Chapter 16: Temple of Time

16.1 Explore the Temple

Run forward through the hallway to reach the first main chamber. See the bell in the center? Strike it with the Ball and Chain to “ring” the bell, which will drop a Red Rupee down to you for an easy 20 Rupees. Note that you can do this at most bells in this dungeon, so be sure to take advantage of that, especially if you’ve just obtained that Giant Wallet in the previous chapter. Anyway, run to the end of the room to see a sealed door flanked by only a single statue on the left. Follow Midna’s advice here and activate your wolf senses to find the imprint of where a statue used to be on the right. Your task in this dungeon, therefore, is going to be to retrieve this statue and place it here in order to open that door. To that end, we must find a way upstairs.

Immediately to the south is a floor switch. Grab a nearby jar and place it on top of the switch to keep it pressed down. A ledge will rise, allowing you to climb the stairs in the southern part of this room. Take the stairs up, but then loop back around down the stairs on the western side. At the end are a pair of torches; use the Lantern to light them to cause a treasure chest to appear. Open it to gain a Small Key. Take it and try to go upstairs. Ooccoo will stop you and insist on going with you. After she is thus added to your inventory, go up to the locked door and enter it.

Now on Floor 2F, run forward and dispatch the Young Gohma ahead. Grab a jar and drop one onto the switch in the middle of the floor to open the gates. Open the treasure chest in the south alcove to obtain Arrows (30). Now go through the west gate and exterminate another Young Gohma. Your way is blocked by another gate, so turn around and strike the jar you put on the switch with a ranged attack, which will open it (and also close the gate through which you entered this corridor, so make sure you’re standing behind it).

Continue up the stairs to Floor 3F. On the way, you’ll be attacked by a Lizalfos. Just attack it relentlessly to kill it. At the top, take out three more Lizalfos. Then on your left as you enter the new room is an Armos. Activate it, then get around behind it and attack its vulnerable backside. (The Back Slice works wonders here if you’ve learned it from the Hero’s Spirit.) Be sure to escape from its attack radius when it self-destructs! Defeating all these enemies will trigger a treasure chest in the southwest alcove. Open it to claim the Dungeon Map. In the south alcove is a Keese that you should probably destroy, as well as a small treasure chest–open it up for a Red Rupee (20). There are two horned statuettes on either side of this chest. Carry each one to the two floor switches on the other side of the room to open the gate, allowing you to advance north.

Take out another Keese in this stairwell and enter the door at the end of the corridor. In this room, go south and dispatch some more Lizalfos as you climb the stairs you find. At some point, you’ll come across gaps in the broken stairs, so get out your Spinner and ride it into the groove in the wall here to cross to the other side. Go into the center of the ornate mechanical platform you find on your right and push the handle clockwise once. The platform you’re on will lower, allowing you access to a horned statuette. Take it onto the platform, and now push the handle counterclockwise to return to the previous floor. Pick up the statuette and watch out for a couple spiked Spinners as you emerge, then follow the circular path left until you can see two floor switches on your right. Drop the statuette onto one switch, and you should’ve seen the other horned statuette as you were coming here. Go and retrieve it (it’s on the west ledge), then take it toward the other switch. Make sure you’re standing on the white rectangular tile in the floor as you place the statuette down, as you will want to ride this tile up so you can reach the door to the south. Enter it.

The door slams shut behind you. Two Armos await in this room, so take them both out. (A helpful shortcut for dealing with an Armos is to activate it, then quickly move around behind it and fire a Bomb Arrow at its weak spot to destroy it instantly. Another good technique–that requires no ammo–is the Mortal Draw from behind.) Upon their defeat, a treasure chest will appear to the east, and the door will reopen. Open the chest to collect a Small Key. Next, climb the steps to the south, and in the middle you’ll find a small treasure chest containing a Red Rupee (20). Exit this room the way you came.

Back in the large room with the spiked Spinners, cross over to the opposite side and use your new key to unlock the north door. You’ll see a green Crystal Switch as you enter–hit it with any weapon to change its color to red and cause some of the walls in this room to move to a new position. Watch out for the White Beamos in this room too. They’re no different from any other Beamos you’ve encountered in this game–just shoot an Arrow into their eyepiece to shut them down. Go into the center of the room and stand inside the small circle on the floor. Aim your Bow through the golden ring at the red Crystal Switch you’d activated earlier. Hit it with an Arrow to turn it back green and make the walls slide back to their original positions. Take out the second White Beamos, and open a treasure chest at the eastern end to gain the Compass. Walk over to the nearby circle on the floor and fire an Arrow through two golden rings to strike the green Crystal Switch and turn it red. This will allow you to go upstairs.

Another Lizalfos will meet you on the stairs, and after that another Lizalfos in a mask. As you enter the next room, shoot an Arrow at the red Crystal Switch to turn it green. Go through the opening you’ve created and take out yet another Lizalfos. After it, you’ll be introduced to a Dynafols. A Dynafols fights like a Lizalfos but has more armored defenses, making them invulnerable to frontal attacks; Hidden Skills like the Back Slice, Shield Attack, or Helm Splitter go a long way against foes like this. Go into the center of the room beyond the Dynafols and shoot the green Crystal Switch, turning it back red. Another Dynafols awaits in the next opening, so defeat it. Fire at the red Crystal Switch one last time to turn it green, which will let you through to the staircase leading to Floor 6F.

Once in the next room, you’ll have to fight off a few Young Gohmas and a whole host of Baby Ghomas. Spin Attacks are helpful here, as are Wolf Link’s area of effect attacks with Midna. If you really want to have fun, try riding a Spinner through the mob! Once all the enemies are destroyed, a treasure chest will spawn in the northwest corner. Open it to claim a Purple Rupee (50).

Now go up the stairs to reach a gigantic pair of balance scales. Run onto it, and the scale tray you’re on will sink. Pick up the horned statuette on this scale and throw it onto the other scale. The two scales will become even again, so cross to the other scale, which will then sink under your weight. Pick up and throw both statuettes onto the first scale to make them even once more. Continue south to the next ledge and enter the door on the other side.

Take out the White Beamos as soon as you enter. Dodge the spiked Spinners and take the stairs leading west. Take care of a trio of Lizalfos on the other side, and carefully dodge past a floor-rolling spike pole as well as an axe pendulum on your way to opening a treasure chest containing a Small Key. Now you’ll need to dodge the axe pendulum and two spike poles as you make your way to a horned statuette situated between two jars to the north of where you found the Small Key. You can either carry the statuette around to the floor switch on the other side of the golden fence, or throw the statuette so that it blocks the spike pole, allowing you to carry a jar to place on the switch. Either way, once the switch is pressed down, the electrical fence will shut off, letting you go upstairs to Floor 8F.

In the next room, be sure to clear out the Baby Ghomas before engaging the two Armos. Eliminating all the arachnids will make a treasure chest appear–but don’t open it before taking out the Armos. Now open the chest to gain a Purple Rupee (50). Defeating both Armos, meanwhile, will open a gate leading east. Head that way, and when you see the large bell, swing your Ball and Chain at it to cause a Fairy to drop! Put it in an Empty Bottle, then smash the jars around here for any other items you might need. Use your key to unlock the door you find at the end, leading you to your next mid-boss encounter.

16.2 The Darknut and the Dominion Rod

Run forward in this arena, and the Darknut will engage you in a duel. There are a variety of ways to approach him in this first phase. Your Hidden Skills such as the Shield Attack, Helm Splitter, and especially the Back Slice work nicely for getting around his impressive defenses. Even if you haven’t learned any of those skills yet, there’s still a very effective strategy you can employ. Z-target the Darknut, then when he raises his sword to attack, back flip away from the attack. Immediately afterward, press A to execute a Jump Attack to strike him for damage. Then keep hitting him until he recovers and starts blocking again. With each hit you land on the Darknut, more and more of his armor falls off.

Once all his armor has been cut off, he will throw his sword at you (note that Link will dodge this attack automatically in the cutscene, but in future Darknut battles from now on, you’ll need to dodge manually or have your shield up to defend against it), and thus begins the final phase. Darknut is now much faster and more aggressive. Use your shield to block his blade, and do your best to roll around him so you can hit him in the side or back where he can’t block your sword. If you’ve learned it, the Back Slice works exceptionally well here. You might even try the Mortal Draw if you’re feeling daring. After enough hits, the Darknut will go down in defeat.

Upon Darknut’s demise, the far gate will open, allowing you to reach a treasure chest. Open it to obtain the Dominion Rod! With this, you can command various statues to move and follow you. Look on the ledge above the treasure chest to find a statue just like the one you saw at the beginning of the dungeon. That’s right–we’re going to have to lead this thing all the way back down to Floor 1F.

16.3 Escort the Statue

Begin your journey by targeting the statue and shooting light from the Dominion Rod to bring it to life. Now it will mimic your movements wherever you go, so lead it west onto the platform below the bell, which will then suck up the statue. The door will unseal at this point, so take it into the next room.

As soon as you enter, you’ll notice the bell in front of you drop off the statue you’d led to the previous room’s bell. And so that’s how we’ll be transporting it between doors, i.e. via bells. Activate the statue with the Dominion Rod again, then lead it to the gate. Swing the Dominion Rod, and the statue will swing its powerful hammer–and destroy the gate! (Make sure you never swing the Dominion Rod within range of the statue’s hammer, as you’ll take a heart’s worth of damage from the attack.) Coax the statue next to the raised white platform, deactivate the statue, then step on the floor switch to lower the platform. Reactivate the statue, then have it step onto the platform–and your leaving the switch will cause the platform to raise the statue up to higher ground. Climb up onto it yourself and head down the stairs.

The statue will pass unharmed through the electrical fence, but you not so much. As soon as the statue steps on the floor switch that turns it off, deactivate it and cross through yourself. Then reactivate it once you’re safely past. Now remember the annoying rolling spike poles and axe pendulum in this room? Introduce them to your statue’s hammer to get rid of them for good! Guide your statue down another flight of stairs.

Use your statue’s hammer to eliminate the spiked Spinners, then do the same to the White Beamos to reveal a floor switch that was hidden underneath it. Take the statue onto the white tile to the south, then use the Dominion Rod to activate one of the nearby horned statuettes (this will automatically deactivate the statue as you can only control one object at a time). Guide the statuette onto the floor switch, which will raise the statue up. Now activate your statue again, and lead it into the bell. For your part, go through the north door.

As you enter, the statue will materialize from the bell to your left. Activate it with the Dominion Rod and lead it onto the balance scale’s tray in front of you. Leave it on that south scale and drop down to the floor below. Fight the enemies if you feel so inclined, then climb the steps back onto the north scale. From there, climb onto the top of a pillar next to the scale. Aim your Clawshot at a medallion hanging from the middle of the ceiling, and you’ll be dropped on top of a bell in the center of the room. Cross the narrow walkway here, and you’ll see a groove in the wall. Ride the Spinner into this groove going left, following a northwesterly curve along the wall. Jump off when you reach solid ground at the end, and activate Wolf Link’s senses. Around the corner you’ll find an Imp Poe you can slay to claim a Poe’s Soul. Now enter the west door.

The door will slam shut behind you, leaving you locked in a room with an Armos flanked by a pair of Helmasaurs. Focus on the Helmasaurs first, Clawshotting away their armored carapaces, then attacking their vulnerable flesh with the sword. Once all three foes are down, the door will reopen, but you still need a way to reach that treasure chest behind the sealed gate. Find a Clawshot medallion on the ceiling above the alcove, and grapple up there. Open a small treasure chest in the back to claim a Red Rupee (20). From this high ledge, use the Clawshot to bring both Helmasaur carapaces from the lower level up to you. Drop both on two of the floor switches you find up here, then use two nearby horned statuettes to drop onto the remaining two switches to open the gate below. Drop down, enter the alcove, and open the ornate treasure chest to obtain the Big Key. Now leave this room.

Back in the large room with the balance scales, turn right to open a small treasure chest to the south for another Red Rupee (20). Now drop down and fire your Dominion Rod’s light energy at the statue (which will have relocated back to the bell since you left this room). Guide it back onto the south scale and deactivate it. Lift the horned statuette on this scale and toss it onto the north scale. Drop down below and circle your way back toward the north scale. At the top of the stairs, look on the western wall to find three horned statuettes. Use the Dominion Rod to bring at least two of them down to your level. Throw one onto the scale in front of you and climb onto it yourself. The scale you’re on will then sink. Activate your statue and have it drop down onto your scale, then deactivate it again. There should be three horned statuettes on this scale with you and the statue–throw all three of them onto the south scale. Climb back onto the north ledge and retrieve another statuette to toss onto the south scale. Exit back onto the north ledge, which will even the scales. Activate your statue now and have it walk straight north off the scale toward you. Now it’s just a simple matter of guiding the statue downstairs and to the bell. Optionally destroy any enemies that get in your way with its hammer. Once the bell has swallowed up the statue, exit via the door to the east.

Follow the stairs down to Floor 5F. Activate the statue once you enter the next room (the Dominion Rod’s light can pass through those golden fences, thankfully), then lead it to the wall that’s blocking your path and destroy it with the statue’s hammer. No more messing with Crystal Switches in here! Destroy the other moving wall as well, then have the statue stand on the floor switch to turn off the electrical fence and make sure to deactivate the statue. Find the treasure chest in the northeast corner of the room and open it to claim a Piece of Heart. Get on the other side of where that electrical fence was and reactivate your statue. Lead it north down the next set of stairs.

When a wall blocks your way at the end of the stairwell, destroy it with your statue’s hammer. Destroy the White Beamos in this room as well as the moving wall on the other side of the Beamos (optionally smash another White Beamos behind it). Only after that other wall is destroyed should you guide the statue into the bell in this room. Exit through the south door.

You’ll be in this large central room again, but your statue will be on a high ledge far from you. Go to the central mechanical platform and push the handle counterclockwise once to raise the platform. Now you’re reunited with the statue again–activate it with the Dominion Rod and lead it onto the mechanical platform. Push the handle clockwise this time to return to your previous position. Reactivate the statue and have it smash the spiked Spinners rolling through this area. Now lead the statue around the circular platform to the opposite side, onto one of the floor switches next to the white tile at the south end of the room. Deactivate it, then fetch the same horned statuette as before and place it on the other switch (either by carrying it or via Dominion Rod) as you’re standing on the white tile so that you’ll ride it up once both switches are pressed.

Take the south door back into a room full of Young Gohmas and Baby Gohmas (you might remember there had previously been two Armos in here). Clear them out, then pick up one of the two horned statuettes and toss it over the railing in the southwest corner of the room. Now activate this statuette with the Dominion Rod and lead it north, onto a floor switch at the end of that ledge. There’s a horned statuette in the southeast corner as well, so lead it north via Dominion Rod onto the corresponding switch. With both switches pressed, a treasure chest forms in the west alcove. Open it up for a Piece of Heart. Now return to the previous room.

Unfortunately, your statue has relocated back to the bell on the upper level, and all the spiked Spinners have returned. Push the handle counterclockwise again, and activate the statue to follow you onto the platform. This time, push the handle clockwise twice to descend two levels.

An army of Baby Gohmas will converge on you below, so take them out using either Link’s weapons or the statue’s hammer. Defeat them all to shut off the electrical fence, allowing you to explore the rest of this room’s floor. Lead the statue west, then north, and make sure to destroy the White Beamos near the northwest wall, as well as the Baby Gohmas that spawn after the Beamos’ demise. Fight a couple Lizalfos to the north, then continue leading it east–ignore the bell and the gate in front of it–and destroy the east gate. (Note that if you’ve already taken the statue into the bell, you can use the Dominion Rod to activate a horned statuette to drop onto the floor switch behind the gate, which will open it for you.) Transform into Wolf Link to tackle an Imp Poe that had been hiding behind this gate and claim a Poe’s Soul from it. Return to Link’s human form, and take the statue back north. Destroy the north gate and guide the statue into the bell. You can also ring this bell with the Ball and Chain afterward to release another Fairy.

Enter the west door out of this room and follow the stairs down to the next room. A gate will block your progress, but use the Clawshot medallion on the ceiling to get past it. Activate the statue again, and guide it down the next set of stairs to Floor 2F. Smash the gate that’s keeping you from the next room, take out the Young Gohma beyond it, then lead the statue into the bell across the room. Take the north door back to the first room of this dungeon.

Drop down, activate this statue one last time, and now it’s just a simple matter of guiding the statue to its place opposite the corresponding statue in front of the sealed door. With that, this doorway finally opens! Head north through the door straight ahead.

Before you do anything else in this crumbling corridor, aim your Bow and fire an Arrow into the eyepieces of each of the three White Beamos ahead. Now hop across the gap and dodge past two spiked Spinners and a floor-rolling spike pole to a horned statuette near the east wall. Pick it up, and hug the east wall as you carry it past two axe pendulums. Place the statuette on the floor switch in front of a second gap, which will open a gate in front of you. Leap the gap when the third axe pendulum is out of your way, and eliminate the Young Gohma in the narrow corridor beyond. A second gate bars your way, so from a distance, use the Dominion Rod to activate that horned statuette on the switch, and lure it off–closing the gate you’ve already crossed and opening the one ahead. Defeat one last Young Gohma, and be sure to utilize the jars at the end if you need replenishing items, including a Fairy in one. Finally, use your Big Key on the ornate boss door, and prepare for a boss battle.

16.4 Boss: Twilit Arachnid – Armogohma

Armogohma will begin by crawling around the ceiling, looking for a place to stop and fire a couple streams of fire at you. Roll to dodge out of the way of this attack. What you want to do is follow her movements on the ceiling while aiming with the Hero’s Bow. As soon as she stops and opens her lone eye, shoot an Arrow into the eye to send the boss crashing to the floor. She will land in one of four corners, and there is also a statue in each of the four corners of this room. As soon as Armogohma falls, Z-target the statue nearest her and bring it to life with the Dominion Rod, then have that statue hammer down on the boss with a stone fist! You must land three such hits on Armogohma. Note that after each hit, she will drop a bunch of Baby Gohmas down to the arena for you to deal with, in addition to her usual attacks. Take care of them as fast as possible so you can focus on the boss! (These Baby Gohmas also sometimes drop Recovery Hearts and Arrows upon defeat.)

After three hits, you will think you’re victorious–but you’re not done yet! With her armor gone, she will now simply be Gohma. Surrounded by an army of Baby Gohmas, they will all attempt to retreat from you. Ignore the Baby Gohmas and just focus on Gohma herself. Manually aim your Bow and hit her with three Arrows to the eye to defeat her for good.

After the boss is down, you’ll obtain the third Mirror Shard–only one more to go! Take the Heart Container, then speak to Midna to leave this place.

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