Chapter 14: Snowpeak Ruins
  1. 14.1 Retrieve the Bedroom Key
  2. 14.2 The Ball and Chain
  3. 14.3 Retrieve the Bedroom Key Again
  4. 14.4 Boss: Twilit Ice Mass – Blizzeta

14.1 Retrieve the Bedroom Key

Room One: The Grand Foyer

This dungeon is basically just a large mansion. Run forward in the first room and turn into wolf form when you encounter an Imp Poe. Defeat it with an area attack and finish it off to claim a Poe Soul.

Revert back to normal and enter the north door.

Room Two: Yeta’s Hearth

In the next room, speak to Yeta to learn a little bit about what’s going on.

She’ll also give you the Map of the Mansion – which functions as the Dungeon Map for Snowpeak Ruins. Yeta will mark this map to show you where she thinks the Bedroom Key is, and point to the door behind her (to the west).

Room Three: The Kitchen

Go through it to find Yeto cooking in the kitchen. If you have an Empty Bottle, climb onto the crates and scoop some soup out of the cauldron to obtain some Simple Soup (which restores 2 hearts). Careful though, there are no Recovery Hearts or Fairies anywhere in this dungeon. The only way to restore health in Snowpeak Ruins is by consuming Yeto’s soup (or by Potions or other bottled items you bring yourself). In the southwest corner of the kitchen are a bunch of jars where Ooccoo is hiding if you want to take her with you. Finally, go through the door to the north.

Room Four: The Cold Storage Room

Step One:
Push the block (the one that’s nearest you when you enter) west across the ice.

Step Two:
Next, find the block in the northwest corner and push it east.

Step Three:
Take that same block and now push it south.

Step Four:
Finally, push it west against the first block…

Step Five:
…then south so that it slides onto the switch and opens the door to the east.

Room Five: Western Courtyard Passage

In this passage, transform yourself into a wolf. Dig through the snow in the nook in the wall to emerge in the central courtyard.

Room Six: Central Courtyard

Take out a couple White Wolfos that pounce you, then open a small treasure chest south of you for a Red Rupee (20). Go north, defeat another White Wolfos, then you’ll find a partially buried treasure chest. Dig it out and open it up to acquire a Small Key.

First Return to the Western Courtyard Passage

Enter the west door to arrive at a new section of the walled courtyard passage. In here, are a couple Mini Freezards. The tricky thing about this enemy is that they will bounce all around the room when damaged, freezing Link if they ram into him. For now, it’s best to use a well-placed Spin Attack (or Jump Strike, if you’ve learned that Hidden Skill yet) to destroy them both outright. Unlock and enter the door north of you.

Room Seven: The Gallery

Upon entering the gallery, you’ll become locked inside with three Mini Freezards on an icy floor. Again, the Spin Attack are useful here. Keep your shield up at all times (if not attacking) to protect yourself against any errant sliding Mini Freezards. Once they’re all down, both doors will open. Take the northwest door.

Room Eight: The Empty Study

As you go to enter the door on the other side of the study, it will shut in your face and a pair of Chilfos will ambush you.

The trick with these enemies is that if you don’t finish them off fast enough, they will regenerate their spear and any lost body parts. Focus on one Chilfos at a time, first destroying its spear, then the rest of its body. For an easier time, just use two quick Bomb Arrows on one to defeat it. Defeating both of them will reopen the doors.

Room Nine: The Pumpkin Chamber

Go through the south door into a small chamber. If you look at your map, you’ll notice that this treasure chest is the one that Yeta marked for you. Open it; but all you get is an Ordon Pumpkin.

First Return to the Cold Storage Room

Instead of backtracking all the way to Yeta, you can take a shortcut. Go through the south door, which will take you back to the storage room where you did that sliding block puzzle. Climb over the barrier into the room proper, then go through the south door back to the kitchen.

First Return to the Kitchen

Speak to Yeto to give him your Ordon Pumpkin, which improves his soup into Good Soup (restoring 4 hearts instead of 2).

First Return to Yeta’s Hearth

Continue east to Yeta’s hearth and speak to her. She’ll mark your map in a different spot this time, as well as open the door leading north. Take it to return to the courtyard.

14.2 The Ball and Chain

First Return to Central Courtyard

You’ll now be in a new part of the central courtyard. Dispatch any White Wolfos that try to get in your way and enter through the window sill to the northeast into the connecting passage. Then continue to the east door into the armory.

Room Ten: The Armory

From the entrance, stand on the raised area and take out the two Mini Freezards (as long as you’re up there, they can’t damage you). Once they’re gone, follow the passage north (ignore the cannonball on the floor) and fight two more Mini Freezards, but without the advantage of higher ground. As you continue the winding path northward, more Mini Freezards meet you. Once you reach the cannon, you’ll have another space of high ground from which to fight with impunity.

Once you destroy all the Mini Freezards, go back to the beginning of the room and pick up the cannonball. Carry it all the way to the cannon.

You’ll notice a wooden platform on the back of the cannon; step up on it, then insert the cannonball into the cannon from there. Now drop one of your Bombs into the same slot. The cannon fire will destroy the wall of ice straight ahead! Run over to the passage you just created and open a small treasure chest to obtain Bombs (5). Pick up the nearby cannonball and put it back into the cannon. Push one to turn the cannon so that it’s facing south, then use another Bomb to make it fire away.

You’ll destroy multiple icy barriers ahead, giving you access to a door leading south. Enter it.

Room Eleven: The Dilapidated Drawing Room

This next room is a dilapidated drawing room, filled with gaping pits. You’ll find Mini Freezards loitering about on narrow beams of wood so use the Clawshot to shove them into the abyss before trying to cross. Also be on guard against Ice Keese in this room.

Step One:
Make your way to the southeast corner.

Step Two:
Turn right at the end.

Step Three:
Go west to the treasure chest. Inside it is the Compass.

Step Four:
Work your way around to a small treasure chest slightly northeast of there to claim a Red Rupee (20).

Step Five:
On the north wall are Clawshot medallions, so use those to return to the start of the room and go back through the door to the armory. Eventually returning to the outer courtyard.

Second Return to the Central Courtyard

Back outside, transform into Wolf Link and take out any nearby White Wolfos. Now that you have the compass, you should see that there is a treasure chest somewhere out here. Yet, you’ll see nothing but snow where the chest should be. Dig around the snow in this area in wolf form to uncover a treasure chest that’s completely buried.

Open it to obtain a Small Key, which you can use to unlock the east door and enter the eastern courtyard passage.

Room Twelve: Eastern Courtyard Passage

Inside, you’ll find three cannonballs lying on the floor and, on the west wall, a lever. Go up to the lever and, when prompted, grab it with the A button to lower the holder.

Now lift one of the cannonballs, carry it over, and place it on the holder.

Third Return to the Central Courtyard

Go back outside and pull down the same lever on the opposite side of the wall, lowering the holder and bringing the cannonball down to you.

Step One:
Pick it up and carry it to a cannon in the center of the courtyard. Get on the step on the back of the cannon and insert the cannonball.

Step Two:
Then drop a Bomb to fire the cannonball, breaking apart the ice in front of you. In the aftermath you’ll find a treasure chest to the south you can open for Bombs (5).

Step Three:
Lift the same cannonball and return it to the cannon again.

Step Four:
Use one of the handles to push the cannon 180 degrees so it’s facing north.

Step Five:
Use another Bomb to ignite the cannon and destroy the Freezard that’s blocking your path (Note that in its place will be Mini Freezards).

With the Freezard gone, you can now enter the north door. But be ready for a mini-boss encounter!

Room Thirteen: Darkhammer’s Cell

Welcome to Darkhammer’s cell! Try to proceed to the door at the opposite end of this hall, but it will shut in front of Link. Darkhammer will then swing his Ball and Chain (which, in these narrow confines, can be quite dangerous).

Get out your Clawshot and grapple onto one of the medallions behind Darkhammer on the ceiling.

When you land, get ready to dodge out of the way of his Ball and Chain attack (either roll or just keep moving). It’ll take him some time to pull the weapon back to him, so this is your chance! Run around behind him to his vulnerable tail and get in as many sword slashes as you can before he recovers.

If you’re fast, you can take him down in one turn! If not, be sure to escape as he recovers because that Ball and Chain attack hurts. Repeat the process until Darkhammer collapses.

When the battle is over, you’ll notice Darkhammer has left his weapon behind. Go up to it and take it. The Ball and Chain is now yours to wield!

Room Fourteen: Jailer’s Room

Continue north to the jailer’s room, which is the location Yeta has marked on your map.

Use your newly found Ball and Chain to destroy the ice wall in front of you. (Note: you can also destroy the suits of armor for rupees.)

Open the treasure chest beyond to find Ordon Goat Cheese; it seems that she was wrong again!

14.3 Retrieve the Bedroom Key Again

Fourth Return to the Central Courtyard

Head south back into the courtyard, but take a detour back to the armory.

There’s one more wall of ice here, in the eastern part of the room, that you couldn’t reach with the cannon. But you now can with the Ball and Chain.

Destroy it and claim the treasure chest beyond for a Red Rupee (20). Now journey back to the courtyard, then south again to Yeta’s hearth.

Second Return to Yeta’s Hearth

Speak to her and she’ll tell you to deliver the Ordon Goat Cheese to her husband, while she tries to remember where she put the key you need.

Second Return to the Kitchen

Go west back into the kitchen, and speak to Yeto. He’ll take the Ordon Goat Cheese from you and add it to his broth, which will upgrade the Simple Soup to Superb Soup (restoring 8 hearts, same as a Red Potion).

Third Return to Yeta’s Hearth

Return to Yeta in the other room, who will now be more sure of herself and mark your map for you one last time. Now the door to the east will open. Enter it.

First Return to the Eastern Courtyard Passage

Step One:
From this new room, turn left and take the north door back into the eastern courtyard passage.

Step Two:
Grab the lever on the south wall in here, and pull it down to lower the holder.

Step Three:
A block impedes your progress to the north, so push it straight ahead and it will lower into a depression in the ground, allowing you to cross.

Step Four:
Pick up one of the cannonballs on the other side (you should remember these from your first time in this passage), and carry it into the holder on the south wall.

Step Five:
Return to the previous room and lower that lever to bring down the holder and the cannonball.

Room Fifteen: The Freezard Pens

Leave the cannonball in the holder for now, and go east. Use the Ball and Chain to destroy the ice wall ahead, but beware as the rest of the climb up this alcove to Floor 2F is marked by two Freezard pens. A Freezard will blow its icy breath back and forth, so wait until the breath is going away from you, then quickly attack it with the Ball and Chain.

Each Freezard will take two hits to destroy. Go ahead and destroy the Mini Freezards each Freezard leaves behind with the Ball and Chain as well. At the end, use the Ball and Chain to break down another ice wall, on the other side of which you’ll find a cannon (Watch out for Ice Keese that fly in from the new opening, though).

South of here is what appears to be an empty room, but part of the floor is weak.

Destroy that section of floor with a Bomb or Ball and Chain, then drop down through here back to Floor 1F.

Room Sixteen: Bottomless Pit Storage Room

Open the treasure chest next to you for a Piece of Heart, then look for a Clawshot medallion on the floor above to pull yourself back up to the previous room.

First Return to The Freezard Pens

Go back down the ramp past the Freezard pens to where you left the cannonball in the holder. Take it and carry it up to the turret cannon alcove you just discovered at the top. Insert it, but don’t ignite it yet. Enter the north door first.

First Return to the Dilapidated Drawing Room

You’ll find yourself on the upper level of the dilapidated drawing room. Fight a Chilfos up here – a fight made easier with the Ball and Chain – then use the same weapon to destroy an icy barrier on the other side of you, revealing a Clawshot medallion behind it. Next, swing your Ball and Chain at the chandelier across from you to get it moving. When it swings toward you, jump onto it, then when it swings toward the ledge on the other side, jump off onto it.

Open the treasure chest in front of you to claim a Small Key. Destroy an Ice Keese if one tries to attack, then use the Clawshot to return to the other side of this room. Go back through the door to return to the previous room.

Second Return to the Freezard Pens

Go south, then west (past the hole in the floor you created) to a locked door that you can now enter.

First Return to The Grand Foyer

You’ll be back in the grand foyer at the start of the dungeon – albeit on a higher level. Smash the ice next to you with the Ball and Chain to uncover a Clawshot medallion, which functions as a nifty shortcut if you fall down below.

Use a couple Bomb Arrows to eliminate the Chilfos on the other side across from you, then use your Ball and Chain to strike the chandelier to hop on. Before going anywhere else, aim your Hero’s Bow southward and take out a couple Ice Keese resting on the ceiling before they can do anything to you. You’ll see two more chandeliers in this direction.

Use the Ball and Chain to get the next one moving, jump to it. Then strike the last one in the same way, and hop onto it. From there, you can reach a ledge with a treasure chest above the mansion’s entrance. Open the chest to collect a Piece of Heart. Jump down to the floor below and swing the Ball and Chain at the various suits of armor that line the entry hallway (each suit takes two hits to destroy).

From the entrance, the second suit on the left hides an Imp Poe that you can destroy as Wolf Link to claim a Poe Soul. The suit across from that one has a treasure chest inside it – open it to claim a Red Rupee (20). The last one on the left conceals another treasure chest that you can open for a Yellow Rupee (10). There is no treasure chest inside the suit across from you (i.e. the northeast one), but smash it anyway to uncover a cool Orange Rupee (100)!

The southernmost suits of armor have nothing of significance, but feel free to smash them up. Once you’re done plundering here, go up the steps on the east and use your Clawshot to grapple up onto the higher level. Cross over to where the Chilfos was previously, then enter the door beyond.

Room Seventeen: Icy Reception Room

Destroy the Mini Freezards in the center, then take out the ice wall to the west to uncover another Imp Poe. Use Wolf Link’s attacks to kill it and collect another Poe Soul. Take the door to the north to find yourself on the upper level of the storage crate room.

There’s a block in your way against the west wall, so push it forward so that it falls to the floor below – allowing you a convenient shortcut between floors in this room.

Second Return to the Cold Storage Room

Drop down to the sliding block puzzle from earlier. Use the Ball and Chain to destroy the ice in the middle, revealing a switch. Time for a new puzzle!

Step One:
Destroy the ice on the northeast block (the only one we didn’t touch previously) so you can use it.

Step Two:
Go to the block that’s farthest south (the one covering the earlier switch) and push it north.

Step Three:
Push the northeast block south.

Step Four:
Then push that same block west.

Step Five:
And after that north.

Step Six:
Go around to the northernmost block and shove it east.

Step Seven:
Then south.

Step Eight:
Then west.

Step Nine:
Finally, push this same block north, and it should come to rest on top of the central switch.

The east door on Floor 2F of this room should now be opened. Remember the shortcut you created when you dropped down here? Use that crate to climb back up to the higher level, then enter the door you just opened.

Second Return to the Western Courtyard Passage

Back outside in the courtyard, destroy three nearby Chilfos (preferably with Bomb Arrows). Go north to find a broken piece of wall that you can’t scale. Inside, however, is a Clawshot medallion, so use that to pull yourself into the gray room.

Now take the west door to the upper level of the empty study.

First Return to The Empty Study

Smash the ice next to you with the Ball and Chain, then direct it toward the chandelier across from you. Hop on, do the same to the next chandelier, and then use it to jump to the ledge on the other side. There’s a small treasure chest over here containing a Small Key.

First Return to the Icy Reception Room

Take the door to the south, then take the next southern door to return to the icy reception room. Dodge or destroy the Mini Freezards on your way to the locked door to the east, then enter it with your newfound key.

Room Eighteen: The Freezard Lair

Whip out your Ball and Chain as soon as you enter the room. There are two Freezards waiting on you in this room, and don’t forget to take out the Mini Freezards they leave behind upon defeat.

Once you clear all the enemies, push the two blocks in the east wall out so they slide forward, fall down, and open a passage to the east.

This leads to the Freezard pens and turret cannon alcove. Go up to the cannon and push one of its handles so that it’s facing west. Drop a Bomb inside, and it’ll shoot its cannonball into the Freezard lair. Follow the cannonball into that room, pick it up, and drop it in the nearby holder in the north wall.

Fifth Return to the Central Courtyard

Take the door next to it and pull down the lever on the other side to lower the cannonball down to you (Destroy the ice on the other side of the door to reveal a Clawshot medallion in case you need to get back up here).

Step One:
Carry the ball to the cannon a little north of here on the platform looking out over the courtyard.

Step Two:
Turn the cannon so that it’s facing northeast.

Step Three:
Insert a Bomb to destroy the Freezard on the far side.

Step Four:
Run along the south wall and hop across the gap…

Step Five:
…then turn north at the corner.

Step Six:
Drop down into the walled passage below, then climb the ladder on the north end.

Step Seven:
Take care of any Mini Freezards that might remain as you emerge.

Step Eight:
Enter the door to the east.

Room Nineteen: Chilfos Chapel

The doors will slam shut as you enter and at first it will appear as if you’re alone. But the icicles on the ceiling conceal several Chilfos that are waiting to ambush you. Either run up and be ready to engage them when they fall, or get the drop on them by shooting Bomb Arrows from a distance. Defeat them all (check the ceiling for stragglers) and both doors will reopen. Go through the north door of the chapel to find the treasure chest marked on your map by Yeta.

This time, she was right – you get the Bedroom Key!

Sixth Return to the Central Courtyard

Exit the chapel the way you came in and you’ll find Yeta outside waiting for you. She agrees to meet you in the bedroom at the top of this mansion. So go north and follow the ramp westward as it leads you up to Floor 3F. Use the Bedroom Key to open the large ornate door and enter.

Somehow or another, you’re about to fight the boss of this house…

14.4 Boss: Twilit Ice Mass – Blizzeta

After a moderately disturbing cutscene, you will have to fight a transformed Yeta herself. Encased inside a giant ball of ice, Blizzeta will slide around the frozen floor trying to collide with you. Hit her with your Ball and Chain, making the ice around her progressively smaller.

Hit her with your Ball and Chain, making the ice around her progressively smaller. Hit her five times, and Mini Freezards shoot out across the room (don’t worry about them except for any that get in your way). Strike her two more times after this to expose the boss within. The battle will then move on to the second phase.

Blizzeta will now encase herself inside a large ice palanquin surrounded by ornate ice shards.

Keep an eye on the reflection in the floor to see when the ice shards fall; start running and keep moving to dodge them.

Once all ten shards are down, quickly get out your Ball and Chain and destroy at least two of them (it doesn’t matter which). It helps to count them as they fall, so you can immediately turn around after the tenth one lands and aim your Ball and Chain. Soon, the ones you don’t destroy will all rise back up into the air. Again, watch the floor’s reflection to see the shards form a circle that will then fall down all at once.

Make sure you’re standing in the middle, and as long as you destroyed one or two previously, you’ll have a gap to escape through.

Do so fast, as Blizzeta herself will soon crash down into the center! As soon as she lands, give her another smack from the Ball and Chain. Repeat this process two more times to defeat Blizzeta (and thus knock Yeta back to her senses).

After the boss is down, you’ll obtain the second Mirror Shard (the first is already in the Mirror Chamber). After a heartwarming cutscene between Yeto and Yeta, the Heart Container will appear.

Also, remember how there were no Recovery Hearts anywhere in this dungeon? It’s because the mansion’s inhabitants had to rekindle their love first! Hearts now fill the floor.

Take the Heart Container, then optionally speak to the reunited couple before going to Midna to continue your quest.

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