Hey everybody, long time no write. It’s James, filling in for Scott this time. If you remember, I used to be in charge of this mailbag. So I figured I’d answer some questions for the man. This week’s questions are mostly about the release and time placement of Twilight Princess.

Kelly writes:
Hey Scott, a good thought just hit me in the head. I thought TP was supposed to come AFTER TWW. You know, maybe the Hyrule in TP is the new Hyrule that Link and Tetra find in TWW. This is what I think. I think the beginning of the timeline is supposed to go OoT, MM, TWW, TP, TMC. Or maybe the Oracle series comes in between MM and TWW?

James says:
I do believe that Aonuma has specifically stated that Twilight Princess, in terms of timelines, comes after Ocarina of Time and before The Wind Waker. It was on an interview, I believe from G4TV. Of course, the timeline is always up for debate, so you made be right or wrong.

Steven Widowski writes:
in ur last update on 01/26/06, you had mentioned something about the people at nintendo making the twilight princess game, they had said “it will be more than you’d ever, ever expect” well if thats the case… then i expect it to be huge. The final ending. The one that nobody will ever forget for years to come. One ending SO great… that future generations will refer to this game as the greastest of all time… and only one possibilit y comes to mind for me. I beileve strongly that there will be more than one villain fighting in the end, think about it… imagine fighting Majora, Agniham, Vernon, Geneal Onyx, and Ganondorf all at once. That would completely bring video gamers to their knees, drooling over the game. Something SO big, something like that. No one would ever expect, ever, ever expect it. And even better, after all the other regular villains are done, just a straight up, one on one, sword fight with ganon, somewhat how it was in the windwaker ending, nothing to do on the side… just straight up fighting with no extra bullshit. That to me could possibly be, THE GREATEST final boss battle to ever be created, made, or even thought of. Think about it….

James says:
That would be an insane amount of final bosses, even for a Zelda game. The only game to my knowledge that had a final boss be many different former bosses was Link’s Awakening. While that worked, putting that many lifelike bosses from former games into the final boss of Twilight Princess would be overkill. They can get away with making the final boss have many forms of one great evil. I highly doubt that is what is causing the delay. It would more than likely be a graphics issue or level design issue.

Casey writes:
Heyyyy. I work at Gamestop and I went to go look up the release date of Zelda, but it said it was pushed back until June! No one is talking about it being pushed back again..so are my computers right? A June release is now scheduled?

James says:
No. Reggie Fils-Aime, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing of Nintendo of America stated in a Spike TV interview that Twilight Princess would be released in the Fall of 2006. While he did not give an exact date, since it will be on Gamecube, it would have to be released before the end of the year and the date will be announced at E3 this year. So tune in, we’ll give you all the details here at Zelda Universe.

jaycee writes:
Im talking about the kokiri.know how it says they die when they leave the forest this is not true at the end of OOT they are at lon lon ranch dancing why is that.

James says:
Either they are celebrating under the protection of the Sages, because the world is saved and they deserve to party, or a continuity glitch on the part of the director. Either way, they were in on the celebration.

Some other Scott writes:
Recently I read an article about LOZ:TP in a popular game magazine(Gamepro?) and the writer said to not be surprised if we don’t see the game until the Holiday season 2006 or later for the US, but Spring for Japan definitely(I’m pretty sure unless I imagined the whole thing). Well that contradicts with what I had read about Twilight Princess being aimed specifically at the North American audience. In that case it would be released just as quickly for the US. Can you clear this up for me? Please tell me I only have to wait another 60-90 days!

James says:
Unfortunately, from what I’ve heard, the game is slated for a worldwide release (unless I have read wrong) and that, according to Reggie, will definitely released in the Fall of 2006. So you will have to wait a little longer to hold that game in your hands at the game store.

It was a short one this week. But keep sending in those questions and we’ll be sure to answer them. Until next time.