From: Ariel Goldstein
dear zelda universe
i think that your site is great and i have some questions:
*is the story of four swords adventures the same story
as alttp/fs game?
*where does four swords adventures fit in the time line?
*did nintendo said why they maked four swords adventures
for gamecube with conection to the gameboy advance and not for the gameboy advance
with conection to the gamecube? because most of the game is played on the gameboy
anyway, if they did said why please tell me.
i hope you can answer my questions
p.s: i’m sorry if my spelling is a little bit wrong.

Zelda Universe:
No problem, my spelling certainly isn’t prefect (okay, I did that one on intention) either, but a tip for the future is to use the shift button together with some of your letters. Anyways, they say FSA is actually a prequel to the original Four Swords for the GBA. And the reason they made it for the GCN was mainly to show off the conectivity features they had boasted about for years already.

From: Chibi Rekka
Hi! Love the site! Very informative. I have a question about a rumor I heard about the Oracle Games, Oracle of Ages, and Oracle of Seasons, on Game boy Color. As I’m sure you know, Oracle of Seaons’ oracle was Din, and the Oracle of Ages oracle was Naryu. Well, I heard that they were going to make a third game, one for Farore to be the oracle of that game. With the technology now and with the recent remakes of Zelda games, do you think it’s possible that we could see the two Oracle games remade, and the third installment for Farore included? I know this sounds weird, but I’ve been wondering for a while. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter!

Zelda Universe:
You are actually quite right, they did intend to make a third Oracle game, and that is why it has been branded the Oracle “series”, a label which still follows it today, even though it is just a duo. The Oracle series was, as you might know, developed by Namco’s Flagship department, and they originally branded it the Mysterious Seed series — And they intended to make one game for each of the Godesses, Din, Nayru and Farore.

Nintendo however, found that the linking system between the three games would be too difficult to become a reality, so they decided to cut down the series into two games, which was probably the smartest thing to do as well. And to answer your question, I doubt that we we will ever the third installment of the Oracle series, because I have a feeling they never even got a chance to actually begin the development of the title.

From: Charles N
How many years between ocorina of time and majoras mask?

Zelda Universe:
Hello again, Charles. Another short and concise question, I like that, less work for me to dig up the answer. In this case I’m just answering from the top of my head, as I do believe it was just about three months.

From: ThaĆ­s – from Brazil
Hi, Idon’t know how to use the gameshark codes. I’ve never did it.

Zelda Universe:
You will need a GameShark, and from there on it is pretty self explanatory. You really didn’t see that one coming, now did you?

From: Caleb Gaff
Hey guys, i love your website, but some guys at are wanting me to get some new, spoiler-free information on WW2 on April 19th-20th, i know i can just come here and type a review or something on it after reading your article, but im not the best writer. So, could you guys maybe give me some key info about it so i dont have to ruin they’re experience? This might arrive a little later than April 19th or whatever, so if you cant reply before then, thanks anyway.

Zelda Universe:
Thanks for that, and just tell your friends at that if they want to know all the latest about The Wind Waker 2, all they need to do is go to this cool website you found, called Zelda Universe, to be found at There hasn’t been any news on it yet, but you can be sure that as we enter the month of May, and E3 rolls around, we will be overloaded with coverage of the up-coming GCN title, and we will do our best to keep it spoiler free, and when we can’t avoid the spoilers we will mark them good for your friends to avoid them.