From: Victor Fiore
what’s happening ZU
here are my questions for this month’s mailbag
1)How does “Zelda’s legend” know about Koholint island and the land of Termina if Zelda herself wasn’t there to witness Link’s adventure?
2)In MM did the indigo-go’s ever find out that the real mikau was dead and that the other mikau was actually link in disguise?
3)Was there ever a slight chance that OoT would’ve been a better game if it wasn’t pressured to be released in November of 98 in the US? They were planning the use of new N64 technology like the64DD, but was never released.
4)Why is it that Shigeru Miyamoto only thinks of link as a child and not as an adult?
5)What’s the deal with that strange hand in the toilet in MM and the oracle series? (can’t he take a dump on the toilet like a normal person?)
6)ok, about my question from the last mailbag: i see that you didn’t understand my question very well i was referring to the Link from “soul calibur II”.my question is” what is his purpose in that fighting game”. that’s what i was talking about. i apologize for sending you that question from the last mailbag. it was incomplete. it won’t happen again sorry about that.

Zelda Universe:
1. It’s either the fact that Zelda knows thing before/while they happen. Or Link told Zelda about them when he returned.
2. I think they would have figured it out when either Mikau stopped showing up altogether. Maybe Link told them before they left, out of respect.
3. If it could have been any better, I don’t know where. That game had everything a Zelda game is known for, I believe the only thing that Miyamoto had planned for the 64DD was Master Quest, which looks like the Second Quest from LoZ. And since a N64 can only hold so much (I believe), they needed the 64DD for the second quest. But I don’t know anything about the N64 Specs.
4. He doesn’t. It’s only recently that he has begun to use Link as a child. Plus, I think that when they make him a child, it makes it look like he has more courage, because kids are not known for that much courage, if they do, it makes them like Link, unique and a hero.
5. I think he lives there. Maybe he possesses the toilet, and makes sure that the toilet is spared from the “waste”
6. Don’t worry about it, I thought I understood it, but sorry.

From: Mathew McCarroll
Dear Zelda Universe,

I am currently logged onto your website… To tell you the truth, I don’t have a question. I actually took the time to type this E-mail because of the dedication that Zelda Universe has for their website. There was a poll quite some time ago that posed the question: “What do you come to Zelda Universe for?” No one could have accurately answered that poll for a simple reason that most are already aware of. There is far too much at Zelda Universe for someone to choose and appreciate a single subject. The dedication you show for your site is quite literally beyond comparison! Miss Kari must have realized this too late… I can see why she joined Zelda Universe, and I don’t blame her for attempting to make an addition to the staff. The passion passion Zelda Universe has for their site is something that even I want to share. Alas, I know I could never find the time (more the less the finances)
to continue with my part. For the Goddesses’ sake, Anikan sold his GAMECUBE!!! I have never seen a Zelda Fansite that has such a massive variety of information, that updates so regularly, that puts so much effort into providing such a marvelous
information explosion as you do! How someone can spend so much of their life creating a website is beyond me… and I commend you for your indescribable dedication. I’m sure that everyone reading this will agree. Without a doubt, Zelda Universe is the greatest and most reliable source for information concerning the Zelda series found anywhere across the web!

… Actually, I do have a question… During the time when you were expecting auditions for part 14 of the Interactive Story, was your server down at any point? Mine involved the appearance of a new character named Blitz. If I were to resubmit my audition, to whom should I have it sent? Thanks in advance.

Zelda Universe:
I think that Lars and Scott do more at this site than me, and they do an INTENSE amount at this site, especially when Lars did the relaunch after the hack. But thanks for the notice of the hard work and determination of all of us here.
And here’s your answer: Part 14 of the interactive story will be picked sometime this week.

From: Hyrule15
in an earlier mail bag Dark Grapefruit said that zelda only made herself and link children, but that wouldn’t make any sense. if what he said was true, then when he left in MM epona would have been a full grown horse not a pony the celebration during the credits was in the future where everybody know that ganondorf was gone, and since he was causing all of the destruction during that time they were all quite happy. the rest of his theories made sense but i just wanted to clear that up. sorry for ranting on like that. oh also, great site.

Zelda Universe:
I think that Zelda and Link were sent back seven years to become children again, the same way that if Link put the Master Sword back, he would become a child again. This of course finally happens after the credits/party is through.

From: OniLink
This is the site I saw before I sent in the other e-mail. It was exactly the same as this setup, But how did I access this site before it was up and running.

Zelda Universe:
I think I answered that in the previous mailbag, but here is the reason why. When we were hacked before July 4th, the Root Directory was available to everyone, which thus gave you access to all the hidden files on our server. One of them was the new layout for the site, and you clicked it and found the page. That’s why it looks familiar.

From: DeathMore3182
For all those people who keep sending in questions about Links purpose in Soul Calibur 2, here’s your answer. It’s a fighting game! It has nothing to do with the zelda series or link. Link is just in there because he’s cool! Same goes for SSBM. It’s just like a Simpsons halloween episode. Nothing in it has any effect on the rest of the series.

Zelda Universe:
I still don’t know anything about the Soul Calibur games, except its a fighting game. Link is there to make the game sell… I mean look good.

From: Jim Burnette
I am very interested in the game codes that you have on your website. How do I use these codes? Where and how do I put them into the Game Qube? Your reply will be greatly appreciated.

Zelda Universe:
You need an Action Replay, I believe a device similar to the Game Genie. You can out more about it at Code Junkies.

From: talone forbytus
i recently lost my oracle games, but i found them the other day. i started a new game (because all my games were erased somehow) and i got to the part in seasons where you go to subrosia and two subrosians steal roc’s feather. in return they give you an ore chunk. i felt like trying out my new weapon, so i dug around for one of those flame snake thingies (i forgot the name). they usually take three hits with the level one sword, but with the ore chunk i killed it in one hit! could it be that secretly the ore chunk is as powerfull as the level 3 master sword? is there a glitch in the game (like the one in MM where you can become fierce deity) that lets you keep the ore chunk and roc’s feather?

Zelda Universe:
I think its a glitch, because if i’m not mistaken, aren’t ore chunks the currency of Subrosia? I can’t remember the Oracle games.

From: Chocobotrainr465
hey, ZU…whats been shakin? it so sucks that youve been hacked..*rolls eyes* again. is there a way you guys can find a firewall for the site?…but youd need some good mulah ($) to make it work. and is there a chance for a Zelda Rpg? i got a Ps2 a month ago or so and my first game was .Hack//infection. an internet simulation Rpg. and after that Rpg became a favorate type of game. that and id like to say, i now own every main Zelda game! (loz aol alttp la laDx oot mm ooa oos oot:mq ww and alttp remix) and if i had to pick favorates..its gotta be WW and Alttp.and there was a discussion about sheik? my guess is sheik just someone made by zeldas magic, like a hyrulean with Zelda mind (zelda in a different body). check this, in a NP issue i have, they dont know Links age, weight, or height! this is my idea:
age: 16-18 (usually varies, besides MM and OoT, hes a late teen)
weight: about 160-190
height: 6 foot something.
isnt that what all Zelda fans think? well, hail ZU, you guys rule. and check out when your bored, youll get a good laugh out of the sb emails.

Zelda Universe:
You also forgot Wind Waker, he’s 12. And I think that’s a good reason why they don’t have his stats, he changes apperance in every game, you can’t make one statement over 4 Links.

From: Christian Kessler
I have sent in an e-mail to the mailbag under the name “CK”.I believe you answered my question about website builders or something of that nature, but anyway, I have a new question.Where does Lars-Christian get all those Character Pics for every single game? The japanese sites?

Zelda Universe:
Most of the characters pictures is official art released by Nintendo alongside with the corresponding games. The pictures are often found in manuals and especially official strategy guides (since they have unlimited access to the artwork) — These are scanned at a high resolution and adapted to the site. Others again are found throughout the web in various resources, including Nintendo’s own Press Room (access is restricted, however).

From: Victor Fiore
this is just an opinion:
the upcoming zelda games for gamecube,”four swords” and “tetra’s crackers” don’t really sound like they were epic quests. i believe the reason why nintendo is making “tetra’s crackers” and “four swords” is just to fool most of the zelda fans. kinda like the same thing that happened with that famous E3 zelda demo from 3 years back.
this time they must be keeping the sequel(s) a secret from all of us because think about it, Tetra’s crackers sounds more like a “mario party” based game (just like trahald said in one of his past articles). and is the four swords game really gonna be on a gamecube???? gimmie a break!!! why release a 16bit material game on the GC??? the idea of linking the GC with the GBA is ok, but the game could be more successful if it was cel shaded as well, just like TWW. nintendo of japan is hiding something and i (or maybe we) know it. like the saying goes: “fool me once,shame on me. fool me twice,shame on you!”. if this is nintendo’s idea of a mean joke, i’m not falling for it, but if they are planning on releasing those 2 games in that way on the GC,then…. well, let me put it this way… it’ll be a cold day in “Subrosia” the day these games will be released, if you know what i mean…. (i know that was a cheap joke, but i just couldn’t resist 😛 ) that’s all i got to say,for now.
PS: I like the website’s new look!

Zelda Universe:
The games might be a diamond in the rough, just like Wind Waker, people thought that WW was going to suck, but it turned out to be a great game none-the-less.

From: Rodrigo Rojas
First of all, I want to say that this site is the best Zelda Site ever. Anyway…
My question is: In your timeline theory, you said ” 2280 Hyrulian Chronology…. He (Ganondorf) attempts to kidnap Zelda, but her nursemaid Impa hides her away”…. And almost at the end of the timeline, you said “4540 Hyrulian Chronology… Impa meets up with Link…”Are these two Impa’s in anyway related to each other???
Im sorry if I had any spelling or grammar mistakes, I’m Chilean and my English is not good at all.

Zelda Universe:
You forgot an Impa in the Oracle games. I think its along the same lines as Zelda and Link, wherever there is Zelda, there is an Impa to look after her as a nurse/maid.

From: Paul Bursik
Hi, Im new to this sites forums, l love it people are so friendly, but what i want to know is what are your guys oppinions on the Quadra/Tetraforce? Do you believe in it? or take it for bologna?

Zelda Universe:
I think that it’s bologna…mmm Bologna. I think i’m going to go get some bol… Oh, your question. I think if there was such a thing as the Quadraforce, then Miyamoto would have told us by now.

From: Linkoooooooooooo
Hey I have a sugestion for the comic section.How about “The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Manga”? I have heard of of it but I don’t know how to read it. So, it was just a suggestion.

Zelda Universe:
I will talk to Lars about it, but I think he maybe has been keeping away from it since it is Japanese. But then again, most of the people on the boards probably know Japanese. I know one certain person from my state tried to import the Japanese Wind Waker and said she knew Japanese.

From: Rita Katt
I was curious as to whether the Sheikah people are in Majora’s Mask, as I read in another site that they are. Could you clear up what games the Sheikah people are in?

Zelda Universe:
Ocarina of Time has the Sheikah, and if you count the appearance of Impa in the Oracle games, then those two games.

From: Chris
Do you think their may be a realistic zelda on Gamecube 2

Zelda Universe:
By “realistic” you mean “the demo you saw at Spaceworld,” and by “Gamecube 2” you mean “N5”, then I don’t know. Miyamoto has said that the next Zelda game for Gamecube would probably be Cel-shaded. I think the possibility is there, we’ll just have to see.

From: chocobo
i was debatin with my friend before i invited him to a they might be giants concert.( GO They Might Be Giants!) and i was wondering, if Majoras Mask is a sequel to a prequal (Oot) then whats the Wind Waker? a sequal to a sequal to a prequal? because they all play by the same storyline..right? and whats with Adventures of Link? i picked up the game and thought it sucked, i mean, spells helping you? id rather use a hookshot or a boomarang/cucoo to get around rather than cast a spell, im not sayin Dins Fire, Nayrus Love, or Farores Wind, Magic Armor or Samoria/Brnyas canes are lame, just i dont want a game based on magic, and is it an RPG? i saw on your site it says somethin like that. and, as Killercell (my friend…or…well…me) said, maybe Ocarina of time had extra stuff, 2 games…maybe Majoras Mask is too! well, we’ll never know, unless we have a ton of weiners (not the one that trikes your mind immediantly) starped to our chests with a black-painted squirtgun and a way into Nintendo. we go, get info, maybe some blueprints to a new Zelda, and Flee! well, im leavin, go ZU *what are your site colors? (like school colors?)*

Zelda Universe:
I think that Wind Waker is a sequel to the prequel, because both games are really the prequel of everything. I thought Zelda itself was an RPG of sorts. I must be lost somewhere. And I never liked AoL, looks different from every other Zelda game out there. And I don’t know what our site colors are, they are either Red and Gold (like the Logo) or Blue and White (like the BG and Font).

From: Victor Fiore
has trahald or any of the ZU members, and/or fans, ever written an article about the “rupee” the famous hyrule currency? i believe someone should investigate the origin of this currency in and out of the zelda games and maybe come up with possible theories about its existence in hyrule. that and why it was possibly never replaced with gold coins. if anyone is interested in researching this idea then feel free to do so.
that goes to everyone in ZU fans and members alike.

Zelda Universe:
I believe that India uses the Rupee as it’s currency as well, but I’ll pass this over to Trahald to investigate maybe for future article. That is if we can find him.

From: Chocobotrainr465
you guys have seen the triforce images right? Arianna, right? well heres a theory, a different ending it explains it all, right at the end, you would see the triforce reunited in front of young Links eyes. then, after the gods flood hyrule, they make the triforce again. then gannondorf touches the triforce again to reign evil again. or else, how could the gods flood hyrule?…didnt they sacrafice their life to finish Hyrule?…and their tomb was the triforce? (or whatever) that would make stuff wrong…and, the people in Hyrule are the Hyruleans, just to let you know, you can read it in Augusts NP issue

Zelda Universe:
I don’t understand where that went, but this is the transition from OoT to WW (since that’s what I am interpreting that meant). Link defeats Ganon at the end of OoT. Zelda, Link, and Ganondorf all have their respective Triforce pieces. Link ventures off, and somehow loses his piece, either by breaking it up, and hiding it, or someone else does. Ganondorf finds a way back to the Hyrule, and the flood takes place. Zelda in WW has her piece, in her necklace. Link finds the Courage piece, and Ganondorf has his piece from before.

From: HeroofTime6432
1. Your timeline is off by a bit. You are half right. Trees DO get planted to make the new hyrule. But koroks don’t plant them. When you beat WW the king says ” I have scattered the seeds of life”. Just an observation.

2. Does the dragons mask actually exist?

3. I took your advice and got Action Replay. It rules!

4. You can play the original Legend of Zelda on GBA. Get Action Replay. In animal crossing codes put on rare nes games. You should have legend of zelda. Select it, choose advance play, and there you go.

Zelda Universe:
1. That doesn’t mean that the King had some part in helping the Koroks plant those seeds. And besides, life doesn’t equal land…
2. Nope, and that’s why it is in the humour section.
3. YaY! Game Genie-like devices do rule, don’t they?
4. I don’t have an Action Replay, so I don’t know about that code. But if Anakin finds it to be true, I guess he could add it somewhere to the site.

From: Sejjie
I believe there are 2 timelines.
One includes Ocarina of time, Majora’s Mask, And the Wind Waker, due to the fact that it includes Ganondorf.
Second includes LttP, FS, OoS, OoA, LA, LoZ, AoL, due to the fact that its Ganon.

Zelda Universe:
OoT has both Ganondorf and Ganon. I just messed up your entire timeline theory with that statement, sorry.

From: Karen
look i was playing master quest and i got to the fire temple (wich music is ugly as it is green blood and i had red) and i got the megaton hammer well after that i got stuck cause i couldnt find a key and you know in the room where you go to the boss room you need to drop the pillar so i gave up and thought: oohh it would be a lot easier if i had de hover boots, and i already have the boss key if only i could fly so if i beat all the temples until i get the hover boots then i can skip a big part of the temple and
go straight to Volvagia. what do you think?

Zelda Universe:
I thought there was no way to get into the Shadow Temple without Sheik’s help, which comes after the Water Temple. How did you skip through without beating the Fire Temple first?

From: Donuteater66
In your cheats and tips for Majora’s Mask you put that the Trading Post is open 24 hours but it is onpen 23 hrs. because i think from 9-10 pm they take a break.

Zelda Universe:
They take a break, but can you still go into the shop? If you can, then the shop is technically still open 24 hours.

From: Elizabeth Morgan
1. Who comes on your site more, boys or girls?
2. I have found a secret on The Wind Waker! I not sure if you already know it, BUT, at the beginning of the game, once you have been able to use Link, you can get an Orange Rupee (100 rupees). Once you reach the porch of Grandma’s house, walk around and you will find a hole you can crawl through. Crawl (use the R button) through the hole and you will go under the house. In the chest you will find the rupee. You can get it any time in the game, but it’s a lot better when you get it at the beginning.

Zelda Universe:
1. If the boards are any indication of that, then more boys come to the site than girls. I don’t really know why either.
2. I really haven’t explored the island fully, but thanks for the tip.

From: HyperChaoz7
I just realized you keep comparing Cell-shading and polygons like there two different things, when in fact there NOT. Cell-shading is just another way of shading the models, it simply uses two dominate shades, instead of using a more Gradient style shading. (Note: Trust me, I’m an aspiring game dissignare, i know a fair amount about how most 3-D effects are done)

Zelda Universe:
Well, they look like two different styles, in the games we compare. The Wind Waker (Cel-shading) looks cartoony, while the Spaceworld demo (Polygons) looks more realistic. But, that’s the way we compare things here, sorry if we did it wrong.

From: zach hillegas
Dear ZU, when Hyrularity went out of business, I remember an article saying that people who submitted comics would have it as the new ZU comic if it was good enough. How come, after months, I haven’t seen anything new?

Zelda Universe:
It’s either because Anakin has not found someone yet, no one sent in another comic, or Anakin has been busy with the new layout/hacking problems/new content (like the Fan Works). Hopefully there will be a new comic soon enough for you to enjoy.

From: Necron
#1: If you get the figurine of the mail sorting Rito named Koboli, in the nintendo gallery, this is what it says,”Koboli is the third generation in a family of postmen, but rumor has it than an ancestor of his was also a postman in an age gone by…” Not only that, but if you remove the beak, and make his skin white, he looks exactly like the postman on Majoras Mask! He has the same shaped head, the same tiny eyes, and those sideburns. Therefore, I think that the Ritos may have evolved from humans and not Zoras. I don’t think they’d put something like that in the game if it didn’t have some kind of meaning. At the end of Majoras Mask the postman fled. He very well could have found his way to Hyrule.

#2: I noticed that in one of your articles you said that Link lost what made him a hero when he went to Termina. I started a new game on Majoras Mask and what it said was “He left the land that made him a hero.” The reason I’m pointing this out is because I think that point you made had some kind of significance concerning the Triforce, and therefore you may need to make some changes to whatever theory it was. I think what you said was that he lost the Triforce, but actually he could have kept it.

#3: What’s the deal with the Fierce Deity’s Mask? Do you know anything about it? I mean, why does it look just like a huge Link? Is it perhaps that it’s a Mask of Link from the future or something? I know The Fierce Deity is a lot bigger than adult Link on OoT, but he was only about 17, and therefore wasn’t full grown yet. Also, shouldn’t it have been in the Wind Waker or something? It was a pretty powerful mask and I would think that somebody would have gotten their hands on it before Hyrule was washed away.

Zelda Universe:
1. Very very interesting, that may disprove all the rumors of the Rito people.
2. There are many theories about what he was looking for, or what he lost at the beginning of MM. One theory follows yours, that he kept the Triforce, but he eventually lost it when he became under control of the Fierce Deity.
3. My strategy guides says, and I quote: “The Fierce Deity’s Mask lets you inhabit the body of a dark and mighty warrior. You’ll bulk up with devastating powers, but you can unleash it only in boss rooms.” It is like any other transform mask in the game, it allows you to enter the body of another, and assume their appearance and their special abilities.

From: Albert Ordaz
I love the site, and I think youv’e done a great job on getting it together again. My question is whether or not that pyramid where you fight Ganon in LttP is the temple of light. In OoT Rauru says that the temple is situated in the center of the Sacred Realm. Since Ganon did warp that place into the Dark World I understand it could possibly just it’s replacement but can the Temple of Light be touched by his evil? Also, in the last mailbag you said Hyrule was a kingdom not a planet, but I read somewhere on the site that Hyrule was also the name of the world where all the lands in the Zelda reside. Can you clear that up?

Zelda Universe:
It might be, because I do believe that the Sacred Realm is not touched in Wind Waker, and thus would remain the same. It might be the Temple of Light, who knows? And I do believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hyrule is the name of the Kingdom, and not the planet.