From: Eldora Vetter
Maybe there isn’t a zelda timeline. Maybe each story takes place in a different dimension. That means each person lives at different times and has different roles. (Like Din who plays the oracle of seasons and the godess of power).Yeah…

Our Reply:
To me, this sounds like something made up by someone that hasn’t got enough knowledge and/or spare time (important) to make up his own timeline theory. But yes, it is a theory, and it has been suggested not only by you.

From: Toni
What is the name of the instrument that Sheik plays??

Our Reply:
The Harp my friend, the Harp.

From: Charlotte
I have read at that there was going to be two version’s of Zelda for the gamecube, but they decided that they were not going to release the one that had the name “URA ZELDA” it had contained 3 disks relating to zelda: ocarina of time. disk number one had the legend of zelda: OoT, the game, on the 2nd was the making of the legend of zelda: OoT, and on the third, was the music to the legend of zelda: OoT. But they will not be releasing this in america, only in Japan. And for your site….IT ROCK’S!!!!!!!!!! Thats it for me, good bye and i hope that this piece of iformation was help-full to you and your site.

Our Reply:
You shouldn’t take rumours like this to seriously. Thanks for the comments though! 😉

From: Otaku Chicka
This may be a stupid question, but what is Zelda’s name in the Japanese Version? I don’t think it can be Zelda because there are no L’s in the Japanese language. If you don’t know that’s okay, because I can’t find it either.

Our Reply:
This is a very interesting question, and I have looked into it. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find a concrete answer to your question. Most likely though, is that the Japanese name for Zelda is something completely different, which won’t make much sense if you translate it directly, as far as it can be done, to English. If I find a more definate answer, I will post it here though, so keep checking.

From: Wendigo4444
I have a few opinions concerning the upcoming Zelda Gamecube game. I’ve seen some of the screen shots and I must say I’m a little disappointed. It seems way too cartoonish. I really think they should have stuck to the design of the two N64 games. That was perhaps the greatest gameplay thus far in history. Now I know new games on new consoles are supposed to top predecessors but they shouldnt have strayed so far from what was already great. By the way, Love the Website.

Our Reply:
You seem to share the opinion of many Zelda fans out there. We were all very dissapointed when Nintendo first introduced the Cel-Shaded version of Zelda, but after E3 2002 many fans, including me, have been convinced that Miyamoto has done another brilliant move! The gameplay looks awesome, and with this new style the game offers a brand new gaming experience, which means that we can get to know Link on a more ‘personal’ lever than before, because the game is more expressive. Right now I sound like someone who’s hired by Nintendo, but all I want is that you, and everyone else, will be open-minded, and don’t judge the book by its cover. Chances are that after you have played the game, you will not be disappointed at all!

Could it be in Ocarina of Time that the story keeps on repeating itself (you know how links again sees zelda in the courtyard). It seems like they are stuck in some time warp. And also when you fight your mirror self, if you dumb yourself down does the mirror link dumb his self down or does he still stay with the hardcore skills.

Our Reply:
No it can’t, and if you’ve played Majora’s Mask you would know why. And I have no idea, when I fought Mirror Link, I tried to beat him, but chances are he will most likely make toast of you if you play dumb.

From: Stormy
Hello. 🙂 Umm, I heard that in Ocarina of Time, if you beat the obstacle course on Epona, before 30 seconds, something really cool will happen… like- Epona turns into a white horse with wings or something. I personally, don’t think that this is true, because it’s impossible to beat that course under 30 seconds- I think. But I just wanted to know if you knew anything about that rumour. And also, I think, if you added some Epona stuff to your site, it would be great! Thanx! 😛

Our Reply:
Yes this is true. But first you need to fight Ganon and defeat him without using a weapon, then you will get the warp horse-shoes for Epona. If you don’t know already, what I just said is as fake as your rumour! And as far as Epona stuff, I will see what I can do.

From: David McKenna
Hey, earlier today I wrote part 10 to the interactive story thing, but now it seems that you already have a part 10 so what will happen to mine?

Our Reply:
Hey David. Every time we add a new chapter to the interactive story, we have to chose from the many submissions we get, and we try to be as fair as possible in our choice. The alternate submissions that aren’t picked usually end up in my trash mail. You have however given me and idea that I might use for the site in the future. Thank you!

From: Antman
It is true that their is a zelda secondary end in Oot because, 1 with all 100 gold skulltulas you get unlimited money, 2 with all hearts and upgrades and finally 3 the magic bow which you get after doing 1 and 2, then you must kill Ganon (both) with only arrows. I have done 1 and 2 but I cant find three, If any of the crew knows where it is I will be very happily to be told, but if I find out where it is I will tell you. PS I love all zelda games and the kill the old man is neat, If you want any things, like piece of hart locations, or spider locations just ask.

Our Reply:
No it is not true! Thanks for the comments though.

From: RyuginKamiTekken
Would it be possible to put up the ring tones as if they were sheet music. That seems to be how my phone is set up. It would be appreciated.

Our Reply:
Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure how to do this. I apologize if this means you won’t be able to use the ringtones on your phone.

From: Frank
I just wanted to mention the following besides me knowing that to write over such a thing as a game is a bit stupid: I do not think that Link- as referred to in Majora’s Mask- is looking for an old friend and this friend is supposed to be Navy. Just let it go through your mind: Do you really think that this puzzle in the story which could eventually lead to a whole new storyline is set up to start a quest for a nasty fary of the woods? Anyone who played O.o.T should perfectly understand my position and the position of the japanese game creator. Why else do you think he erased Navy in the first place? The game designers cannot seriously have in mind to construct this storyline and then when it is revealed tell us that we are supposed to look for the ordinary fary. In my oppinion some greater and more interesting person someone with a face, legs and arms is going to be found and rescued. A friend of the old days, probably a boy Link fought aside with in war or quest. Navy is too insignificant.

Our Reply:
First of all, it is Navi and not Navy. Now to your theory. I would hardly say that Navi was insignificant. She was, apart from Link, the most important character in Ocarina of Time, and it makes much sense that Link would want to find his companion whom he experienced so much togheter with. And btw, fairies have got face, legs and arms, they are just very small. Also, might I add, that in Hyrule, creatures importance is not judged by their looks and size, but by their achievements.

From: ZoombiniG
First and foremost the bombers didn’t say that they once let a deku join, they said they let someone who wasn’t human join. Big difference. I think they had let skull kid join. Remember what the astronomer said? “Are you a new friend of the bombers? Your manners seem much better than your ill-mannered friend from the other day………..he’s probably hanging around the clock tower.” See what I mean. Secondly, Link had to play the song of healing to make the spirits rest in peace and THEN he would get the mask. Also the mask salesman said it also works on curses. I think that when Skull kid cursed link he sucked the live force (soul) out of the nearest deku in order to turn Link into one leaving an empty shell (the tree) behind. So I believe that though the tree remains, because Link played the song of healing to change back into himself, and it was the deku’s life force the deku is already resting in peace.

Our Reply:
You are completely right, and we bend ourself in the dust for you for pointing out our mistakes. Your theory makes sense, but it does not explain the scene after you have completed the game where we see the sad an deformed Deku. Remember that when you played the Song of Healing for Darunia and Mikau, they did not become deformed, but rather they vanished.

From: Darion
In the beginning of majora’s mask, when you are first turned into a Deku, I noticed that there is one of those Ghost Keaton grassy areas. Now If you don’t have the Keaton mask in the begginning of the game, and you can’t get back there after, There seems to be no point in having that grassy area. Unless it is possible to get back to the room where you were changed in to a deku. To me this provides some puzzelment. One last question though what’s with the Deku that’s rooted to that spot, the one in the games final cinematic sequence? Does anyone know if it’s possible to help that one?

Our Reply:
Yes, this is a true mystery. I did infact notice this myself when I was playing MM over again a while ago. Unfortunately, no-one knows how to open the door, and go back there, therefore we do not know for sure if it is possible or not. As goes for your second question.

From: Miles
I’m impress about the new legend of zelda and all, but i’m more concerned with the thought of if all the future zeldas will look like that. It’ s alright since it’s an original idea and the fact that nintendo was able to make the graphics look like they just transfer a cartoon from the television and stuck it on the system. I ‘m just wondering on the fact that I’ve seen a movie insert of the link and Ganondorf fighting and that just got me wondering if the game was going to be like that and all. Oh and is Ganondorf the original Ganon from the orginal stories?

Our Reply:
Don’t worry too much about this. I am pretty sure that Nintendo will not wreck their most succsessful game series ever, even if Celda becomes a total flop. If it does, they will most likely make the neccessary adjustments before the next game. And that movie you saw, it was a demo movie from Spaceworld 2000, made only to show the capabilities of the GameCube, but most fans were to blinded by happiness to accept it when Nintendo stressed that this was not the up-coming Zelda game for GC. And yes, he is.

From: David
I just wanted to say that your site is By Far the best I have ever been to. I have never been to a zelda site with this much info. So thanks for making such a great Zelda Site!

Our Reply:
Thanks David! That is what we strive for, and comments like yours gives us inspiration to work even harder to reach our goal! *Runs of to work on the site*. Oh, I’m already working..damn. Anyways, Thanks again David!

From: Matt S.
In your time line oracle of ages and seasons came last but it seems that it comes right before Links awakening. In the end of the combined version of seasons and ages Link leaves on a boat and you see him sailing away. When he’s sailing off into the distance his ship looks exactly Like in the begging of Links awakening! Other than that your time line seems incredible acutrate. I also have reasonable prove that it was a crazy dream. In the beginning of the game Link’s boat get’s hit by lightning and blown to pieces. In his dream the boat dissapers but at the end of the game Link is floating on the wreckage of his ship. Therefor Link must have just been waking up after being knocked unconcious by the lightning.

Our Reply:
Yes your theory makes sense, and considering I wrote the current timeline theory before I finished the Oracle games, I admit it is placed wrong 🙂 I have btw, noticed this myself as well, and did you notice how Link from the Oracle series looks like Link from the A Link to the Past? I think we have just placed the Oracle games correctly into the timeline!