From: Monocromon
Umm, ok actually I have a few things I wish to say here..ehh..
First of all your site is one of the coolest I’ve seen yet 🙂
1)umm.. I was kind of serfin’ through the ol’ Q & A section, and actually I HAVE finished the entry for Anju/Kafei in M.M., and if you look EXTREMELY CLOSELY at the screen when it’s doing all those credits..when it gets to a picture of Anju’s wedding in the backround, you can clearly see that Kafei is, in fact, still a child — now wouldn’t it make sense for him to be changed back after Majora’s mask was defeated??
2)If, in Oot, Link grew up like everyone else thinking he was a kokori child, then when he finally got out of the forest, even though a regular kokori wouldn’t be affected by this but they thought that at the time, when he stepped out onto the hylian field he didn’t know he was a hylian, right? Well then why wasn’t he in the least bit suprised when he didn’t melt or something?

Zelda Universe:
1) No, because all that Majora’s Mask had done was not undone .. Remember, everything that happened during the three day cycle did happen before Link defeated the Mask, and after he did defeat it, the dawn of a new day came. They never went back to the start of the 72 hour cycle after Link defeated Majora.
2)Well, if you remember, Kokiri are not affected by time, they appear to be children all the time. When Link appeared in the Forest, he was affected by time, and the Great Deku Tree knew that. So that’s why Link was sent in to rid the Deku Tree of Gohma, and then sent out of the forest to visit Zelda, because he knew he wouldn’t be affected Hyrule Field. Also, he didn’t have a fairy at the beginning, making him different from all the other Kokiri’s.

From: EchoSideNinja17
How come Zelda never does any favors for Link to repay him for his deeds to the land? I know he got some rewards, but link never seems to enjoy himself.

Zelda Universe:
I just guess he does get rewards, but they are probably seen off camera. These characters are human, and need to have some privacy ;-). And about his composure, I bet he just doesn’t show his emotions about anything to make sure he doesn’t give the wrong one :-D. Typical man… wait a minute.

From: Linkgarukowings0228
Oni Link Is the coolest Link. I was wondering if you think Oni Link will ever be in another game as a playable character?

Zelda Universe:
I bet that Oni Link was only playable with Majora’s Mask, and will probably not be in anymore Zelda games. If you go to and find an email address suited for this question, you may actually get your suggestion through.

From: dlmorris
will The Zelda series ever be made for the pc?

Zelda Universe:
I think that Miyamoto will probably stick to making Zelda games for the Nintendo systems, since new systems are being released at a fast pace. Since new systems are being released at a fast pace, Miyamoto only has time to make games for the systems, not a side project for the PC. Of course, looking at the next question, I see that Nintendo has done side projects concerning a certain Ura Zelda ;-).

From: Elgarath
Hey – What exactly is “Ura Zelda”? I know it has been released in Japan on the 64DD – but what is it? Is this just an extended version of “Ocarina of time” with a few more dungeons or a whole new game? Excellent site! Greetings Elgarath!

Zelda Universe:
Ura Zelda (another Zelda translated) was an original side-quest for Ocarina of Time on N64. The Nintendo 64 was suppose to have an accessory called the 64DD disc drive, but was never released in America. Ura Zelda was never released anywhere, and no one has ever played it, but it was completed. The game was supposed to be the same land, but with some new dungeons, characters, items, and enemies. No one, but Miyamoto and Nintendo, knows exactly where the dungeons are, what they are, and any maps/bosses to any. It is being released in Japan to anyone who pre-orders Zelda: Kaze No Taktuo, along with a Ocarina of Time for GCN. Anakin will keep you updated if the game breaks overseas to us, or any dungeon details.

From: EchoSideNinja17
I really don’t understand how there can be more then one link, and apparently, their all identical. Link is Link and everyone is different. I have come up with two logical explainations: some of the games have no correlation what so ever.( they are just the same characters in different adventures, even though you can most definently see a direct connection between games) The second explaination is very weird but must be said. The only possible way to get identical Links is through the process of mitosis. So I will restate my question, How can there be more than one Link?

Zelda Universe:
The theory of more than one Link is a theory made up by one person who noticed that the Links in all the different games looked different. He decided that in order for that to be true, he said that more than one Link was born. Besides, he was thinking about how people in real life die, and also decided that Hyrule was a different world, so had a different timeline. Plus, it’s called a Legend (defined by as “An unverified story handed down from earlier times, especially one popularly believed to be historical.”), so the theory of a timeline does seem accurate. Your opinion is for you to believe, and whoever else you could convince. Besides, I don’t think mitosis happens on human beings.

From: Nikeopolis
How do you get a wallet that can hold up to 999 rupees?

Zelda Universe:
Both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask only have a Giant Wallet, that will hold up to 500 rupees. All other games have a maximum of 999 Rupees. The Giant Wallet in OOT is found after killing 30 Gold Skulltulas and visiting the Skulltula House. The Giant Wallet in MM is found in the Oceanside Skulltula House, and defeating all the Skulltulas there. There aren’t even any Gameshark codes to do that. Sorry! Besides there is no real reason to keep 999 rupees at one time anyway :-D.