumbo.

    So, lets get underway with our first question: Has working as a webmaster or staff member for a Zelda site enriched you in any way? If so, how? if not, what do you get out of it? What motivates you to selflessly work to build your sites?Dabombster: Well, working for the Zelda sites has helped me in times I have felt down, or that I’m not capable of doing anything. For this sites I’ve worked for my bosses have encouraged me through all my tough times.F3: It’s definitely been an enriching experience. I’ve learned plenty about graphics, coding, writing content, and managing a forum.

    GoddessRinoa: Absolutely. For me, it’s more about meeting people and building relationships. I love the ZIers with all my heart. If we were all in one city, we’d be inseperable best friends. Getting to know all of these people I’ve met in the last six years has really had an impact on my life.

    Jack: Personally, working on TDC has made me a bit more competent with the hidden minutiae of the internet (HTML, PHP, the like) which I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Great resume stuffers!

    JC: Building a Zelda site has definately opened my eyes to new things. I’ve learned many new tasks, and it has definately re-shaped my life. It forced me to become a more mature, smarter, and technically-able person. This was something I’ve always wanted to do since I saw my very first Zelda sites which were Ganon’s tower, Zelda Legends, Zelda Universe, and the Original ZHQ.

    Scott: I find being a webmaster to be very ‘enriching’… it certainly doesn’t help my wallet, much. Most of the things for “enrichment” are purely technical… I knew basically nothing about all the web coding things before. And there is the community aspect, with managint the forums, and keeping the moderators and the community at large happy. It is quite an experience. Often stressful, too, but I like it.

    Lord of Shadow: What motivates me to do what I do? I’ve thought on this question before, and it’s a relatively difficult one, but in the end, I think that I do it for the community. I love seeing people reactions when they read my articles and enjoy them. I love it when people get to know me because they visit my site regularly. I love interacting with other fans and spreading everything Zelda, in other words. And I love attention, heh.

    Link of Hyrule: Making a Zelda site has both given me skills (learning coding, managing content etc). Learning such abilities will I am sure help me in future life. However I would have to say that these things come second fiddle to the friendships and contacts I have made, this as many webbiesw will agree is the most rewarding part of working on Zelda website.

    Lysia: What motivates me? The fans. I spend a lot of time on my site posting fan works, and their excitement at seeing their work online is what gives me motivation. Especially for those fans who wouldn’t know how to make a website of their own.

    MNGoldenEagle: I never thought I would end up creating a Zelda community, but I’ve never regretted it. It’s given me a chance to meet some incredible, fun people, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world. I just wish I knew some of the other webmasters here better!

    Nathan: It has been very enriching indeed. I have gained many friends and learned a lot about myself. I have been doing the Zelda site thing for 7 years, and in that time I have come to love the community and engross myself further into the zelda series then I thought I ever would.

    The Real Link: Its been fun covering all of the areas of the Nintendo Universe including Zelda and keeping it real playing and supporting Nintendo. I also enjoy writing the content and helping other Nintendo fans. I have also made many friends through this including the staff who I really have come to appreciate for all of their help and friendship.

    Archaic Sage: Working on a Zelda site has enriched me in many ways. It’s led me to open up a passion for talking about Zelda, in more ways than I’d’ve imagined before entering the online world. It’s also allowed me to learn how to code in HTML, from early on I’ve been a firm believer of knowing HTML, which was thankfully installed in me from many places, Lysia being one of them. Websites are now a part of who I am, and I’m happy to be a member of them. The fans are what makes my site. The community that I’m a member of I feel that I’m here to serve, in the only ways that I know how.

    TSA: I’ve learned what it takes to run a community. It’s a lot harder than I thought. You get to see a lot of wonderful things as a webmaster, you get a chance to create pretty good content and stuff for fans. However, you learn you can’t please everyone, and you get a glimpse into the dark side of some people, perhaps even yourself. But, you get involved in something, it’s pretty awesome. I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

    Captain Cornflake: Even though VGRC isn’t a Zelda site, I’d just like to add in my two cents. It’s been a fun project. It’s not exactly the most popular place out there, but we all enjoy the frequent compliments we get, and attention (as small as it may be) from publishers and high traffic places like Digg. Makes us feel like something has been accomplished.

    Lord of Shadow: As I said, it’s the community that motivates me. I’ve been a member of the overall Zelda community for years now, and I have seen sites from the view of fan, reader, staff, and webmaster. When I was younger, I practically idolized these big important webmasters. Knowing that now, I am in that position, and that there are younger fans out there that look at me in the same way… it is a wonderful experience. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

    Scott: I didn’t start ZU, so I can’t say I feel special for creating some big community, I just joined it one day out of boredom, mostly… bit it was certainly cool (for me) to go from being a random member to being the webmaster of one of the largest Zelda sites out there… I’m not some prodigy when it comes to Zelda; TSA & l-o-s have that market cornered, I’m not all that good when it comes to coding and graphics. I’m just a guy, who does stuff. Moral of the story, anybody can do it, if they really want.

    The Real Link: I have also loved leaning all that I have about webdesign. Its been great and I really hope to continue learning and keeping the other Nintendo fans informed.

    JC: When it comes to the Zelda Community, you don’t need to be a important webmaster. Zelda is a world where you can be your own self. The Zelda Community is a place where you can freely build a website that reflects your expressions of the Zelda series. The Zelda Community is a land of opprotunity. Done.