*Gasp!* A new Zelda game was announced! ZUBC, mobilize!

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That’s right: in a recent Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced a remake of Link’s Awakening for Switch. Unfortunately, they haven’t given us many details yet, so we’re going to leave the deep analysis and opinions for later in the year. That doesn’t mean that Brian can’t talk about what he hopes for the remake, and that’s just what he does in this episode of the ZUCast! We also got Randy back into the recording booth for another “Hyrule away from Hyrule,” and Community News reporter RealmWings tries his hand—his voice?— at a Zelda-related segment, singing the praises of the controversial DS outing Spirit Tracks! Speaking of controversy, controversial ZUCast Host Cody Davies recently sat down with Let’s Player Chuggaaconroy to discuss his relationship with the Zelda franchise, and you can hear the whole interview in this episode!

Thanks for checking out this episode of The Resistance, much more officially known as the ZUCast! #SaveKelly

Here’s this month’s lineup:

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Look out for a full-length, combat-related roundtable discussion right here in a couple of weeks! Until then!

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