Chapter 15: Return to the Sacred Grove
  1. 15.1 Return to the Sacred Grove
  2. 15.2 Skull Kid’s Game
  3. 15.3 The Temple of Time

15.1 Return to the Sacred Grove

With your business at Snowpeak Ruins concluded, warp to Castle Town and enter Telma’s Bar. Speak to Telma and she’ll mark Rusl’s location on your map. Now warp to North Faron Woods to begin the next leg of your adventure.

“To cross the gorge, just use my partner here.”

From where you land in Faron Woods, go north toward the Forest Temple. Up ahead, on a tree stump, you’ll find Rusl. Go up to him, and he’ll tell you about an ancient temple that he wants you to find.

Answer “Yes” when prompted, and he’ll summon a Golden Cucco that will enable you to cross the wide gorge ahead and return to the Sacred Grove.

Path to the Sacred Grove

Step One: Grab the Cucco, and jump off this tree stump northward in the direction of the Forest Temple’s entrance. You’ll land on a woody alcove; from there, jump straight ahead and a little to the right to reach another ledge.

Step Two: Turn right and jump to the ledge across from you, where you’ll find the partial bridge leading to the Sacred Grove.

Step Three: Use the Gale Boomerang to make the bridge face north-south, then grab the Golden Cucco again and glide to it.

Step Four: Once on the bridge, use another airy blast from the Gale Boomerang to flip the bridge east-west. Pick up the Cucco again and exit onto the ledge.

Step Five: Now simply jump the next two gaps when the pendulums are out of your way to reach the other side.

Drop the Golden Cucco, and go through the entrance ahead of you to find yourself back in the Sacred Grove.

15.2 Skull Kid’s Game

Just like the last time you were here, there is no in-game map of the Sacred Grove. So pay close attention to where you’re going; If you get lost, just keep investigating tunnel entrances until you see a light emanating from within and hear the tell-tale music.

Chasing Skull Kid

Step One: Skull Kid returns and summons four of his usual Puppets. Destroy them, then follow him straight ahead to the next chamber. In this chamber go right towards a third area. Once there, you’ll find Skull Kid hiding behind a tree on raised ground. Hit him with your sword to make him retreat. Follow him into the tunnel ahead, turning right from the tree where you attacked him.

Step Two: Once you’ve reached this new area, take an immediate left to reach area five. Look to your right, and you can find him on a short pillar that’s jutting out of the water. Defeat any nearby Puppets first. Skull Kid may be out of your sword’s reach, but shooting an Arrow at him works just as well.

Optional: If you’re in need of Bombs, keep straight from where you enter the previous area to reach an area with two torches. Light the two torches to make a treasure chest appear.

Step Three: After getting the second hit on Skull Kid, backtrack to the second chamber. While facing the water where Skull Kid was, go right, right again, and straight until you return to the second chamber.

Step Four: Once you arrive, turn right into a new tunnel where water is falling down to resume the chase. Take a left, then go immediately right into a tunnel flanked by two torches.

Step Five: Continue right into a new tunnel back to the area where the treasure chest containing Bombs was.

Step Six: In here, take a sharp right to go to the next area. Ahead and to your left are some wooden steps, so climb those up to reach a wooden bridge

Step Seven: Eliminate any Puppets in your way, then aim the Hero’s Bow high and to the left. You should see Skull Kid fluting away on a high branch. Stop his song with an Arrow!

Step Eight: The end of this wooden bridge was blocked, but after the third hit on Skull Kid, it opens as your quarry runs through it. Follow him through the tunnel.

Step Nine: Jump down and run straight ahead through the tunnel to the final chamber. Drop down again, and prepare to engage Skull Kid in one last battle.

Destroy the first wave of four Puppets, then aim an Arrow at Skull Kid on his pedestal and let it fly. Next, Skull Kid will teleport to one of the other ledges and summon six Puppets to challenge you. Take them all out, then aim your Bow again and hit him with another Arrow. For the final round, he will unleash nine Puppets against you. Destroy as many as you need to give yourself a clear shot, then aim at Skull Kid’s newest location and let him have it with a final Arrow.

15.3 The Temple of Time

Upon his defeat, Skull Kid allows you to enter his “secret spot”. A tunnel will open ahead of you, leading west. Follow it to a different part of the Sacred Grove, the same area where you obtained the Master Sword earlier. Push the ancient stone block in front of you so that it falls down to the arena below. Follow it down, and run forward all the way to the Master Sword’s pedestal. Strike it with your sword as prompted on the screen.


You’ll see a statue activate back at the entrance, then disappear, leaving a mysterious doorway in its wake.

Run back that way, but when you reach the Triforce emblem near the two guardian statues, you’ll be waylaid by five Shadow Beasts. Take them all out, and don’t forget to destroy the last two at the same time. Defeating the Shadow Beasts will unlock a portal that will allow you to bypass the maze-like portion of the Sacred Grove on future visits.

Climb back up to where you pushed that block down, then examine the doorway that the statue made way for. You’ll find that you can actually open it. Do so, and Link will transport back through time! You’ll be in the same area, but instead of an ancient ruin, it will be the inside of an ornate temple.

When you’re ready to progress, run straight ahead from the entrance of this temple, to the Master Sword’s pedestal. Strike this pedestal again to create a staircase leading seemingly into the stained-glass window in front of you.


Ooccoo will then run in, revealing a hidden entrance behind the window.

Follow her to enter the Temple of Time proper!

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