From: Pogendorf
I come to this site so often you wouldn’t believe. This is the most extended, most complete, most updated Zelda site I have ever been to (I’ve been to a lot!). Keep up the good work!

Our Reply:
Well, we aim to please! All we want is to keep our fans updated with the latest news, and the best help, aswell as providing some extra info for those who are especially interested in Zelda. And when we get comments like yours in our mail, our desire to reach our goals becomes even higher. Thank you!

From: Snes-Guy
Your timeline is inaccurate. In LttP, Sahasrala says that “3 or 4 generations ago” Ganon was sealed in the Dark World. But your timeline places the events of OoT and LttP more than 700 years apart – far more than 3 or 4 generations.

Our Reply:
The timeline we provide here is just a theory, and the way we see with our eyes that it happened. And to us, it seems impossible that Hyrule changed that much in just three or four generations, therefore we have decided that Sahasrala’s three or four generations, which adds up to around 200 years, must be wrong. Thanks for taking the time to visit and pointing this out though, we apreciate it.

From Ruskin:
HI! I’m Ruskin I’ve been wondering about this new Zelda game you know back in 2000 they were making a new Zelda game for the gamecube it seemed to look really cool with great graphics but now it looks like a piece of paper running around on a screen could you tell me when or if there is going to be a new Zelda game with cool graphics or are they just going to use the paper version.

Our Reply:
You are reffering to the Spaceworld 2000 Demo Movie. This movie was infact only made by Nintendo in order to show off the capacities of the Gamecube, and the graphical possibilities. I must agree, I would love to see a Zelda game using these graphics. However, they will be releasing the Cell-Shaded version, and nothing else. I suggest you take a look at the movies, because they are really great, and I promise you that this game will be well worth the money spendt on it, when it is finally released.

From: Dave
I love this site as much as I love zelda, only one problem. I try to download the cartoon episodes and it states that the path cannot be specified, could this please be fixed as I would absolutely love to download those.

Our Reply:
I have looked into this, and it seems that there is no problem with the cartoon episodes. I suggest you head on over to the Cartoon section and try again! Good luck!

From: Zac Winn
Hey, my name is Zac Winn and I was just writing to compliment on what a wonderful site it is. I have seen many but this is by far the best one I have beent o. Well, I don’t mean to waste any or your time, just thought you’d wanna know.

Our Reply:
Comments like these are always great to recive! It is what keeps us motivated to run the site! Thanks a ton, and I hope that will keep visiting, and like what we’ve got coming for you in the future!

From: Gorakiriahianodu
I love your site but the old man killing game is a bit to over the top with the swearing there are a lot of younger zelda fans.

Our Reply:
Thanks for the comments, and as for the ‘Kill the old man from Legend of Zelda’ -game, I personally don’t think it is over the top. But you are right, it does contain a lot of swearing, and perhaps I should put up a warning.

From: Anfreny
I go on this website every chance I gets me all the info I need.

Our Reply:
Damn right! Actually, that didn’t make sense at all.. I’ll just take it as a compliment though! Thanks a lot!