James: I apologize about the last mailbag (May 26, 2003) for all of the “Name of Person who Submitted Question”s, as well as it’s length. I had delayed putting it off for long enough, and tried to rush right through it. You may also be wondering why it took so long for me to answer. That’s because I was trying to get through Prom (May 9) and trying to find out if I want a relationship with this girl (long story), and trying to become Editor-in-Chief of my school newspaper (May 20). That and I have to work a lot. But, of course, nothing compares to our buddy Lars, who is going to through a lot as well, since I am almost going through the same thing with that relationship thing. So, I will try to get these out faster than the last one, to keep down on content. So Enjoy!

From: Mathew McCarroll
Hey, has anyone ever noticed the relationships between those four specific characters in OoT? Okay, let’s see if I can remember this exactly:
Cucco Lady: Sister
Suicidal Guy in Forest: Brother
Leader of the Carpenters: Father
Scientist at Lake Hylia: Grandfather
Potion Shop Hag: Grandmother

Weird, huh? It took me forever to find out who all was related, but I finally did it. All of it can be proven through the trading sequence. The Cucco Lady tells you Cojiro is her brother’s pet, and when you take it to him, he quickly sends you to the potion shop hag who implies that the boy is her grandson and the surly carpenter says his son must’ve taken his saw. See, wasn’t that cool? It took forever, so you had best appreciate it. I even surprised my best friend who notices even the tiniest details about the games that aren’t said directly.

Zelda Universe:
I knew about the sister – brother relationships, but the others I didn’t. Thanks for explaining it for us.

From: GamecuberErick
why dont you do the mailbag more often so we dont have to read incredibly long ones. maybe weekly

Zelda Universe:
I usually try to get one out every two weeks to keep them limited, but other things kept me from doing that for the last one. Let’s see, May 9 was my prom, that was the original day I was going to put it out, but I decided to spend time with my prom date. Other things that have kept me from putting it out include my school newspaper (which I am now editor-in-chief of) and an increase of work hours. So, they will probably come out bi-weekly again, I think I have things under control now.

From: Bt100best
Remember me. Yeah, I thought so. The one who was so mad about Miss Kairi quitting. I guess I overreacted about the whole thing, and I mean really overreacted. Me now: I’m mot mad because I realized she has a life and I guess I’m mad know that the letter got published. I have a couple of questions now.
1. What happens after Link leaves or supposevly leaves Termina in Majora’s Mask?
2. Does Link ever complete the quest for the lost milk in Hyrularity?
3. In Ocarina of Time, when Link goes back in time in the end of the game, is he aware what has previously happened, or is it a continuous circle of time?
4. There is a rumor that there will be a sequel to the Wind Waker and they will use the same cel-shaded graphics. Is this true?

Zelda Universe:
1. No one knows for sure.
2. I don’t know, MissKari is gone, and we will never know… unless you try to contact Veedeo.
3. There are two choices, he does or he doesn’t. And there are differing opinions for both. On the one hand, when he meets Zelda at the game, is it for the first time again? Or is it because they are going over war strategies against Ganon? Is Ganon still locked up in the sacred realm? It’s kind of confusing, eh?
4. Miyamoto and staff did say they did like working with the cel-shading because of the emotions they could use. I believe they also said if there would be a sequel, then it would be cel-shading, unless something needed to be done that would involve polygons. So, as of now, if there is a sequel, it will be cel-shading.

From: donny wilbanks
To start off, I like your site. I have a theory. In the end of The Wind Waker, Zelda says that they will look for a land that will be a new Hyrule.
My theory is that all the games except for OoT and MM happen in the land they discover and name Hyrule.

Zelda Universe:
Your theory and multiple others. Thanks for pointing it out though.

From: PIStOL
I just wanted to comment on something I read in someones post.
If I’m not correct, I believe that at the end of Wind Waker, or towards the end anyway, the King of Red Lions admits that Link is a direct blood relative of Link “The Hero of Time” from OoT.

Also, I would like to offer my opinion on how the Zelda timeline series goes, for those who don’t think they are sure. Here’s my opinion:
-Oot is the beginning, thats where it all starts. (that was made obvious)
– Mask is next, since it takes place a few months later.
-Then, hundreds of years go by and the Wind Waker is next. This is a new Link obviously, and the story of the wind waker talks about both N64 Zelda games, how link came to hyrule and saved the day (OoT) then went away (to Termina in Majora’s Mask) and while he was in Termina, Ganon took over again, and the Goddesses made a flood to stop Ganon.
-Hundreds of years later A Link to the Past takes place (now for those who played Wind Waker, it’s fairly obvious what happened to the flood from WW, there wasn’t no magical drain, in WW after the Koroks leave the Forest Haven, they go off to plant seeds which will grow trees and new forests (this is what the Deku and Koroks said in WW) so…hundreds of years after the Koroks planted their seeds, new land grew on the small islands in WW. (I also want to take this time to comment that the Great Deku tree is WW is most likely the sprout from Oot, there seemed to be some confusion about this in the last mail bag)
-after LTTP, Link goes on a journey, this is where the confusion in the storyline gets confusing and there is no set answer, but I believe that after LTTP, the Oracle seires (Oracle of Seasons and Ages) take place.
-then on his way back from the oracle series, in when lightning hits his boat and Links Awakening takes place, this is a possibility because in the story of Links Awakening, it is said that on Links way home, back to hyrule, is when he gets ship wrecked.
-then hundreds of years later the orignal Zelda for NES takes place
The adventure of Link takes place shortly after that.

Now for a few questions:
1) based on my theory, there is 4 different Links
one from Oot and MM
another is from WW
a third Link is the Link that stars in LTTP, LA, and the Oracle games
and the most recent Link is from the NES games.
so…in 4-swords, are the 4 links suppose to be the 4 Links mentioned above?

2) What happened to Link,the hero of time from OoT, after he returned from majora’s mask. Ganon caused Havoc, while Link was in Termina. a flood came to stop Ganon. when Link got back to Hyrule from Termina, what happened? why didnt he go after Ganon right away before the goddesses were forced to cause a flood?

3) A few years ago, there was a zelda cartoon and zelda comics, are these suppose to tie in at all to the overall storyline, and if so, when do they take place?

4) I just read the message from advancesp and his question how is mario rpg: legend of the 7 stars, connected to Link, and I have the answer to that question….
mario rpg:legend of the 7 stars was a mario rpg game for super nintendo.
during mario’s quest, theres a segemnt where he checks into a hotel, in the hotel mario walks into a room, and in the room, sleeping in a bed is none other than…LINK.
That is how Link is connected to the mario game.

5) i just finished reading the latest mailbag and I seen that someone mentioned Link in WW being a descendant to the link from Oot because of the triforce marking, and ZU replied that he didn’t have one.
No offense or anything ZU, but did you play WW?
Link gets the triforce marking on his hand at the end of the game and the king of red-lions admits that this new Link is in fact a descendant of the hero of time from Oot. ZU, you gotta get your facts straight.

Zelda Universe:
Your theory is the exact same theory as our timeline theory, unless I missed something somewhere… Anyway, on to the questions:
1. No, the Four Links are a result of the magical sword you find in the game, called the Four Sword. It splits the user into four identical personas.
2. There are two possibilities: Either he never did return to Hyrule, or he did, and decided to settle down and have a family with whoever or he became part of the Imprisoning War, defeated Ganon again, and then disappeared, but it’s not known.
3. No, but there are some days mentioned in the comics that could be implemented into the games if the creators saw fit.
4. It’s been a long time since I have played that game, namely a year or two (emulators rule). But anyway, I can’t remember that part, if you can produce a screenshot, and send it in, then maybe I can you prove me wrong.
5. No offense taken, but some facts I don’t know yet because I have yet to complete the game. All the things I need to take care of first have taken away from playing it. But, I am sorry I got that wrong.

From: Adam Payne
In Hyrule Castle in WW their is a painting in the main hall.
If you look hard enough you see Zelda and some Royal people behind her.
But don’t these people look alot like the Pirates? Then this must show that
1) The pirates are the same as Tetra, they didnt know who they really were, or
2) did they know who they really were, and kept Tetra’s true life a secret.
Also if you have completed WindWaker you can start a new file with added extras(Play in your Pj’s, Aryll has a new dress,etc.) Valoo, The Deku Tree and Jabun translate the language of Ancient Hyrule.
Jabun asks:
[SPOILER]King if Link is the Hero of Time. King says no. Then after more speech, Jabun ask if King has any idea who Zelda is(as in which person(Tetra))
King says he has an idea.
[End Spoilers]
Does this show that he could have been wrong, or hes been watching her through a magic stone(he created them)?

Zelda Universe:
Those people do look like the pirates, and the most likely possibility behind it, is that all of them were transformed into the pirates, so that all of them could look after Tetra, so that she wouldn’t die, or least hope she wouldn’t. Seeing as though the pirates are sad that Tetra is gone when Zelda is discovered, makes me think they didn’t know a thing, because once she turned back to Zelda, wouldn’t they know? Or maybe not…
Good observations, since I haven’t been playing all that much (shame on me), I haven’t noticed that. But we already knew about the extras, just not what the comments in Hylian were. Thanks

From: Brendon Hannessen
O.k. I (like many others) have my own theories of some things that happen in the land of Hyrule, and here they go……..

1. the OOT time loop thingo – In my opinion nothing, i dont think there was and endless time loop, i think that when Zelda sent Link back in time, she returned the time to him that was lost when his soul was locked in the temple of time for 7 years. And what of Ganondorf you say?? wouldnt he be still wandering around if Link was lost in time in Termina for who knows how long…. for that i agree with many of the other people, who say that after being locked in the sacred realm in the original time line, Ganondorf stayed there, as the sacred realm would not obey the normal laws of time.

2. Gerudo males are only born every 100 years – Correct me if i’m wrong, (which i could possibly be) but does it anywhere say that no gerudo gives birth to a male between the 100 year wait? the way i see it, is that the Gerudo’s go out to town, take men (as the guy in the window at night in the hyrule market tells you when u wear the gerudo mask) take em back to camp and….ummm that part you could work out for yourself. But the point is i believe that they may have children of any sex, if they are female, all is well and good, they become Gerudo. But if they are male, the children may be
abandoned, left with someone (maybe the father) or even killed. But every 100 years, the first child to be born after a certain date, becomes their king.

3. Kokiri to Koroks, Fado and Mido and the Deku Tree – alrighty then….. first up, Kokiri to Koroks: Many people believe that because Kokiri do not grow up, then that does not mean that they age, which in turn means that they dont die so therefore
they should be around forever, which has given a lot of debate to this issue. The
way i see it is that the Kokiri do not grow up, but they do age. in that there is a difference, and because of that i do say that the Kokiri can die of old age. Because of this the transformation from Kokiri to Korok is harder to decide, was it simply evolution over centuries, did the Deku Tree decide to make the Kokiri have differnt forms one day, or maybe it had something to do with them weird fireflys buzzing around the forest. We already know that going into the lost woods and becoming ‘lost’ will turn someone into a stalfos, whats to say that there wasn’t other magic which over centuries turned them into tree folk. I am undecided on this issue, but had to discuss it
Fado and Mido: This is an easy one, because of my reasonings it says why fado is not mido, apart from the subtle point of the name being different, which some people may fail to pick up, but, its there, dont doubt it. And why isnt Fado a Korok??? the reason to that is that Fado is a ghost from the past, possibly centuries old, and the Kokiri were still around then.
The Deku Tree – i believe the Deku Tree is the same tree as the sprout for a couple of reasons, first it knows of the original Link, Ganondorf, and the rest of it. but some people say that with the time loop thing the original deku tree may not have died. but when Link is sent back to his younger self he is in the temple of time, and the only way for him to get there is for the deku tree to give him the stone after link battles gohma, and still dies. the other reason is that he knows the ‘old language’, being Hylian which was commonly spoken at that time.

4. Zoras and Ritos – Its entirely possible that zoras may have evolved into ritos, i mean where did birds come from right here on Earth?? ummm the ocean just like everything else. the process of evolution doesnt have to make sence, it just happens. maybe zoras decided to live above water, and become more human, and then over time grew wings ahd there you have it. Or possibly they are not realted, and one day zoras and ritos joined civilisations for some reason (just work with me here) and over time the duties of sage passed on to the ritos. (although this theory kinda
ignores the part of the sage being a decendant) the only other way i thought of the rito’s coming about (one day when i was bored) is that maybe Grog’s name meant more than it said, and ummmm you know.

5. Hero of time, Hero of Winds – No the two Links are not related, this is clearly stated by The King of Red Lions.

6. Ganondorf – yes he is the same one, King also says this.

7. Cucco’s to Pigs – ??? whats with this, just because there are no Cuccos on the islands of TWW, doesnt mean they are gone, this would mean that they would have to devolve back into cucco’s for the other zelda games later in the time line, that makes no sence.

8. Thats all i think this emails probably long enough, anyway the site rules best one around and all that, ummm keep it up, and i hope Anakin gets over his financial difficulties.

Zelda Universe:
1. Or, if you want a differing opinion, the other opinion out there is that when Link returns to Zelda at the end of OoT, they go over strategy for the Imprisoning War; meaning that Ganon was locked away at the end of the seven years, but this time it happened out over the seven years, and not the time traveling. The same way he ends up there is probably by the sages, but after time flows normally. Of course, there are many opinions about it.
2. I think it’s more genetics than anything. I think the way the race works is that females are born no matter what, until 100 years pass, and a rare male is born. That’s what I saw anyway.
3. They do age with time, but not with appearance; the appearance is always that of a child. It says in the game that the Koroks are a transformation of an ancient forest race, which the only one I know of it Kokiri’s. Fado and Mido are two different people. I forgot about the Temple fact at the end of the game, that does make it seem that the Deku Tree dies no matter what! Whoa revelations!
4. Well, the opinions i’ve seen, and all of the facts I forgot, the Rito might be an evolved cucco. They look like birds, and they can’t fly like cuccos. They get their wings from the scales from that dragon (I forget his name!), because it is said, and that the fact that you get the grappling hook, and explanation for it.
5. Of course.
6. Of course again.
7. People try to find something illogical and make it logical. Like these user fees my school might have to implement for activities, like newspaper… Stupid school.
8. We all hope the best of Lars, but if he is unable to work at the site for a prolonged period of time, Zephka, Trahald, and myself will try to make sure you get all of the most updated Zelda information we can give you. ZU will live no matter what!

From: jeroen castricum
1. there seems some misunderstandings about the timeline.
in OOT there are two timelines the adult link time and the young link time.the adult timeline goes to WW because of all the evidence you can find there.then it goes to a link to the past because of the seven maidens who are descendants of OOT`s seven sages.then it goes to the oracle series because link has touched the triforce and is been sent to labryanna and holodrum and finally the adult link timeline goes to the adventure of link becaus link has the triforce in its hands.about the young link timeline it goes first to MM because link searches navi who has dissapeared when they returned to there original time.then it goes to the four swords because zelda all ready knows link.then it simply goes to the legend of zelda and from there it goes to links awakaning because link has been on a journey.now that should be cleared up.

2. many say the great deku tree in the WW is a new one but thats not tree this deku tree is the deku tree sprout out of OOT because I have read it somewhere in the game and the koroks say that the forbidden woods where once there home.

3. in the adult link time line in OOT has link been back in time so thats why the WW link isn`t a descendant but it can be family because links real family has survived the Imprisoning war while link didn`t know it because his mother has leaved him at the kokiri and died do link never knew his family.

4. you have a great site.

Zelda Universe:
1. Some people believe that theory, while other’s like me do not. It’s a theory, something thought to be true based on some facts, but entirely true.
2. Plus the kid above you made the point that you end up at the Temple of Time at the end of the game, meaning that the original tree is dead, thus a new one had to take his place anyway.
3. You never know.
4. I hope so, because we do it for all of you visitors out there.

From: Shunta Igarashi
I have trouble thinking about the link of the sages from OoT and the princesses from ALttP as:
1. Saria is a Kokiri and doesn’t grow up therefore could not get descendants
2. Darunia and the Gorons are all (obviously) male and would therefore be princess
3. Ruto is a Zora and none of the princesses are zora
4. Nabooru and the Gerudos died out before TWW
5. Rauru was human(?) but was guarding the Temple of Light where no other human can go
6. Ruto said that none of the sages could marry
As an extra note, I want to say that I have tried my best not to get
your site as it is the best ever I have seen (Zelda site or not)!!!!

Zelda Universe:
Saria: She doesn’t grow up, but that’s mean she doesn’t “age” and mature enough to have children.
Darunia: They are all males, but then how are they all born? Don’t you need a female for that? It could be just like the Gerudo, only reverse, and the fact that it’s a human born. Got you thinking, didn’t I?
Ruto: Ruto has kid with human, that human kid has kids with a human. The bloodline of Ruto lives on!
Nabooru: They didn’t die out, they probably moved out to some other land. Plus, Ganon is still around in all of the games, and he is part Gerudo.
Rauru: Doesn’t mean he could could have gone out one night, for some, let’s say, fun. You never know these things.
As for your marry note: they can’t marry, what did they ever say about bearing children? I have just showed you what I do everyday, find loopholes in anything.

From: oscar bardales
how do you input a cheat code into windwaker?

Zelda Universe:
When did Cheat Codes appear for The Wind Waker? I was never told about them. I didn’t think there were Cheat Codes for the game, if i’m mistaken, someone prove me wrong.

From: Joey Mandeville
Just wondering, but couldn’t the Triforce have been split into 8 pieces when Link left for Termina in MM? WW said he was called off and left, so wouldn’t the Triforce, being bound to Hyrule, just split be itself waiting to be reclaimed by the new “Link”? One more thing, why do monsters start appearing on Outset after you get the master sword? Is it because Ganondorf is fully restored? If so, then why don’t monsters start appearing on all the seemingly peaceful islands (Windfall, D. Roost, etc.)?
Love your site!

Zelda Universe:
Of course, if I am still correct in saying, aren’t the fates of Termina and Hyrule connected? Thus allowing the Triforce into either land? Who knows really. As for the monsters, they appear well before you get the Master Sword, like when before you meet up with Jabun behind the island. I believe they are sent there by Ganon to stop Link from getting to Jabun, thus getting any further in his quest. And on the other islands, Ganon must have gotten worried when Link got as far as he did, and started after you got the second pearl.

From: jin
thanx for readin and respondin to my opinion i love ure site and thanx a bunch and i have a question for u all who is ure favorite link like oot ww alttp
my self i miss the darker days of the mature oot link but thats just me thanx a bunch guys bye

Zelda Universe:
That’s a first for me to get a thanks for answering a question. It’s my pleasure, and my job. Anyway, for your question: I don’t have a favorite Link, because I don’t play favorites.

From: DarthZim
I hear many people questioning the two temples in the Wind Waker, mainly about where they originate from, and I have a couple theories.

1) It could be possible that the original temples from Ocarina of Time were destroyed with the flooding of Hyrule, and new ones were created.
2) The temples most likely would have changed somewhat over the years, and thus might completely change in its ‘theme’ so to speak.

Also, I wonder if the other temples could have been lost because of there being no existing connecting areas, such as how lake hylia connected to the water temple, and the kakariko graveyard to the shadow temple.
For a bit of fun, I tried to match these places in the Wind Waker. (1)The forest temple and The forest haven (duh). (2)The fire temple and Dragon Roost Island (3)The water temple–I have two thoughts on this one. I can’t remember the name, but the island where Jabun was before he abandoned it, and possibly Outset, because he resided there for safety, which could mean something. (4)The only guess I could have for the shadow temple would be Windfall. This being because of the one grave there, and also the fact that both Kakariko and Windfall are ‘major’ cities in the game. For some reason, I also think the cabana house could be it, probably because of the creepy…downstairs, for lack of a better word for it. (5)The light temple seems to be the most difficult to match. I suppose it could on be Hyrule castle, as no other place seems to fit, and also because the light temple was close to Ganon, and the castle.

Quick little note: In the last mailbag there was a note made about the fate of Hyrule and Termina being linked. So, does that mean Termina was also flooded? That would really stink for them, as they really wouldn’t have anything to do with Ganon. (Unless Ganon found Termina as well, some odd way.)

Zelda Universe:
Your theories are nothing, because it is proven by the game. When you are underwater, and talking to The King of Red Lions, he says you need to restore the power of the Master Sword by visiting the Sages. He says you can’t get to the temples from underwater, but you can from above the water. So either they are the OoT temples, or new ones built just for prayer to the gods.
As for your other temples theory. The forest and fire temple are reasonable. If you look at the map of the Great Sea, then compare to the map of OoT, then you see that Lake Hylia would be somewhere near Greatfish Isle (that island where you knew Jabun was at first), so that’s also reasonable. The Shadow Temple would be near Kakariko, which would be somewhere near Fire Mountain or Star Belt Archipelago. The Light Temple of course would be near the Hyrule Castle.

From: The Manta
1. there is a Problem with the Zora-Rito thing. Some one said no fish can live in the ocean. THats wrong cause when u descend into Hyrule, it shows fish swimming above in the ocean. So the zora would thrive and not evolve into Rito. Medli could be the crossbread of a Zora and a Rito, as some one said before. IT’s not impossible cause if you remember, Link and Ruto were in love. OR at least Ruto loved LINK.
2. A thing about the master sword moving. The person who said it doesn’t move last month has a good point but heres the thing. If the Rito island is Death MOuntain than think of the position of Hyrule castle in WW. It is in the center of the map. This would go along with the fact that Hyrule Castle in ALTTP is in the center of the map. Also, if the castle was built over the temple of time, there would be a seal protecting it and sealing the sacred realm and GAnnon’s escape; by opening the seal to the realm he would have escaped. Maybe thats what happened! Or maybe they opened the sacred realm, Gannon escaped and moved the sword to the castle. Hmmmm……

Zelda Universe:
1. Medli has to be linked to Laruto, thus Laruto must’ve cross-bred with a Rito, thus causing Medli to be part Ruto. Ruto has nothing to do with the bloodline, though she might be part of it somehow.
2. Ganon was stuck in the Sacred Realm in ALttP, only he changed it over to the Dark World, and ran it. How would he be able to move the sword when he is stuck in that world?

From: AdvanceSP
Hi ZU! I still love the site very much, although for quite a while I blanked out on Zelda games and almost forgot they existed…
Anyway, that doesn’t matter, on with the point (Ow! the Point hurts!)
Me and some of my friends were talkin about video games (Metroid in particular) when we stumbled upon Zelda.
One of my friends thinks Link looks like Peter Pan. Hearing this, I laughed, but upon thinking about it, I realize that it is quite true.
Could there be any possible relationship between Peter Pan and Link?
I’m not sayin there is, and I’m not sayin there’s not, I just think it could be possible…

Zelda Universe:
Probably just the fact that he wears that silly tunic and hangs around with fairies. Of course he does live in a land where no one on Earth has ever been, but of course, he also can’t fly for prolonged periods of time. It’s probably just the tunic and fairy similarity.

From: RGimenezMiguel

Zelda Universe:
2. I am feeling rather creative, so I’ll answer your question that way:
There once was a mailbag editor who wandered over to the Ocarina of Time walkthrough at the site where he resided. He searched and searched for an any reference to a Sinking Lure in the walkthrough but he couldn’t. “Good Grief,” he said, until he had an idea. He ventured off the site he loved so very much to a site where he could maybe find some information. “Ah, GameFAQs, where have you been all my life.” He searched the multiple FAQs there, and found this information for the wonderous visitor who asked the question:
“When you’re a kid, the sinking lure is found on the stick that’s sticking out of the pond. Just walk over that stick until you find it. As an adult, the sinking lure is in between two of the three rocks at the tiny stream. Keep in mind that you can’t see it.”
And there you have it, the story ended happily, even though the Mailbag editor had to say “Keep visiting ZU, because we supply the best Zelda Information on the net!.”

The next five questions are from the same person, but he split them up into five easy to read emails! So I will answer them like they were five emails, but showing his name once, that and to keep my sanity. I don’t think he would mind!

From: Craig Torbenson
Part One: I have many things to say (again!), but I’ll send them in several shorter e-mails, a day or two apart, for your sanity.
Now I would just like to point out that I was wrong. Yes, I admit it. My theory on the migration of people south-east cannot be true. One piece of geographic fact proves it wrong – Spectacle Rock. Spectacle Rock is in every Zelda game that takes place in Hyrule except OoT. It is in the exact same location, or pretty close to it, in every one. In OoT, it is just out of reach, right over the hills to the left of Hyrule Castle. Therefore, every Zelda game has to be in the exact same place. But then how does the Master Sword get in the North-west corner in LttP? I have a new answer. In WW, Link fights Ganon at the top of his tower. But where is Ganons tower? I believe it is in the north-west corner of the map, near or directly under the Forsaken Fortress. There
is a portal inside Ganon’s tower that can warp you directly to the Forsaken Fortress and access the above world whenever needed. If the warp made by the gods at Tower of the Gods can only go straight up and down, then I don’t think Ganon’s can do anything but the same. Now I know it’s a long walk underwater from under Tower of the Gods to under the Forsaken Fortress. However, Hyrule under the water would have to be pretty deep to be another land, but not seen above the water. I mean, they have submarines and everything! That makes the Sphere that the world of
Hyrule exists on smaller than the sphere the world above the waves exists
on. That means it would take less time and distance to get from one point to the other on the smaller sphere than on the larger sphere, even if the points are directly under/above each other. The reason for bringing the location of Ganon’s tower up: Link left the master sword there. At the end of the final battle Link puts the master
sword into Ganon’s head, and Ganon turns to stone. However, Link never retrieved the Master Sword from Ganon’s head. He kept it in there, and floated back up via that weird bubble thing. Ganon’s tower was washed away, and the stone Ganon with the Master Sword was left where it stood. After the world drained, nobody could get the
sword out, so the stone Ganon was hewn into a new pedestal and the sword was left there.

Zelda Universe:
See, I never believed the theory about there being a new Hyrule built above water, it makes no sense really; I thought that Hyrule would drain as well. As my law teacher would say, “you pay good attention to detail.”

Part Two: I am writing this as I read the last Mailbag, just to let you know. I would like to comment on a few things from Tom Bennett. One, I do not believe there are two time-lines in the Legend of Zelda. That’s just my belief, and everything I do will be based on that belief. Miyamoto might have said it, but until I read his words I will go this way. I would also like to comment about what happens to Ganondorf after the
game. As I said before, I believe Ganondorf’s stone body was hewn into the new pedestal for the Master Sword. But without his body, how could he live on? The Triforce of Power restored his life and turned him into a monster once, why not again? Even though the King was the one who made the wish, Ganondorf was still holding not just the Triforce of Power, but the entire Triforce. With it’s power, his soul, the essence of his being, was saved and sent to the Sacred realm. The Triforce could never give him back his body, but with it’s power he was able to be reborn and exist as a
monster, Ganon. He also held the entire Triforce, and was able to conquer the Sacred Realm and make it the Dark World. The only thing he needed to invade the Light world was a servant, Agahnim (or however it’s spelt). This also explains why Ganon holds the whole Triforce in LttP, and why in every game after WW he is Ganon, the monster.

Zelda Universe:
I don’t believe in the two timeline theory, because I am also a fan of Time Travel, and know how it works. Anyway, since I *cough* haven’t beaten The Wind Waker yet *cough*, I don’t know of the end cutscenes. There, I said it, I still haven’t beaten The Wind Waker! But there’s good reason, school, work, prom, girl problems, mailbag, etc. Good logic behind the whole reason why “Ganon is monster after WW” theory. Now onto part three!

Part Three: The three Merchants in WW are not the last three Gorons! The Goron
race merely migrated to another land. Actually, they split in two, one group migrated to Holodrum and one to Labrynna. The larger was in Labrynna, since the Goron Elder went with them and most followed him (The family line of the Goron Elders is in Labrynna). About the Kokiri. Yes, they die when leaving the forest, but not immediately. The Great Deku Tree merely says that to keep the Kokiri in the forest. When they are in the forest, the Kokiri are protected by the Great Deku Tree, and do not age. But when they leave the forest, they are no longer under the Deku Tree’s protection, and they begin to age. Eventually, they will die of old age. So they will die, in a long time. Link in WW is not a descendant of Link in OoT. The King of Red lions
is not misinformed – The King of Red Lions is the King of Hyrule, and the King knows what happened to Link in OoT. After all, he was alive when Link in OoT set of for MM and returned. Also, Ganondorf didn’t say Link was the Hero of Time Reincarnated, he said it looked like the Hero of Time Reincarnated. Last thing in this part: About Hyrularity. I know my opinion is very different than most peoples. I thought Hyrularity was a crude, offensive piece of slime. Sure, numbers 1, 2, and 4 were good, but the rest were just plain stupid, in my opinion. Please, whoever takes the job of making
it, clean it up!

Zelda Universe:
More good points, and about Hyrularity, I thought it was pretty good work of art, but hey, differing opinions again. As for it’s return, I think it’s done as of when MissKari left. I don’t think anyone will take on her job, but probably replace it with a different comic strip.

Part Four: To start, I would like to say that I do not believe that Link in OoT and
MM is the same as Link in OoS, OoA, and LA. The reason is that in OoS and OoA, Link is called to Hyrule Castle by the Triforce, which then warps him to Holodrum and Labrynna. Also, the main point of OoS and OoA was not just to save Holodrum and Labrynna, but to save Princess Zelda and defeat Gannon. However, these obstacles can easily be overcome. For one, Link could have been called from his searching for Navi back home by the Triforce because Zelda had been kidnapped by Ganon’s servants. He merely decided not to go back with Zelda after he rescued her, and continued searching for Navi. Victore Fiore’s theory is very sound, and it fits
in perfectly with most everything else. I will stick with the traditional viewpoint, but I will keep a very open mind about this theory. Suddenly the Theory about the Fierce Diety Mask makes a whole bunch more sense. I can agree with it. He wasn’t separated from the qualities that made him a hero when he got to Termina, but during his stay there! The Fierce Deity Mask is a evil mask, it says so in the game. Link cannot wear an evil mask and bear the Triforce as a good person, so the Triforce
split and returned to Hyrule. Oh, I just proved Victore Fiore’s Theory wrong. In OoS and OoA, Link was called to the respective lands by the Triforce. However, after MM, the Triforce of Wisdom was still being carried by Zelda, the Triforce of Power
by Ganon, and the Triforce of Courage was in pieces around the land. Link in OoT and MM couldn’t be called to Hyrule Castle by the Triforce, because it wasn’t all there! Therefore, it cannot be the same Link.
Lastly, You have a poster in your room that is a map of WW?!?! Where did you get it???? I want one!!!!!

Zelda Universe:
You really should be a ZU analysis or something, because you make good points on everything. I never thought that OoT, MM Link were the same as OoS, OoA, and LA Link and since I am real lazy, I don’t want to look back and see who said that. But hey. And as for my poster, I got in a Brady Games Strategy Guide, and of course it is a special edition, being 272 pages of the walkthrough, bestiary, side-quests, and of course a OoT Walkthrough as well. The Map was one of the cool pull-outs that I took advantage of.

Part Five: To those of you wondering about how to get the Bonus OoT Gamecube
disk, sorry, it’s too late. “Limited Quantities Available.” Each store in the country probably received only one shipment. I am SOOO glad I got the last copy at the store, probably the last copy in the city. I am a Tetra’s Trackers and Four Swords (for Gamecube) hater, like many others. I say we all go petition Nintendo to never release these pitiful excuses for games.
That’s all. Bye.

Zelda Universe:
I think every store ordered enough to fulfill the preorders they had at each store, rather than just one shipment. Well maybe to fulfill the orders, and keep some extras. You might be able to start a petition, but why do it? These games aren’t supposed to be the next big thing that Miyamoto is going to put out that is Zelda based, this is more of a game to hold us over until he brings out the sequel to The Wind Waker. And thanks to your emails, the penguins steal more and more of my sanity… I mean, thanks for sending the emails.

From: Joey Mandeville
I think i have and answer about the fire temples changing music. It doesn’t have anything to do with grey or gold, but i heard that nintendo was sued by a convent of monks or something similar that used a similar chant as the one heard in the backround of Fire Temple. That is why in the new OoT on GC, their is no chanting

Zelda Universe:
If you can show any proof of a lawsuit that was filed against Nintendo by those Monks, then we can use that as the excuse for the change. Just send it on over.

From: GoldenPan67
Hello your site has been a great help, but i just have one question i already beaten The Ocarina of Time but when it comes to the end i cant save it and everytime i turn of the game and turn it back on it always makes me start over to where i meet Ganon is there a way i can save it?

Zelda Universe:
You can not save after you have beaten the game in Ocarina of Time — Sorry, but it is a cruel world.

From: RGimenezMiguel
I wasn’t sure if I could get any info about differences between the gold and grey without permission, I got all of the info off of Classic Zelda. For those of you who don’t know anything about the gold cartridges though.

When they first released OOT they were sold as speacial gold cartridges that you either had to reserve it or buy it where they just recieved it.But since you know how quickly they sold, there weren’t any more left to buy.So Nintendo started making grey cartridge games with about 7 changes.(that’s about all Classic Zelda has)

Zelda Universe:
Ok, first of all, I tried to contact the owners of the site to get permission to use their information, because I am that nice of a guy. So I waited, and waited, and waited. And finally when I got tired of waiting, and wanted to put out a mailbag, I decided to use it anyway. So, according to Classic Zelda, the differences are (and if you want to read in full, click here)
1. The Swordless Link glitch
2. Ganondorf’s blood
3. The sound effects
4. The fire temple music
5. The fishing pond trick
6. The secret cutscene
7. The box grammar error

From: Jis4jake
Hey i was doing some searching on the Rito/Zora Race problem. Turns out the flood drove the Zora off to a secret island in Calatia. And the Rito flew in from somewhere about 200 years after OoT happened. And also I found out the Goron race was dying because the main food source died because of the flood swallowed death mountain. I have more info on the anwsers of the timeline because i found out the real timeline.

Zelda Universe:
Where did you find this information? Did you find it off a website? If so, send it over, and we’ll take a look at it. But that does sound reasonable explanation to the disappearances of both races.

From: Gabe
I’m a huge Zelda fan. I just recently read the article describing other Zelda fan’s expressions on the 2 new games for Gamecube. I agree… Nintendo is starting to use Zelda as commercialism. But, to take it to a further note, is Nintendo all to blame? Maybe it’s just me, but Nintendo might be pressured with all the times going around. It might feel threatened by other systems like PS2 and are afraid of going out of business. They might just try to be making as many games as they can without realizing that not enough quality is going into them. Have any of you noticed that Gamecube games are rather…short? Compared to Nintendo 64’s games, Gamecube seems to have many games lacking in length. It seems like they did everything else, like the graphics and story well, but the games are just too short. If they’re making them short, maybe that’s because they want to sell whatever they can for a lot of money and fast, before they have to shut down. It’s the pressure of other systems and the complaints people send them about their games that they probably don’t know what to create next. Another issue that I think is causing not only Zelda, but many other games to drop, is the amount of little kids taking interest in them. I don’t know about you guys, but not too long ago I remember walking around and I’d see full-fledged fans talking about pressing issues about games and expressing their positive opinions about them. Now, I can walk into any store and I guar! antee you that there will be some small child begging his parent for Zelda or some other serious game. I think that because they took an interest in it, and because that there’s more children then deep gamers, Nintendo may have been forced to take the majority and start developing games to their preferences, hence all the “child like games and graphics” Nintendo has produced. Take the Wind Waker for example. Personally, I loved the graphics. And the story was pretty good too. But compare it to Ocarina of Time for a minute. Ocarina of Time must have had a million and one touching moments that you just can’t forget. Everything from previous Zelda games at that time were in it- Death Mountain, Kakariko Village, etc. I think that having a game like that relate to how the old Zelda’s were and made the game even better then what it was. In the Wind Waker… it seemed like…nothing was there. It was a good game, no argument, but I don’t think it was the best Nintendo could come up! with. It was hard to imagine the whole world was Hyrule at all, the whole land drowned everything… you couldn’t see any aspect of Hyrule at all. As i said before, Ocarina of time had a million and one touching moments. The Wind Waker only had a handful… and they were when it was most connected to Hyrule, too. Like in Hyrule castle, when you saw Ganondorf… you know the times. Now compare the 2- Ocarina of Time beats the Wind Waker in every category… most importantly being the storyline. The Wind Waker had a good story, but it seemed a little easy to follow. I think that’s because of Nintendo taking the favour of little kids preferences to Zelda. And with the 2 upcoming games, it’s clear that Nintendo wants to take the favour of little kids and there graphics then Zelda and its story. It may pain you to hear, but… every child I see now skips text and story through every game. It’s not just zelda. Well, that’s all I’m going to say. If this gets posted up then thanks ! for reading and I hope you understood. Maybe we should try to get Nintendo back to the way it was supposed to be.

Zelda Universe:
Kids more nowadays are just going into stores to find games that they don’t understand. I see it myself because I have a 7 year old sister, who likes Zelda not for the story but the way I play it. Some kids who have siblings don’t want the game for themselves, they want them so they can spend time with older siblings who will be less afraid to play the games. Thus, it comes to your reasoning, the games were made more childish to solve that problem. Even though my sister wasn’t scared during some bosses, there are kids out there who see someone like Bongo Bongo and have nightmares over what they saw. If I am correct in saying, that mostly all of the bosses in this game were more childish, less scary, etc. as compared to OoT? Am I wrong in saying this, or does everyone else see it? The strategies and weapons to defeat them are there, but the overall scariness is gone. I do agree, games are getting more and more childish because more and more kids see games, buy them, and play them. But, there are still games for the teenage generation, but when they intertwine, something happens to the value of the game, that I agree with. I think I will stop my tangent now, and move on.

From: Anonymous
First of all, your site is great and I visit it serveral times every day, but all of you seem to misunderstand what the imprisoning war was, or possibly was. I used to visit zelda.com quite frequently before they only had Wind Waker and A Link to the Past stuff on it. When OoT first came out, as you probably know, they had all OoT stuff on that site. They had a kind of prologue on it that they didn’t have in the game. They said that before Ocarina of Time took place, “there was a terrible war in Hyrule.” They also said all the races fought against each other, “the Gorons were agaisnt Gerudos and Zora’s against Hylians” etc., etc. Then the war was over and they started forming allies and stuff. Then they turned to Ganondorf’s side of the story. “Shortly after the war, the single male Gerudo was attending his magical studies when he came across the almost long forgotten legend of the Tri! force. He knew the kingdom of Hyrule was weakened, and he could probably trick the King into telling him of the Triforces’s whereabouts and how to get it.” There is also alot of evidence in OoT supporting this. First of all, when the Deku Tree Sprout tells Link about his mother and that he is really a Hylian, he tells you that there was a terrible war in Hyrule. Second, at night on Hyrule Field when you step off the path and/or you are not wearing the Bunny Hood, you are attacked by Stallchilds (or maybe the plural is Stallchildren?), and in Majora’s Mask they clearly state that Stallchilds are the spirts of soliders that died on the battle field. As for who was against who, I have major and minor proof. The minor proof comes about when you talk to people with certain masks. If you talk to Darunia with the Gerudo’s Mask, he gets angry and says, “I hate Gerudos!” and when you talk to King Zora with the Zora’s Mask, he says, “I don’t think that’s funny at all! Are you! mocking me?” But those aren’t good supporters of the theory because anyone could hate Gerudos; after all, they are thieves. As for the Zora’s Mask thing, if someone came up to me wearing a mask that looked somewhat like me, I would be offended as well. But, as for the major proof, is there not a Gerudo flag (the same kind of flag that you see in the Gerudo Desert) on the way up to Goron City on Death Mountain? And Darunia talks alot about the King of Hyrule being his “Sworn Brother”. And, I think an old person in the Market says a great number of Sheikahs died defending the royal family in “the war” (I’m not sure of what I said in the last sentence, but I think so). I think that it is very possible this might have been the Imprisoning War spoken of in ALttP.

Zelda Universe:
I do remember all those points of the prologue, but why would that way be called the Imprisoning War, where is the Imprisoning aspect of it? We see the Imprisoning War as that of Ganondorf’s imprisoning. One theory out there says that when Link returns to his original time, at the end of OoT, he is discussing battle strategies with Zelda on the Imprisoning War. The war before OoT takes place would more than likely be called a War of the Races, because that is what it was, no imprisoning takes place between races. So, in a way we weren’t wrong in saying what we say, you have proof about a war, but a war that has nothing to do with the title you tried to link it to.

From: David
Are the rumors true about Ocarina of Time having an alternate ending? Because it doesn’t seem possible; the story, though mixed up in time, is linear as far as I can tell.

Mr. Miyamoto states on the official website of the Wind Waker the the story takes place a century after Ocarina of Time. I wonder how that works with the stories of the other games… does this mean the theory that all of the games are sequenced in a single story line is wrong?

Zelda Universe:
I think when you say alternate ending, you mean all those people who split the game into Child Link and Adult Link. But other than that, what you see on the game is the way the game goes.
We can’t really put down the big man can we? Even though it is really illogical how that much stuff can evolve in a century, but he says it. I don’t think the order of games will be messed around, but the date we have probably will.

From: Master Caelin
1.Do you guys think they will add another bonus disc with the upcoming game
Four Swords and/or Tetra Trackers?
2.Who of you peepz finished the second quest of LOZ?
3.Wasn’t WW a short game? I never played a Zelda game for such a short time

Zelda Universe:
1. I don’t think they would release one with these two upcoming games, but they might for the next Gamecube Zelda, maybe putting games like LoZ, AoL, or MM on the disc. But that’s too far into the future to tell.
3. It is kind of short, but I think that this game was either rushed to get out for the fans out there to play, and the next one might not be as rushed, and may be longer, or that’s the way that this game was meant to be played. I can’t read minds, even though I wish I could sometimes.

From: Alex Dorner
I have PROOF that the zoras became the ritos! Look at medli and Laruto’s skirts. There’s a picture of the ZORA SAPPHIRE! I also think that Valoo and Jabun are the kids of Jabu-jabu and Volvagia, because they speak ancient hylian.

Zelda Universe:
Both of them having the Sapphire on their skirts doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire Zora race became the Ritos, that probably just means the Medli and Laruto are somehow related, either by blood, or destiny.