Chapter 15: Destroy Ganon
  1. 15.1 Entering Hyrule Castle15.2 The Guard’s Chamber15.3 First Gatehouse15.4 Princess Zelda’s Room15.5 Second Gatehouse15.6 The Sanctum15.7 Calamity Ganon15.8 Dark Beast Ganon

15.1 Entering Hyrule Castle


Pull the front gates open using Magnesis. A Guardian Skywatcher flies in a circle around the gates, so time this carefully.

This close to Calamity Ganon, the Master Sword is constantly in its powered-up state, so Guardians can be destroyed far more easily.

A wall of Malice prevents you from going much further on this path. Look for a passage on the right that you can escape into.


15.2 The Guards’ Chamber

A short way into the passage, a gate will slam shut behind you. Lift up the gate in front of you with Cryonis and carry on.

Continue until you encounter a Lizalfos near a cooking pot. Once you have defeated the monster, turn left and you will come to the Guards’ Chamber.

If you are quiet, you can avoid a confrontation with the monsters in the Guards’ Chamber. Pick up a bomb barrel and place it on the switch on the left to open the gate at the top of the stairs.


15.3 The First Gatehouse

Above the Guards’ Chamber is an outdoor area. Look on the left to find a Glowing Eyeball. Destroy this to open a path back to the front gate. Follow the path up to the gatehouse.

Beware of the Guardian Turrets that keep watch over this area; they are as dangerous as normal Guardians.

Be prepared for a fight when you enter the First Gatehouse. You will have to face a Blue Lynel to reopen the entrance and exit. Use all the tactics available to you to defeat the Lynel. There is also a Glowing Eyeball on the ceiling. Shoot if you get an opportunity, to stop Cursed monsters from spawning.


15.4 Princess Zelda’s Room

Pools of Malice prevent you from taking the shortest route to Calamity Ganon. Turn left after the First Gatehouse and follow the path that goes clockwise around the castle. This route takes you past Princess Zelda’s private quarters. If you investigate, you will find one of your missing memories in there.


15.5 The Second Gatehouse

Keep following the path that goes clockwise around the castle. Eventually you go past a door leading to the Dining Hall. The Second Gatehouse is just a little bit further along the path.

This time you will have to confront a White-Maned Lynel, one of the strongest enemies you’ll encounter. There are two more Glowing Eyeballs on the ceiling as well. Unless you are very confident in your Lynel fighting abilities, it helps to bring the best weapons and food that you can.


15.6 The Sanctum

Continue moving uphill. Make use of cover wherever possible to avoid the Guardian Turrets. Shoot the Glowing Eyeball to remove the Pools of Malice blocking the path. From here, it is only a short distance to the top of Hyrule Castle. Calamity Ganon and Zelda are waiting for you in the Sanctum.

Warning: If you have not freed some or all of the Divine Beasts, you will have to defeat the phantoms that guard them. They will appear in the order of Windblight Ganon, Waterblight Ganon, Fireblight Ganon and Thunderblight Ganon. See the Divine Beast guides for more information on these bosses.


15.7 Calamity Ganon

Note: Every Divine Beast that you have freed from Calamity Ganon’s grasp will strip away ⅛ of his health before the fight begins. You can reduce him to ½ health without dealing a single blow.

Calamity Ganon alternates between moving around on the ground and climbing up the walls. When Calamity Ganon is on the floor you will mostly have to deal with melee attacks. When he is on the walls you will face various projectile attacks until he drops down again.

Calamity Ganon draws elements from the other bosses to make a formidable opponent:

  • From Waterblight Ganon he takes the throwing spear attack and the barrage of ice.
  • From Windblight Ganon he gets the ability to shoot a volley of lasers, a blast of wind and the power to create tornadoes.
  • His main weapon is a flaming sword like the one wielded by Fireblight Ganon, which he uses in a similar way.
  • A selection of claws and spikes for use up close, a Guardian laser beam and a body slam for when you get too close are his other weapons.

When Calamity Ganon is down to ¼ health he generates a shield around his body. There are only two ways to harm him. The first is to activate a Flurry Rush by dodging his melee attacks. The second is to stun him by reflecting his projectiles back at him or using Daruk’s Protection. Most of Calamity Ganon’s projectiles can be deflected with a Perfect Guard, except for blocks of ice and blasts of wind. These tactics are effective throughout the battle, not just in this phase.


15.8 Dark Beast Ganon

After you have reduced Calamity Ganon’s health to 0%, the fight moves outside for a cinematic showdown.

Equip the Bow of Light that Zelda gives to you and circle around the Dark Beast. Wait for glowing weak spots to appear on Ganon’s sides and shoot them with Light Arrows. There are three weak points on each of his sides. This bow fires faster and straighter than any other so you can pretty much point and shoot without worrying about the trajectory of your arrows.

One more weak point will appear on Ganon’s belly. Ride between his legs to get a clear shot at it. Don’t touch his body or your horse will take damage.

When all of the weak points have been destroyed, a Glowing Eyeball will appear on Ganon’s forehead. Wait for the eyelids to open and then vault off of your horse. Draw the Bow of Light while in the air to slow down time. Shoot a Light Arrow into the Glowing Eyeball to destroy Ganon.



Congratulations! You have destroyed Ganon. The next time you load the game, you will be returned to the point just before you confronted Calamity Ganon. Your save file will have a star next to it, recognizing that you have saved Hyrule.

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