James: HO HO HO. Merry Christmas Visitors. Since the emails poured in quickly this time, we have another present for you this Christmas! We wish that Wind Waker was out for Christmas, but this is the next best thing, enjoy!

From: Eddie Moye
hey i love your web site it is my favorite zelda web site, but let’s cut to the chase. My friend said in Oracle of Season there are Lava Flippers and Lava Armor that allow you to swim in lava and I asked him if was true and he said yea but they were eaten by Like Likes. I asked him if he could show me were he got them. He said he copied the info out of a book and put it on a piece of paper but he had lost it. My question is: Are there Lava Flipper and Lava Armor or is it fake?

Zelda Universe:
I have not heard of “Lava Flippers” or “Lava Armor”, s o I think your friend is just pulling your leg on this one. You should know when people lie, because they say they know a code, and they make TONS of excuses to make it believable (“oh, I once had the code, but I lost it”). That’s the case here. Besides, if OOS had Lava Flippers and Armor, what good would they do? You could only use them in Subrosia anyway.

From: Nash Pop
Hi, Is Everybody getting The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of time for Nintendo GameCube?
I heard at nintendo.com that on feb 16 people can pre-order The Wind Waker at certain stores and get a free limited edition version of both Ocarina of Time, and The Ocarina of Time Master Quest.

Zelda Universe:
Not EVERYONE is getting those two extra games for the Gamecube, only if you decide to preorder the game at participating retailers, and place a deposit before, on, or after February 16th, 2002. If you order before February 16, or online, you will get all three games on March 24th. If you order after February 16 in a participating stores, you will get the two extra games after you put the deposit down. Ebgames.com is doing this preorder deal, and you only have to pay an additional $5 shipping fee.

From: Jens Riis Linna
Please let me know if Ura Zelda/Oot the master quest are released Europe. I’m from Denmark that’s why. If I can’t buy it here i have to order it from US and use a freeloader ever 100,000,000th time I play the game.

Zelda Universe:
Anakin lives in that part of the world, and as of I type this, there is no word of any preorder deals in Europe, but that could change.

From: Victor Fiore
This is a very interesting question: How would you guys picture the last chapter of the Legend of Zelda if nintendo desides not to release anymore games? We have to face the fact that the legend could end in the future. your website is the best place for zelda info and i always come for more!!!!!!

Zelda Universe:
X_X ::faints:: HOW COULD YOU SAY SUCH A THING! Zelda will be around until the Earth decided to collapse in on itself, and even THEN, the new beings of the surrounding planets will have Zelda games to play.
But seriously, No one but the man himself, Miyamoto, can answer that one. I can give you three opinions on it, but that is the best I can do.
James: My personal vision is that the game will be a second all out war between the races of Hyrule (way after the last game in the timeline) where the whole world is destroyed by it. But before it is destroyed, Link would do what he could to stop it, exploring Temples/Dungeons and other parts of the land.
EchoSideNinja17 is a visitor of ZU, and a person who is on my AIM Buddy List, I asked his opinion: “I think the game will revolve around Gannondorf or Gannon, but you will still play as Link. The whole game would not take place in Hyrule but a fortress. It would be one giant dungeon with bosses scattered throughout it, and at the end, Link gets defeated by his nemesis.”
Anakin is the webmaster of ZU, I of course had to ask him, since it is his site: “No ending could be the Legend of Zelda series worthy .. never”

From: Hylian2001
Has Nintendo ever released any information on the timeline? Miyamoto must know what order the games go in, so has he ever said what game is where in a timeline?
Great site, thanks ZU!

Zelda Universe:
“In our opinions, with the Legend of Zelda, every game has a new Link. A new hero named Link always rises to fight evil.” A quote from Eiji Aonuma; he said it when he and Miyamoto were interviewed.

From: Davidik
I was wondering if the WW will have any masks at all. I think it made a lot of mini games in zelda to find masks. I think the masks were a great idea. So could you tell me if you know of any masks to be in the WW?

Zelda Universe:
We at Zelda Universe only know of these items. I know that if Anakin finds out anything about Masks in Wind Waker, he’ll post it.

From: Peter Overell
I just want to tell you how good your site is. I love it. It has a wide variety of screenshots, official art and fan art. All the other stuff like encyclopaedia of Hyrule and game info is superband original. You deserve every gram of kudos and praise that you get. 10/10.

Zelda Universe:
::Drools:: Mmmm, delicious compliments. Thank you for the compliments, and remember to visit every minute of every hour of every day, and post on them forums!

From: EchoSideNinja17
Why does Nintendo leave us to assume that Link says things? He never directly talks, but people talk to him as if they were replying to something he said. I’m not saying that Link has no personality; he does indeed have one, but why has Nintendo kept it a secret to the people who can’t look past words for expression? Were they afraid of fans not accepting Link, or did they want people to come up with their own characterization for him?

Zelda Universe:
I think that Link is just shy. Just think about OOT, Link was always the one without the fairy, and always the one who didn’t have a lot of friends. I just think that Miyamoto had Link be understood in speaking.

From: Tytaylor458
excuse me but i am confused, does link turn into an adult in the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Zelda Universe:
No, I do believe the Wind Waker page does say he is celebrating his 12th birthday, and I bet he stays 12 throughout the entire game. Besides, he doesn’t change ages in all the games, only in OOT.

From: SailorMoon9255
Could you please give me a clue as to where the Triforce is found? I mean does it actually exist?

Zelda Universe:
The Triforce, as according to Ocarina of Time, is located in the Sacred Realm. The Temple of Time is the entrance to the Sacred Realm from Hyrule. The Triforce has three separate parts; the Triforce of Power, the Triforce of Wisdom, and the Triforce of Courage. When Ganondorf broke it in OOT, the Triforce of Power went to Ganon, the Triforce of Wisdom to Zelda, and the Triforce of Courage to Link.

From: DarkOctorok
Hi there! My name is DarkOctorok, and I heard about you on the bus. Then I went on the computer, and what did I find? You guys, and the best zelda web site! You guys have everything, movies, guides, fanart, and tons of cool stuff! It was only last year that I found out about Legend of Zelda, when I got Ocarina of Time for X-mas. Since then, me and fellow ZeldaFreak have been glued to the computer, surfin’ for good zelda sites! Oh, and one more thing… Legend of Zelda is the BEST VIDEO GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zelda Universe:
We’re liking the compliments! And I’m surprised that ZU is actually bus chatter. Ocarina of Time was the second Zelda game I actually played and understood (I played Legend of Zelda NES when I was like 5, so I never understood it), the first being Link’s Awakening. And about Zelda being the best game ever, YOU ARE SOO RIGHT!!!

From: Josh
Hey, I really like your site. It’s awesome. The names Josh. Just Josh. Don’t call me anything else. I’m a big fan of video games. Especially Zelda.I’m 11 years old. Well right now it’s 12:22 AM on Dec. 22, and I’m not really sleepy. Seriously. Did I mention I like Zelda games? My favorite movie is Fellowship of the Ring. (I haven’t seen the 2 towers yet so I wouldn’t know) I’d say sour sights just about perfect. It has fan fic,fan art, originat art, and much more. There’s just one thing missing…AN INTERACTIVE STORY!!! I mean one where You click on what you want to do. :-)+<

Zelda Universe:
I was up til 2:30 AM on December 22nd, beat that. But anyway, ZU has an interactive story. I believe what you are referring to is a text based RPG, like that of those Goosebumps “Choose your own scare.” I think Anakin is a bit busy to add one of those right now, but he might in the future, look out for it.

From: Jevlin
I was just wondering, have you ever played the NES Zelda games?
Did you notice that those are much harder than Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask?
Maybe this isn’t true for you but for me the NES games are really hard to beat!

Zelda Universe:
Adventures of Link was the hard because it was the only Zelda that looked and played differently. Legend of Zelda was probably a little easier than that, just because the dungeons were fast to run through. OOT is easy to find where to go, but since the graphics are 3d, the rooms/places are bigger :-).

From: Charlotte
I told you people that there was gonna be a Ura Zelda, but all you said was “don’t get your hopes up”, now it might not have been you i told, but it was someone. I don’t know if you remember me but if you can look in the archives, you’ll see that i was one of the first to find it out! I would kinda like some credit?? maybe, if thats not to much, I’m just talkin like maybe a “thank you” or somethin 🙂 anyways, some of what i said was stuff like “the first CD will contain The legend of ZELDA: Ocarina of time, and the second will be the music CD of Ocarina of time, and the third will contain The making of Ocarina of
time.” now i know that might sound stupid but I’m serious.
well bye and all i want for X-mas is a lil “thank you”
P.S. merry christmas! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Zelda Universe:
You technically didn’t tell us there was gonna be a Ura Zelda:
“I have read at zeldavortex.com that there was going to be two version’s of Zelda for the gamecube, but they decided that they were not going to release the one that had the name ‘URA ZELDA'”
But, you did mention the possibility of it. We’ll give a little credit for it, you’re in the mailbag, that’s cool!