{mosimage}I’m sure many of you heard the rumor EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) began, involving a total remake of The Wind Waker with realistic graphics, and two extra dungeons. To know a bit more about this debated article, read inside the update.

Here at ZU, most are leaning toward the side that this article (which can be viewed by clicking here) is fake. The image looks drastically out of proportion, and if it isn’t that that tells you anything, the issue of EGM is the April Issue. Most are claiming it to be an April Fools joke, and from the scan of the article shown, it most certainly would seem to be.

Also, re-doing a games graphics and environments from the bottom up would take an incredibly long time, and would be a bad move by Nintendo. The environment for The Wind Waker is completely unsuited for such a dark graphic style. The Wind Waker is overall a very bright game, and those who have played this probably know it well.

Take a look at Link in the image. Can you find a child Link? To most it would seem to be a cropped image of the adult Link to be used in Zelda 2005. It is almost hard to believe little Wind Waker Link looks like his older self with a simple graphics remake.

Though it is unconfirmed whether it is real or fake, most are confident that this article is not real. Lars, lord-of-shadow, SearanoX, myself and many forum members are confirming at false and sticking by this opinion. With the scan provided and the reasons why, it’s almost hard to believe anyway.