From: Victor Fiore
It started out one day when I was kinda bored and decided to draw just to know how my skills are (no comment). At that time I was drawing the Hylian shield and a question surged from this. Is the bird on link’s Hylian shield (in OoT and WW) the legendary Roc? I don’t know if it might have some kind of relation with the Royal Family, but could you clear this up if you can???

Oh and there’s another thing before I finish. Did you know that Dark Link actually has the same strength as the real link? This I figured out while playing OoT once again, but with only 3 hearts. The experienced player can defeat his shadow in a breeze. So the more hearts you got, the longer the battle is.

Zelda Universe:
I don’t know yet.
So if you have 10 hearts containers, Dark Link does too. Interesting way Nintendo designed that mini-boss, agreed?

From: Nash Pop
1. Did you know that you can splash the water with the Skull Hammer in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker? Try it on the shore of pretty much every land.
2. I need you guys to provide me with a map from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX, it’s been a real problem for me to really understand the story now that I’m playing it, maybe it’s because now is not the same as back then, or maybe because I’m too excited to have something fresh and new as The Wind Waker. I would like to see a map with the names of the places because without it it’s very confusing and it’s not entertaining, please help me guys.
3. Did you know that Carlov the guy who makes the figurines, has in his place four masks from Majora’s Mask? that’s Bunny Hood, Keaton Mask, Goron’s Mask and All-Night Mask? He also has a mold of a figurine of Link from Ocarina of Time, that can also be from Majora’s Mask. He ALSO has I guess is the only cucco in the game, but is a painting on top of his head in a medium billboard.

Zelda Universe:
1. *Ripples the water* Cool.
2. I have informed Anakin of your dilemma, and he will get on it ASAP. Thanks for the request.
3. I really need to finish those tasks for Larenzo now that you’ve said that. Thanks for the info.

From: Danny C
I totally love your site. Thanks for a one of a kind Zelda site I can always come to.

Zelda Universe:
It’s always good to hear that we actually do make a difference to some people. Thanks for the compliment!

From: KillerCell
I read the most recent article about Termina and Link. I’m not saying your idea is wrong but my guess (after learning about OoT and MM from WW) is that Link returned to Hyrule but because the Triforce of Courage was ‘destroyed’ as Link passed into Termina, upon return, Gannon/Gannondorf could have finished Link off in a second. That and, you SOLD YOUR GCN!!! you must love supporting all us Zelda fans. you should have a donation type’ thing! Then Zelda lovers would help you make the money to keep the site running!

Zelda Universe:
I kind of forget what was in the article, but I kind of agree with your little idea. And about a donation thing, we have one. Haven’t you heard about it on the main page? Well, for a low low price of clicking this link, you can donate your hard earned cash to a Zelda Fan Site that you visit on a daily basis. Don’t wait, just click that link today!

From: Nathan
Some people are talking about Ocarina of Time being an endless time loop, but how could this be? If Majora’s Mask happened a few months after Ocarina of Time. If there was an endless time loop then Ocarina of Time would never end. Then how could Majora’s Mask or for that matter any of the other games happen? Just wanted to see if that helped.

Zelda Universe:
That’s the timeline that I agree with, because having two separate timelines is just plain silly.

From: Dark Grapefruit
There are three theories that you get a lot of emails about that I think I have answers to.

1. The OoT “time loop” paradox:
I do not believe in the multi timeline theory as it makes the legend far too complicated. My solution to the problem of Link going back in time at the end of OoT is this. He did not go back in time. Instead, Zelda used her magic to make both Link and herself children again. This makes sense because during the credits, you see Malon as an adult, but Link is a child. At the final scene, I think that Link has returned to tell Zelda that he is going to search for Navi. Once you get the ocarina in MM, it goes to a flashback that looks very similar to this scene, and that is what he was doing.

2. Zora into Ritos:
My brother actually came up with this theory, and it made sense to me. Zoras did become the Ritos. The reason they did not stay underwater is because Hyrule is underwater, and Ganon is in Hyrule. The gods didn’t want the Zoras to be anywhere near Ganon, so they removed them to the top of the mountain. Then they either changed the Zoras into the Ritos, or the Zoras just evolved naturally.

3. Imprisoning War:
Why does everyone think OoT is the Imprisoning War? It can’t be, for a very simple reason. The LttP manual says that the Master Sword was forged during the War, and it was already famous before OoT began. I have a quote from Navi to back this up. When you first enter the room with the sword, she says, “Could it be….? It’s that legendary blade, the Master Sword!” Also I believe that Rauru said the Sages existed long before OoT as well. So I think that the Imprisoning War happened 100 years before OoT, and the previous Gerudo male was sealed away. (Yes that does mean there’s 2 Ganons.)

Zelda Universe:
Your time loop theory makes sense, I can see your point there. Your “Zora to Rito” theory, explain to me why there are Zora’s in the Oracle games, which, if I am not mistaken, take place after The Wind Waker. So, they couldn’t have evolved, but probably just moved to the Oracle lands. The Imprisoning War is one of those “weird” events to place exactly. There is some proof it happened after, and some proof like yours that it takes place before. We really need to ask Miyamoto about that one.

From: RWhitlock779
if Gannondorf was killed in WW when link turned him to stone with the master sword how is Ganon alive in ALTTP? I beat it and did not see anything about a resurrection in it.

Zelda Universe:
The only theory I have for that is what I saw in an earlier mailbag. He was carved out to be the new Pedastal for the Sword, and his spirit probably ended up in the Dark Realm, creating a new body as well. But that is only my opinion, and no one elses.

From: Bt100best
Hey ZU. What’s up. I have a question and a concern about the OOT and MQ bonus disc. I went to my nearest Best Buy and was looking at some GC titles and I ran across the MQ bonus disc for sale. So I’m like cool, I could buy another one to have if they become valuable of something, I don’t know if they will. So I picked it up and was looking for the price and I gasped, actually it was more like a light scream. The disc was priced at a high price of $70.00. I was like that is ridiculous. Who would pay $70.00 for a game, even though it is the best game ever that is just a bonus disc. For
one, the game says BONUS DISC on the front, which is not the best way to sell a $70.00 game, and the cover art is not all that good. Number two, the case says NOT FOR RESALE. Is that legal? If it is, then why are the selling it? I don’t want Best Buy to get sued by Nintendo just for something that little. Number three, I know your getting sick of me ranting on something this little, but it been on me for some time and I just want to get answers. My friends even think it’s ridiculous, so I am also asking for them too. so here we go. The graphics. They were awesome at the time, but it’s five years since the release of the game, and there somewhat outdated, if you know what I mean. I could see OOT’s graphics highly improved and made more realistic. The visuals would rock. They could have done something like Capcom did with Resident Evil. But no. They just put it out so it could boost the WW’s sale numbers just a little. I know your tired of me, so I let you go at that. By the way, ZU rocks

Zelda Universe:
They are probably selling it for the profit, just as Wally-World (Wal-Mart for those who don’t know) was before it was even released. Granted, Wally-World was selling it for $10, they were still doing it illegally. It’s not illegal unless you get caught, right? So I would try to report them for trying to a) sell it, and b) sell it at an outrageous price of $70. Wasn’t OoT like $50 to begin with? Geez, if I want to buy OoT again, I’ll just buy the cheaper cartridge.

From: Analystic Link
I was playing Oot sometime ago when I started fighting Gannondorf…and he coughed up blood, not that this surprised me but the thing is, the blood was red as red could be. Since my cartridge is gray and I think I heard somewhere that only gold ones have this I was just wondering is this really odd? I think I heard some chanting in the fire temple but maybe that was just that ominous music…..

Zelda Universe:
I think what I heard is that all Gold Cartridges make the blood red, as well as the the chanting. I think there were some gray ones that did this as well, until Nintendo realized the mistake. But I have heard some chanting in the Fire Temple as well. I don’t know if that is the same chanting that everyone is referring to or not, but hey it was chanting.

From: Ryan Prenatt
1. Why is everyone so worried about the timeline? if Nintendo wants us to understand their legend correctly then we should leave it to them.

2. In the concept of making another WW, I’m for it. hell I enjoyed the game and how they made you feel like you were a part of young links destiny. it was exciting and fun to play, so what I’m saying is that I could handle another “Cel-Shading” Zelda title.

3. In OoT you can supposedly wear the hover boot in the pond area and cast while in air, after doing so, you save the game and reset it, starting out with the Fishing Rod instead of the Master Sword

Zelda Universe:
1. Some people, like myself, find time to sit back, be lazy, and think of nothing but video games for several hours. That’s why the timeline was created, because someone thought of something that made sense. You don’t have to believe in the theory, seeing as though it is a theory, and theories are merely someone’s opinion on something.
2. I’m pretty sure that the next Zelda adventure game (can’t just say game, because of Tetra’s Trackers and Four Swords) will be cel-shading, because that’s is what Miyamoto is saying. He liked the cel-shading for the emotion that was shown on the Link’s face throughout the game. He will only use polygons, I believe if Link is an adult, or some other reason that would be unlikely at this time, but who knows.
3. I’ll try that glitch with my numerous hours of time this summer. That is, if I’m not working all my stupid summer away. Stupid supermarkets.

From: Christoph Schmidt
You know, when people talk about the greatest stories of all time they think of Lord Of The Rings and the Bible and many others (not to say they aren’t amazing stories, they’re great!), but they disregard videogames. I think that The Zelda Series is probably one of the greatest stories of all time. I mean… read the timeline! Play Ocarina Of Time! They give me tingles… not the chubby little fairy kind! Well I thought I’d send this to you to see what you think, is Zelda the greatest story of all time? And I would like to hear what you people out there think, so send your opinions to ‘mailbag’

Zelda Universe:
I would rather that if people have opinions, they post them on the forums, that way I get more questions than opinions in the mailbag. As for the stories, you have to realize that the people who choose the greatest stories probably either read (which means they might now play the video games) or they may think that video games are a story. Depends how you look at it, I guess.

From: Domanator
first off, this is the best site in the world
secondly, in the last mail bag someone explained the connection between link & Mario RPG and you asked for a screen shot well here is a site with the screen shot!!

Click Here

it is a bit blurred but you can still make it out, enjoy!!!

Zelda Universe:
I first looked at that pic and thought, where is Link. Then I looked it over more, drank a few sodas, read some more questions, then FINALLY saw he was sleeping the bed. Weird. I haven’t played that game in a while, and when I did it was on my laptop on a SNES emulator. That’s one of those “to be defeated” games I need to beat this summer. *Writes it down*

From: jeroen castricum
I think I have a pretty good theory about Oni-link. I think that Oni-link is the Termina version from link. that’s why it looks like link. but because it is a different version it is evil as its name actual says. but I really don’t know if it is evil or good. and how did it became a mask? maybe cursed by Majora’s mask. but it could also been a mask from the time Majora’s mask was used. here is another idea maybe is Oni-link some kind of Ganon. that the normal link is actual Gannondorf but from Termina. man oh,man what a load of theories. maybe you should decide which one is best.

Zelda Universe:
I think the game said that the Mask holds the power of a former warrior, Fierce Deity or something like that? Ring a bell at all?

From: Nash Pop
In The Legend of Zelda “The Wind Waker” when Link goes to the Forest Haven for the first time, The Great Deku Tree talks to him in a language that obviously Link didn’t understand, This means that the Deku Tree confused Link from “The Wind Waker” for another Link in the TimeLine (Ocarina of Time in most heads). First that means that that same Tree was present and met the other Link hundreds of years ago, if this is true: that proves that Ocarina of Time is before than “The Wind Waker” since every Zelda comes 100 years after each other. Meaning that this 2 stories are attached.

Now you say that the language The Great Deku Tree speaks in “The Wind Waker” is Hylian and I agree with you, but how can you prove is Hylian, please explain where you read that. But in The Legend of Zelda “A Link to the Past” Link needs to get the Book of Mudora, since that book is the only text that can help translate the ancient Hylian tongue, so that means that he doesn’t speak that language either. Now again who’s that Link that speaks Hylian that the Deku Tree is confusing Link from “The Wind Waker” for? Any guesses?

Zelda Universe:
The whole game tells you that it comes after Ocarina of Time, but the theory of evolution breaks the fact that it is exactly 100 years after OoT. But, even though you see English in the game, doesn’t necessarily mean that he is speaking English. So my guess to which Link knows Hylian is the one that is present on the Timeline that was there before the great flood. OoT Link.

From: Greenyoshidlf
In response to all the timeline talk going on. I believe that ZU is correct. If you look at the official art from the next two Zelda games (TT and FS GCN) you can see that these games both are Link 2 (WW Link) Also if you look at the movie from FS GCN you see a part where they are in a graveyard. That graveyard looks identical to the one in LTTP. Besides that the Land looks like LTTP Hyrule. So that only can mean that the “New Hyrule” that Link 2 and Zelda 2 (Tetra) set out to find at the end of WW, Is the Hyrule from LTTP. I also believe that Four Swords fits into the timeline also. FS GCN is the story of that “hero” that Zelda talks about in the introduction to Four Swords. That would mean that Four Swords is Link 3 from LTTP!!! So both of these FS games can be placed into a the timeline.

What needs to happen now story wise is Gannondorf needs to be put back into the realm so that LTTP can come next. I think it would make sense for Onix (from Seasons/Ages) to come and pull the Master Sword out of Gannondorf bringing him back to life. In the end of that game Link 2 has enough Sages (7 just like before, (two already from WW)) to put Gannondorf back into the realm. In the game he will find/come across Gorons who ran from the flood in Hyrule and that is where he finds a sage. He can find people who believe there bloodline is from the Gerudos and he finds another sage there. Zelda 2 (Tetra) ‘s Impa would become a Sage. Now we only need one more and that would be Zelda 2 (Tetra)! Da Dah! I smell smoke I thought about that way to hard.

I only have one question that remains unknown. Can The King Of Red Lions still talk? At the end of WW Link 2 sails off on him, so is The King Of Red Lions “free” (like has his own mind, isn’t being controlled by the king) or is he still “the king,” or cant he talk anymore?

Keep up the good work here at ZU! Your the #1 Zelda Site and rarely disappoint any Zelda fan! The only thing I could find to complain about is Hyrulity. Get that back ASAP that was some funny stuff!!!!!!! I almost died laughing when Navi found milk in that chest. Great site once again!

Zelda Universe:
You did think about that a lot, didn’t you, very good. As for you question, I believe that the King of Red Lions was a boat, with the spirit of the king in it, to guide Link to where he needs to go. I also believe it is like that “unfinished business” most spirits have to deal with before they can rest peacefully; The King’s must be to get rid of Ganon. So once Ganon is gone, his “unfinished business” is now taken care of, so his spirit can rest peacefully, leaving just the normal boat.

From: Brad Trainer
I really like your timeline theory…and this is just a stupid thought, but…
in Greek…Tetra is the prefix for 4…any possibility that Tetra is Zelda IV?
…which would mean that there were more Zelda’s than originally believed…
*shrug* what do you think?

Zelda Universe:
I think there is slight possibility, but since there is no real proof of that yet, we can only call her Zelda II. Besides, I think it’s only until after AoL that all royal family members that are female be called Zelda, so princesses before Tetra could’ve been named something else. Just a thought.

From: AdvanceSP
Hey ZU! Still love the site very much. I just realized how much work it must have taken to make it. Anyway, I have some information on something I asked earlier.
Link does appear in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. He is in it somewhere sleeping. Although you can’t actually play as him, he’s kinda still in the game.
I am confused at something. How powerful is Link? In Super Smash Bros., he can take a lot of damage, but in some of the games he can’t take half the stuff he can in the SSB. Does Super Smash Bros. take place in the future when Link is super powerful? Then how does that explain Young Link and the whole Zelda timeline? I read somewhere that with the Golden Gauntlets, one has the strength to move mountains, yet Link can’t hold the Biggoron sword with one hand. In Super Smash Bros, Link can reach heights of over ten feet, in Wind Waker or Ocarina of Time, he can’t even jump, and if he could, he would probably jump a foot or so. Can you see why I’m confused? It may just be the fact that the different games call for different strengths in their characters, I don’t know.

Zelda Universe:
Ah, this is the email I saw that made me look that pic over again. Anyway about your question/comment, I believe it’s the fact that that glove (Master Hand) brings the toy figurines of the characters to life, thus allowing them to take a infinite amount of damage. That, and that game is not really related to the Zelda Timeline at all.

From: PLA1981
Just wanted to comment on something.
I believe that its definite that a new Hyrule is built on top of the water after ww.
1) how can a continent drain?
2) the WW game practically tells you that a new Hyrule will be formed.
the Koroks planted seeds, which grew trees that will eventually grow new forests and land. What else would the purpose of putting that segment into the game serve but to hint how Hyrule is 1 land in the future?
and at the end of WW, Zelda tells the king to come w/them to the new Hyrule and the king replies “but that land wont be HYRULE, it will be your land.”
but obviously this new land is named Hyrule.
this also explains the differences in locations of certain things such as the castle, the desert, Zoras waterfall, Kakariko village, etc from OoT and LTTP.
I have 1 question….I read in the last mailbag that spectacle rock is in every game and in the same location.
Besides WW, where else is there a spectacle rock in the Zelda games? I never came across a spectacle rock in LTTP, AoL, and LOZ.

Zelda Universe:
How can a continent drain? The same way it was flooded, by the gods! Plus, there’s that plug at the bottom of the ocean, makes that gurgling noise and whirlwind when pulled. No, yea I know, that stunk.
Spectacle Rock is in all three games, and if you check out this site (The Legends of Zelda Article 22) if gives a full explanation, as well as pictures. But if you are the lazy type, here’s the shortened version (the links that are there are the pics):
LoZ: Ganon’s Lair is located right under Spectacle Rock, two rocks jutting from the ground.
AoL: South of Death Mountain. On the world map, they were two small rock once again jutting from the ground.
ALttP: This was on Death Mountain, west of the Tower of Hera. Once again, two identical rock jutting from the ground.
This article also brings the possibility of it being in OoT, which is located on either side of the Warp Platform, two jutting rocks, that one is not confirmed though.

From: Christoph Schmidt
I don’t know who to ask, so I thought “why not ask ZU?”. So… say I have an amazing idea for a videogame like Zelda or whatever game. How would I go about getting Miyamoto or whoever to look at it and actually think about it?

Zelda Universe:
You wouldn’t want to ask Miyamoto or the bigwigs, because they already have enough on their plate to worry about someone’s idea. But if you were to try, I would either send an email with maybe a storyboard or something that you’ve created, as well as the plot of your game, and other mentionables. I don’t think you can get directly to the bigwigs of the gaming industry, but you can try the Nintendo of America contact list, see if you can find a address there. If you can’t, try sending it through snail mail, maybe they’ll reply, or maybe they won’t

From: Ryan Prenatt
I just got done looking at the Soul Calibur II screen shots and it looks great! now here’s my question that’s more of a wondering,

if Nintendo and/or whoever created this game can get away with making link look that real then why shouldn’t they team up with them and make a Zelda game, I think it would work and the fans would be speechless to the point where they would play this game over and over!

Zelda Universe:
Because that is not the way Shigeru Miyamoto pictures the Legend of Zelda, and that is not the direction he want to take the series. It is his work, and we have no reason to question his decision after all these years with magnificent games. In my opinion a “realistic Zelda” could never give the true and unique feeling you got from playing The Wind Waker.

From: Peter Messenger
Hello ZU! Just like to say you are the Zelda-related thing ever! I last sent in mail on Jan 10th. Anyway, on with the question. On Zelda OOT, Navi disappears out the window in the end of the game (I think) and then on Zelda MM, Link goes looking for Navi (“going on a secret and personal quest, looking for an invaluable friend”). But in the end of MM, Link doesn’t actually find Navi. In the end he continues the search for him or her. And now WW is out and it is set 100 YEARS LATER! So, in conclusion, my questions are
1. what happened to Navi, and
2. will Miyamoto ever make another Zelda game with the original Link in.

Zelda Universe:
1. Hard to say .. She fulfilled her task as it was given to her by the Great Deku Tree, and after that perhaps she voyaged on to a new and life among fairy companions, or perhaps she joined the Deku Tree in the heavens. Chances are we will never know.
2. Somehow I do doubt that, because the with “original” Link as you describe him, I take it you mean Link from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, and as you know he was made on the N64, and if they were to make a new game with that Link in it, they would have to re-design him on a new console, with new graphics and styles, and in that sense it would never truly be the Hero of Time, and that is probably what Miyamoto has understood, and the main reason he will not make a new game with the Hero of Time in it. If he doesn’t, of course.

From: Jim Busse
The other day i came to the site by another person about bs zelda. well while playing this new zelda that never came to the us i was excited to see a new quest unfold before my eyes.
My questions are…..
1) You should list walkthroughs for every game.<(Suggestion)
2) Well this should be my first question but i need help in bs zelda i cant find the gannon and i dont no where the castle is either could u help me?

Zelda Universe:
OK, I think that only Zelda Universe writes walkthroughs for games that everyone knows about, or official Nintendo endorsed games. So, that’s probably why we don’t have a walkthrough for that. And the reason you can’t find Ganon comes from our official page on BS-Zelda:
“The last official version lacks the final dungeon among other things.”

From: a loyal Zelda fan
Your Great Fairy Locations for The Wind Waker is messed up! The numbers and letters are switched on the chart! Just thought that I’d inform you. Sorry if I wasted your time.

Zelda Universe:
So they are! I will get to Zephka about that ASAP.

From: BlackHawk4052
How do I get my buddy icon from your web site? I have been trying for days but it doesn’t work. Can you help me.

Zelda Universe:
If you are using AIM (which I am assuming you are), you go to My Aim -> Edit Options -> Edit Preferences (or if your lazy F3), then to Buddy Icons. Click Browse, and look in the directory to which you have saved your icon, then select it and hit select. That icon is now on your screenname.

From: savannah
how do I get princess Ruto and the spiritual stone out of lord Jabu Jabu’s belly and if I am a kid how do I get 200 rupees to get a fish and how do I get to be a adult how do I beat death mountain. it only gives me 30 seconds

Zelda Universe:
Ok, you get Ruto and the Stone out by defeating Barinade, the final boss of his belly. You get 200 rupees by getting an adult wallet upgrade from the Gold Skulltula family. You become an adult by getting all three spiritual stones, Ocarina of Time, and open the Door of Time, and pull out the Master Sword. You beat Death Mountain as an adult, by using the Goron’s Tunic that you get later in the game.

From: Elizabeth Morgan
I saw your timeline theory and I’m a bit confused. When the Wind Waker time came the land of Hyrule was drowned under the Great Sea. I already finished the game so I know what happens to the “ancient” world of Hyrule. What about the time after it? Does a new Hyrule come, or something?

Zelda Universe:
That are many theories to what happens to Hyrule. But, the one clear one is what the King says at the end. “This new land will not be Hyrule, it will be your land.” Do you remember helping all those Koroks water there crop for the year? We believe here that those trees actually drained Hyrule eventually just like the Great Deku Tree stated it would, with time of course. Since Hyrule had been under water for so long, everything had to be rebuilt, and that is why Hyrule looks so much different in the next Zelda game, A Link to the Past.

From: Clay Bransom
My name is Clay Bransom. I am from Texas and an aspiring writer. For years now it has bothered me and made me wonder why they have not made or attempted a
Legend of Zelda movie. Ive heard things from the plot is too complex from who would play them from how will they do it. To me those excuses are bs, it can be made. I know what people will say, not all the Zelda fans will be 100% pleased cause they will always say Well this wasnt in it and this and that and I know I will expect it from the hardcore Zelda fanatics. I have a good idea, and tell me what you think. I need to do some research, and if i get good enough info, it will be no time to write a script, which my goal is to make it between 170-200 pages, about a 2 1/2 hour movie, maybe 3. my synopsis is this:

In the mythical world of Hyrule, the evil wizard Ganon wants tyrranical power of the land. After seizing the mystical Triforce, he barks out to make the King and Queen of Hyrule kneel before him to rule the Land. Princess Zelda, the last heir to the throne of Hyrule, escapes captures and assassins as she seeks out to find the boy who will fulfill the prophecy: The Boy who bears the Triforce on his left hand, the one who will bring peace to Hyrule. She stumbles upon the boy, who has no belief in the prophecy. The boy’s name is Link. Zelda makes Link believe, and as he seeks out the Master sword, he must face the one thing that will make him the Chosen One: He must face Ganon.

That is a plot I beleive can be do-able for a movie. When/If I finish it, I will fly to Seattle and pitch the movie Idea to Nintendo themselves. I have already emailed them and they are pleased I am interested in the fact. Of course they have the final approval. And I already have my choice for Ganon in mind. Anyhow, Hope to hear from you guys and tell me what you think. Thanks and have a very nice day.

Zelda Universe:
I think your idea for a movie sounds plausible, and I think you should keep at it.

From: BlackHawk4052
The Legend of Zelda has been one of my favorite games for years. And now that I see the best web Site of Zelda, it just gets better and better. This site has everything someone needs for this game. And your buddy icons are really cool. Am going to tell all my friends about this site.

Zelda Universe:
Always good to end a mailbag with a compliment. Thanks, and don’t forget to check out our ever growing forums! It’s currently already up to about 4700 members, and growing every day. Why don’t you check it out!