From: Greg Padgett
Hey ZeldaUniverse, Great site and all. today I don’t really have a “question” but I have some speculations on Wind Waker 2. One thing is, do you think that Nintendo might give Link some kind of Jewel or item that allows him to turn into a Rito or a Korok? Kind of Like the Masks in Majoras Mask but with different species of animals. It might be kinda cool but not original. One thing I think they should definetely increase in part 2 would to be to make the game HARDER, Wind Waker 1 was too easy, you didn’t even need to get all the heartpieces because you didn’t need them! oh well, anyways tell me what you think on Link turning into a Rito or Korok above, thank you for your time..

Zelda Universe:
Hello Greg. As you so accurately put it, until Nintendo reveals anything official it will just be speculations. But speculation is cool and all, so I’ll jump on the bandwagon and tell you what would be really cool — Hyrule is drained and we see the textures of A Link to the Past – Hyrule. Some of Ganon’s minions pull the Master Sword out of him, and he is revived somehow, of course without Link and Zelda knowing about it. His power builds up, and then when he believes he is strong enough he goes after Link and Zelda for the Triforce. And also, Link will have to fly around on a magic dragon called Puff. It’s all equally likely, at least.

I really shouldn’t have speculated as much, because tomorrow the “story of TWW2” will be all around the internet, since rumours spread like fire. Anyways, my point is, there’s really no point in speculations, until we actually have some facts to support our speculations, and that time will come, and it will be known as E3!

From: Sam Hogarth
Now I know for a fact, you’ve been asked this millions fo times, but if Zelda is the seventh sage, where is her temple and what is she the sage of as all the elements have been covered.

My friend thinks she is the sage of time, her medallion is the ocarina of time and her temple is the temple fo time, but the temple of time is the light temple.

Zelda Universe:
Well Sam, this is a similar case as above. Whatever we decide to think, it’s just speculation and one suggestion will be just as valid as the next, no more, no less. I could go on with my own theories on this, but you saw what speculating does to me above, so I think we’ll just stay away from that.

From: Vincent J Pillar
I was looking at how to finish the bombers notebook when I noticed that Cremia and Romani look just like Marin in OoT, and I was wondering if their sisters or the same person jus pretending to be different people.

Zelda Universe:
Paralell Universes can really be a pain at times, since the rules for them seem to change as it fits the makers. Nevertheless, I’ll get to your answer. In Termina, Cremia and her sister Romani are different people, but they both actually represent the same person in Hyrule, and that is Malon (Marin was in Link’s Awakening, not OoT) – Cremia just represent the grown up Malon, while Romani represents the sweet and innocent young Malon. Now to actually figured out what Aonuma & co. actually wanted to tell us by doing this, that’s a completely different story..

From: OniLink
Hi people at Zelda universe!
I have a question about the game Zelda-Alink To The Past!
So here goes!
I collected all three pendents (Wisdom, power, courage), defeated the evil wizard and yet when I enter the dark world I’m still a bunny rabbit!
The elder who talks to you after fighting the wizard says I need the moon pearl but already got it!
So…..wot do I do?
Please help me.

Zelda Universe:
“Wot” you really need to do, Emma, after you’ve brushed the dust off of your spell checker, is to take a long, good look at the Moon Pearl, which I have included a picture of below, just for you! Have you looked at it for a while now? Well then I can only guess that you feel pretty silly, since you’ve never actually seen it before. If you need any further help (I can’t even imagine how that could be), just go to our A Link to the Past section, where you’ll find all the assistance you’ll ever need.